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  1. Life as a deep state operative has got to be tough. Spies like that keep getting suicided, or just vanish...
  2. -The stock market crash later this year or next is going to require more of a SHTF type preparedness. Mayhem over food shortage fears, and basic fear mongering intentionally caused by others, is going to be a real issue. The president knows this, and he is doing all he can to avoid mass riots by cushioning the shock to the general public. -If the deep state is dealt with, the attacks upon the Constitution will ease up. As far as the trigger for widespread citizen action, if the Constitution is openly usurped by Sharia or communism, then the members of those states where it happens had better have a plan to deal with it. This usurping will start small, creep in, and work first at the state level before attempts are made at the federal level. Kind of like cracking a dam first versus trying to destroy it all at once. -Getting to know your local police and sheriffs department personally goes a long way to avoiding confiscations of your weapons. These folks are your first line defense in these red flag states where some family member can say you are loony, or are a threat to yourself, and then the local law enforcement has to show up to investigate. Friends on the inside are needed here. You are most certainly free to exercise whatever rights you feel you need to at that time, but shooting your way out of it has not worked for the last two citizen victims. If you cannot make friends with local law enforcement, you better have a plan in mind for avoiding that kind of confrontation.
  3. I wonder what third world country is going to get all the "outdated" M4s and M249s, as well as all the stockpiled ammo? I'm still miffed on B-O dumping all those Garands into the Pacific.
  4. https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-coordinating-national-resilience-electromagnetic-pulses/ There hasn't been much talk about this in the patriot networks. If one reads this very recent (3-26-2019) executive order, this is setting up a timeline of certain assessments and operations to happen over the next four years. I wonder if there was a plot discovered to subject the USA to an emp strike on or after the 2020 elections as retaliation for the dismantling attempts upon the deep state? Do we have an emp assets in America that the deep state can get control of? North Korea was the big holder of such tech capable of going on their missiles, but I haven't seen any other country get fingered for having them.
  5. I think Trump is doing all he can to calmly dismantle the swamp into smaller pieces. What he doesn't want is a civil war, because we patriots would be all too happy to get some revenge, and those against America would be happy to riot as well. The swamp would also use this crisis to start destroying evidence and tech through internal sabotage or building demolition. There would also be quite a few witnesses coming up dead through mass suicide. We all know that if Trump fails, patriot power is all that is left for action. Can anyone give an update if the militarization of police is continuing in this administration? Big O allowed a lot of police forces to improve their "emergency response" fleet and gear. I haven't seen many updates on this and was just curious if it was getting lost in the distractions.
  6. Awesome build! I remember many hours of work on other vehicles back in my younger days. Your son will never forget how much time it takes to resurrect a vehicle, and make smarter choices down the road on vehicle purchases.
  7. The Deep State is getting ready to turn up the heat in the swamp and make it boil... all patriots need to be prepared. We know there will be violence committed for revenge, for distraction purposes (many FF events too), and for causing a national coup (as a last resort when everything else fails.) Trump is methodologically carving away the communists, and feeding information slowly to the masses that are unaware and unprepared.

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We are a community of concerned patriots who are not overly confident in the current direction of our society, from the wild political climate to what can be summed up as a lack of morals or a complete void of integrity and pretty much a blatant disregard of respect..... Respect for our past, respect for our future and respect for each other. In order to protect our constitution and life as we know it, we decided to not be the silent majority anymore and pull our selves up by the bootstraps and make the world a better place. This website is to unite people like us, people who want to make a difference ... and do it the right way, Little did we know that in doing so we would create the number one militia community online. Here we are. Enjoy.


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