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  1. You are making me jealous. I have a ton of desire to get back outside and shoot when winter is done and family stuff slows down. Iowa is filled with great people. Thanks for posting.
  2. Watch the movie from 2017 called "The Circle" It is an interesting parallel on the issue of social media taking over our lives...
  3. The enemies of a Republic never sleep. Where did the "Agreement Among the States" come from and what is it?
  4. A double edged sword here... On one hand we know that violence against the police is encouraged by groups in America. Many of these general officers are not equipped for nor trained in combat tactics, so they can be easy targets. On the other hand, no one likes the militarization of the police across America. This is a huge potential threat to liberty as many communists call for disarming the populace saying the police can take care of you in an emergency.
  5. This is a recent article that had a lot of information and links to other articles... https://clarionproject.org/exclusive-fbi-confirms-jihadi-training-camps-america/
  6. This is the first time I have seen her photo. Wonder what her background is?
  7. Hadn't heard about the blonde girl. The topic centered around one young man named David Hogg. Someone finally dug out some info on him which ended the crisis actor discussion.
  8. Video looks to have been pulled. This issue of actors came up in our local group this evening. Who is vetting these sources of information on crisis actors? Either the actors themselves or the reports going around of fake victims/actors.
  9. ...and do not forget to add that they are usually the recipient of mind altering drugs for depression or learning issues.
  10. It is a war of data, and I wish more 2A supporters had good really good facts to counter the antis. The term "mass shooting" itself even gets skewed, as there are gang shootouts that fall into the definition of mass shootings for the FBI, but really do not fit our definition of mass shooting. Take the 2015 Waco TX shootout at a Twin Peaks restaurant between two biker gangs that left nine people dead. That falls into the mass shooting statistics, but it doesn't fall into our regular thinking of a mass shooting.
  11. The vast majority of arab refugees are simply soldiers in waiting.
  12. If you are close to Iowa, some of those groups might interest you too.