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  1. You did term the question as "choose as your companion"...
  2. Your most valuable asset would be a motorcycle or ATV. Scouting with a fullsize vehicle is very costly on fuel, and you can't keep yourself hidden very well. The chance you would evade a possible pursuer is slim without being able to fight at that time. The option of returning to your home fortification drawing a whole group of people back to it is not very pleasant. The ultimate choice of SHTF vehicle would depend upon your lifestyle. Are you going to live like the Plains Indians and migrate everywhere looking for resources as you go or are you going to live out of your vehicle like a trailerhouse/motorhome?
  3. I was doing some work for a city municipality with about 28k people in it and came across this repurposed MRAP gathering dust. The city maintenance head said they have only used it once. They had a stuck motor grader that could not be pulled out with anything else, and this was big enough for the job. I asked how many qualified people were able to drive it, and he said there was only one person employed by the city that knew how to run it.
  4. Since I don't live in a communist policy-liking state, my response may be skewed... but, if I was living in one, I would be petitioning my representatives to get my rights back and not further helping them chisel away what is left. We already know that the states with the most restricted gun rights have the highest crime rates. Helping your representatives on policies to further restrict rights is akin to asking the cattle for advice on how to build better gates inside the slaughterhouse. Your approach to getting to know your local and state representatives (and local sheriffs) is absolutely a step everyone should do.
  5. Local legislatures are pushing their own communist agenda. Patriots are in the minority there.
  6. This is a really good message for all to take in. I recently had a good dialogue at a concealed carry class with a local LEO about what the Second Amendment was ultimately about. Unfortunately this officer had the mindset that he would be loading people in rail cars if the law allowed it. We really do need to know where our local peace officers stand on the matter.

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