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  1. Most people won't see the light in the tunnel until all the fast (and slow) food places are closed and canned catfood is gone from the shelves.
  2. Hmmm.... four pages of good talk and no one brought up the mention, that as of last week, there have been 192 Constitution loving judges appointed that were nominated by President Trump. Let me describe what I see going on.... Deep State minions are like rats... they are tunneling under and around this foundation of a house that I will call the Constitution. Trumps sees this, and says "OK, tunnel all you want and try to take out my house." As these rats are tunneling around, Trump scoops up all this dirt being pushed out and starts packing in a pretty high berm around the house. Now Mr Trump is laughing at these rats that have been taunting him and haven't been able to bring down the house. While the rats were having fun digging around, Trump has plumbed a large pipe over to the top of the berm... a pipe named Justice. Pretty soon there will be a valve thrown and Justice will flood the house. The whole time, Trump has been calling to all the neighborhood cats, called Patriots, and telling them to get ready for the show... a show we will be soon enjoying as the rats meet their demise...
  3. Hmmm.... could these be some Americans wanting to return from there? Let's hope our disease protocols are top notch with this. https://siouxlandnews.com/news/local/flight-from-wuhan-china-will-land-at-eppley-airfield-for-quarantine?fbclid=IwAR234SOcVGDV2urQ2TJiHGvHxEMOs4jS11ebC2XdTxZfXF5_BA9Rg6wPaXA
  4. The old saying of "If you didn't vote, don't complain about the results" is true. There should also be a saying, "If you didn't go out and attend your caucus, don't complain about the choice of candidates."

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