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  1. That may well be correct, but...It only took 56 signatures to start the War of Independence...and maybe 3 percent of the population cared to fight for it...but they still won. One percent of the voting population could restore the founders' Constitution back without firing a shot, but there would be a huge fight afterwards...
  2. Very slippery slope... I would rather not chance this case setting some wild precedent causing detrimental harm to the 2A community. Let's say a person was watching videos (from the NRA, First Defense, etc) on self defense prior to a self defense shooting... If the video was located on the training entity's website, could they now be charged or found criminally liable as well if the shooter was charged? Would a prosecutor claim that the self defense video "radicalized" the shooter by emboldening him? One can't build a wall taller by pulling blocks out of the bottom to put on top of the wall. We shouldn't be willing to support any kind of erosion of liberty in order to get back those we don't like.
  3. From the article... "The jury convicted both of the Hammonds of using fire to destroy federal property for a 2001 arson known as the Hardie-Hammond Fire, located in the Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection Area. Witnesses at trial, including a relative of the Hammonds, testified the arson occurred shortly after Steven Hammond and his hunting party illegally slaughtered several deer on BLM property. Jurors were told that Steven Hammond handed out “Strike Anywhere” matches with instructions that they be lit and dropped on the ground because they were going to “light up the whole country on fire.” One witness testified that he barely escaped the eight to ten foot high flames caused by the arson. The fire consumed 139 acres of public land and destroyed all evidence of the game violations. After committing the arson, Steven Hammond called the BLM office in Burns, Oregon and claimed the fire was started on Hammond property to burn off invasive species and had inadvertently burned onto public lands. Dwight and Steven Hammond told one of their relatives to keep his mouth shut and that nobody needed to know about the fire." I recall there being a Dateline NBC (???) documentary about the Hammonds and people on both sides recalling what occurred.
  4. This is an important topic that should be kept in our minds. Ever more so important as bills pass in liberal states to seize your firearms in violation of your rights.
  5. Interesting development...but I would guess a whole bunch of people didn't give a crap, and thus failed to vote, because it was a primary election.
  6. Fantastic advice...read the Constitution and know your rights! The people in this example could have easily been victims had the dad not known his rights.
  7. There is a very clear pattern here in the map. I am glad my state has done nothing so far.
  8. Spend money on their own defense, or fund NATO more? I know where their money is going to go. I wonder how long it will take for the first European country to collapse into a muslim run country?
  9. Lots of masks being worn by both sides...show up to a fight wanting to fight, and you will get one. Wonder where the footage is from the guy rushing pantyfa wearing the GoPro camera on top of his helmet?
  10. I would agree with your scenario under a total collapse of our government. The Constitution was written to restrain government, and the citizens were responsible for tyrants and evil persons. I highly doubt any scenario such as Russians raining from the skies, or North Koreans invading our shores. I would wager on a huge band of sharia warlords bent on conquering the landscape.

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