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  1. Without unity in common thought or mission, every militia will break apart. One mission of a militia needs to be doing tasks as a team, even if it is just pizza on a Friday night. Everyone will go their own separate way without a sure bond that the fellow militia member (and his family) will protect their backs when things go sideways.
  2. Assessing and discussing your mobility is a necessary thing with proper prepping plans. If everyone has a working vehicle with spare parts and spare fuel, that is a huge step in the right direction. Not every militia is going to buy surplus humvees and other military vehicles. One aspect to consider is blending in with the local population. A military looking convoy is great for the warlords, but bad if the group of people is trying to navigate unsecured terrain while avoiding drawing the attention of others.
  3. This is a very complicated game of chess played on a three dimensional board. Whenever it is go-time, we will have major disruptions in daily life. There will be plenty of uneducated people coming out to protest and prevent this "takeover" of America by the "fascist" Trump. If the mass arrests happen, I think this is going to be after the holidays, and maybe after the new Congress takes office, due to lots of complications and counter moves from the other side.
  4. Article here: https://conservative-daily.com/2018/11/06/breaking-first-gun-confiscation-killing-reported-maryland/?fbclid=IwAR2Ab2cZcZy1ZCGomLWF_E0aoWq7vSq9AQczBOZOYcUe4Pk5i1dN-R1eSqM Sad deal and bad news here. I think this was mentioned in another thread, but it is a reminder that not all police forces are of the "shall not be infringed" camp on this Constitutional Amendment.
  5. So many jack-in-the-boxes ready to spring open. Wonder where we are at with the music?
  6. Nothing out of the ordinary here. The Mayans and Aztec cultures vanished. The israelite nation went to live in Egypt due to massive famine. All cultures must adapt or die. America needs to take a long, hard look at what we are going to do if mass migrations happen over crop failures. Will we take them in as aliens, or treat them as slaves/subhumans like the Egyptians did to the Israelites?
  7. Great topic, brother. I was just thinking about the Declaration of Independence the other day in this manner as well. We definitely don't want to lock up our borders permanently, but must investigate the backgrounds of all those trying to gain entry to this country. As a minor side note, vetting these people can be tough. I had a good conversation several years ago with a two coworkers that were a Cuban and a Guatemalan immigrant. They stated that many of the Central American immigrants have changed their names in order to evade "hit squads" here in America. Apparently just because they are able to leave their country does not mean they escape the political ramifications of their stances against the cartel and mafias found down there. I had not given this much thought until they told me that assassins come across the border into this country tracking them. This was also a reason given by them that they maintain their privacy and don't talk much to regular folks here unless they trust them.
  8. This conversation actually came up in our patriot group a couple weeks ago. A person is buying a piece of rural property to build a formal airsoft training range on. It will be an urban setting with houses, gas station, and whatever else suits his fancy. This formal training range will be a full-time occupation for him, and the main clients will be police officers and militia groups.
  9. Nice work there. I have always wondered about a false wall in the basement for a secret room or outside escape tunnel.
  10. I have been patiently waiting to see what falls out with this. The distractions on the world stage level are increasing, and we will find out if the enemies of America are going to come out of the carpet in full force soon.

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