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  1. If the Deep State pulls a JFK on Trump and Pence, I don't know if there is a contingency plan in the alliance to deal with this. Perhaps this is why Pence and Trump are pretty secluded and don't appear together?
  2. That can be used by either side. There might be some media blackouts forthcoming...
  3. Got it added...need more people on there...
  4. I wonder how satellites in orbit handle an EMP? I know the energy waves disrupt communications for a time, due to ionization of the atmosphere.
  5. Yep, it sucks, although I thought I saw a way online to backdoor patch around that while I was downloading xbox software to my laptop. I run 8.1 version. Took forever to get the stupid auto update to quit trying to download 10 on my laptop.
  6. Well, this link might help. It explains some of the software that HP uses... https://itstillworks.com/programs-preloaded-hp-computers-12401.html A word of advice with desktops... I would use an external hard drive for saving all of your pictures, documents, and other important stuff. A computer friend informed me that the hard drives are notoriously known for short life, I found that out in person when I bought an HP desktop really similar to that one, and the hard drive shelled out two days after the one year warranty. I decided to try an HP Pavilion laptop and have been loving it for the last four years without issues. With regards to software, I don't use microsoft word or office, but run similar software called Apache Free Office. I don't run Norton either, preferring to use PC Matic and Avast.
  7. The deep state cabal operates on a global level. They are set up to pull strings in other countries just to piss in our morning cereal. Everything that the deep state said was going to happen if Trump got elected was not a warning...it was a direct threat of what they were going to do if he did get elected. It's always an interesting debate when the subject of nuke use come up. I get the feeling (just a personal feeling and not anything based upon facts) that the global cabal does not want to see them used, but rather kept in the equation as a fear factor. A deployment of a nuke would render any first world country into a third world one, and then all the "useful idiots" needed by the cabal to turn a country into a communist one would be gone. The country would be be mostly populated by those whom are self-reliant, armed, and wary of anyone coming to power. The monetary system that the cabal relies and thrives upon would be gone, having been replaced by the bartering system or reverting back to commodity trade (gold/silver/precious goods.)
  8. There was once a time when common sense was needed and used every hour to keep a person alive. Nowadays, instead of having those people eliminated out of the gene pool, they end up stars on Youtube.
  9. I like the X22 Report...straight up information, no distracting music, and no constant numerology dissection. I wonder if we can fully comprehend what will happen to the country when a mass arrest event like this takes place. Some thoughts for everyone to consider... Does the deep state have their hands tangled enough in the US financial system and business sectors to choke it off intentionally and immediately cause a stock market crash? Does the deep state have a contingency plan to cause riots/unrest once their leaders and puppets are in jail? Is there enough die-hard communists not needing a payroll to carry out their plans? Can the deep state exterminate enough of the witnesses against them to get free? Does this include plans for Trump and his cabinet? We could be witnessing a refreshing of our republic... and there will be pains to endure if so. Everyone needs to have a form of communication with others that does not include social media. Know the direct phone numbers of your close friends and fellow militia members, have communication via Zello or Signal, or some form of radio communication.
  10. Reverse profiling at its finest. The perfect way to instill fear to keep law-abiding citizens away from guns which would be used for personal protection from criminals and corrupt governments.

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