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  1. And here I thought Indiana actually had solid, sane people i our state government.
  2. Greywolf71


  3. Taking a Tactical Combat Casualty Care class will teach you all about Tourniquet use as well as several other valuable skills. I loved the things I learned in this class.
  4. People are so worried about labels. Let's face it if you are one of the people truly willing to stand up for Our country then you are already listed and labeled. We should not be afraid or worried about it. We should stand up and own it, wear like a badge of honor.
  5. Glad to hear you guys are still in the fray and leading good people.
  6. Just love seeing this. When I had an issue with a few things coming from command I was called a traitor and ban from the group. Seems now others had some issues as well.
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