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  1. Good question... and there are perks to each of them. I think the technology with compound bows has left the crossbow lagging in everyday use. The crossbow can be a fine defensive weapon from an enclosed area when shooting in limited space where a bow would be unhandy, or when one has issues with using both hands or arms. A crude bow can be made much faster in a rough environment when compared to the time it takes to fabricate a crossbow. A bow also breaks down to one stick and a string, meaning it stores and carries much better.
  2. Interesting thought...but this can be easily forged or set up a false front from any business owner. What would more likely happen is someone passing a bill nationally banning all private sales of firearms...then they legislate the small dealers out of business, then one has no practical way to sell a firearm, and this creates a full paper trail on every firearm going forward. Legislation...registration...confiscation...decimation...all steps taken by evil regimes upon the free.
  3. Trying to figure out the metric on whom the soldiers are going to stand by is tough. We know that the armed forces have gang members, foreign nationals doing training, and a wide range of others that have no interest but themselves. There would have to be an event where the citizen supporters would be drawn out from those that were hostile to the Constitution...and this event would also cause the rest of us to choose sides, too.
  4. The gangs in south-side Chicago aren't disarming any time soon, and neither are the warlords in Africa and the Middle East.
  5. Interesting article... I wonder what there is to gain by saying "EMPs are fake hype"... Faraday cages are easy to build and don't have to cost much, so there isn't huge capital to gain from selling them. The solar flare or natural occurring EMP is a very real threat. Having all the power lines melt to the ground or all the transformers frying would cause massive chaos.
  6. Now that is interesting. So if it measures stress, how does it react to a person that is high or stoned? Promote them to higher management because they are cool headed and mellow? I thought the US had this technology back in the early 1990s? There was a helmet that could relay to a computer exactly where the eyes were looking, and it could mark or target that spot.
  7. Yes. We should never assume the people associated with these groups are lacking experience. The moral compass is a good evaluation tool. If you know you live in an area lacking morals, one had best plan to evacuate quickly to a bug-out location. Those without the moral compass will kill without compassion or reason, and may enjoy doing it.
  8. Most everyone that has prepared for self sufficiency should also be preparing to defend it. One can most certainly expect to be "greeted" by a neighbor looking for supplies. How this goes depends upon your relationship with people in the community. If you didn't forge friendships before a crisis, don't expect that to happen afterwards. Most likely you will be the target of people wanting to steal or kill for supplies. If you have set up relationships with neighbors, you will have a community that can barter among themselves for needed goods or services. I am prepared to kill to defend my family and their well being, but I have invested time in building a local network of friends to limit the chance of that.
  9. As far as militias "turning" on the public...we have antifa and BLM groups that train like military groups. They most certainly will be a force to deal with when they form gangs and try to exert control over areas after a SHTF event, any pandemic disaster, or political upheaval. Most of the rural areas will continue to survive without much immediate interference. The elderly, sick, and medically dependent will soon be gone.
  10. I have the fish and chicken covered, but have always wondered about raising rabbits. I have heard they are quite easy to raise and can pretty much survive any weather.
  11. A Constitutional militia is everyone in the community and local areas. The political regimes taking advantage of citizens have branded militias as supremacists and hate groups to spread division among the people. The true militia is tasked by the Constitution to “execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections, and repel Invasions". The militia is therefore the enemy of every politician and tyrant that seeks to usurp power from the people. Should we have groups doing advanced training and tactics? Absolutely. Should they have some kind of operational security and be conduct training out of the public view? Unfortunately, at this time, yes, but that does not mean that we live in the shadows. The trained and equipped American citizen is the pinnacle of liberty and the idol of everyone in the world. We are also a target and seen as the last domino to fall for global domination by tyrants.
  12. Absolutely fantastic news here...just as significant as the fall of the Berlin wall. Lots of other things coming with the peace treaty, like a North and South Korea unified rail line for people to travel back and forth. Let's make sure the safeguards stay in place for peace, though. We can't forget that the South Korean leader is a communist.
  13. I haven't heard much on how the various branches of military have done since a bunch of the officers and generals were removed from their commands or forced into retirement during the Obama administration. I wouldn't doubt that there are some people in the armed forces that would follow orders to disarm the american people, but they would have to kill their fellow servicemen to carry that act out. Not to mention overcome a significant number of armed prior servicemen that would fight for our liberty.
  14. Red solo cups for me... I don't think I own anything Yeti. How has Yeti stock been doing? If it hasn't gone down over 30 percent, their business will continue fine.
  15. Books are no longer the main source for preservation of knowledge. The hard drive or some data storage site has it. Wikipedia has been the bank of knowledge lately, and one does not have to see far into the future to figure out it is going to get corrupted. I am afraid the internet is going to be the means to take down societies via some supercomputer and a human programmed cyber virus.