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  1. Our first tool to use is prayer. It allows a focus and determination to do what is right with determination and peace of mind. The second tool is our Constitution. Trump has done an astounding job of filling court vacancies all across America. We now have judges that will support our founding principles. Everyone knew there would be voter fraud. Nothing was in place to detect and prosecute those responsible in 2016, and the prosecution system was full of deep-staters. Now we have every opportunity to record and track these defilers of our elections. Getting rid of these people will take time,
  2. You are referring to the 20th Amendment... This is a gray area for some and not for others... the Constitution definitely says the President's term is up on January 20 if the person is not re-elected... without an elected President, there is no V-P as well... and the line of succession to the presidency with an incapable Pres or V-P would normally fall to the Speaker of the House... BUT... America has been in this boat before when the outcome of a presidential election was not clearly determined immediately... and everyone just waited until the electors voiced their votes in the states that we
  3. I remember when that executive order was signed. Makes me wonder if an attack such as this could be a move by the deep state for disabling certain servers containing evidence against them? A strategically placed EMP prior to or on election night would also disrupt the election system long enough to get Pelosi into office unless martial law was enacted nationwide.
  4. Discord and Facebook have done their rounds. Youtube is still good for the moment.
  5. Facebook just did the same purging... my account has been suspended... and I didn't post anything bad today.
  6. Steam is owned/operated outside of your control... and subject to mass abuse and expulsions. Element is personally owned by the user.
  7. Discord might be burned out. Could be time to look to alternative locations.
  8. If we think this is tough... just wait until Oct 1 when the new face-crook standards come out... might result in the great purge of patriots and conservatives from there.
  9. I got axed as well. The group name will have to change to help evade future detection... something ordinary like America's Great Pumpkin Patch or The Murder Hornets 😀
  10. There is a good comment or two here that should be mentioned. If retaliatory hunting of the opposition happens (speaking about us... the people that know things), how would they identify and find us? Certainly any list maintained at the government level would be used, but an easy list would be found at the DMV... everyone with a military branch plate, veteran plate, or veteran ID on our drivers license. Tracking from air would not be needed, as the goon squads would just show up at our doors and take us, our families, our provisions, etc. because we would really be "enemies of the state". Sinc
  11. The deep state and all of its allies ("the enemy of my enemy is my friend") will be coming out of the woodwork soon. A lot of the three letter gov agencies are going to get roasted from cooking the books on quite a few top level patriots and the president... the AG investigations are going to blow the lid on the human trafficking in this country... and Constitution loving judges are stacking up in the courts now just waiting to handle these cases. Basically every cash crop, milking point, and blackmail cover for the deep state is going to get upended and noosed around their neck if they can't
  12. I like John MacArthur. Everyone should be reading the sermons of Pastor John Wise. He influenced a lot of the Founding Fathers and Christians through his teachings on tyranny and liberty in the late 1600s and early 1700s.
  13. Reading that article makes it very apparent of the reasons why the citizens of this country should never have let the unorganized citizen militia fade from public awareness.

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