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  1. Hmmm.... could these be some Americans wanting to return from there? Let's hope our disease protocols are top notch with this. https://siouxlandnews.com/news/local/flight-from-wuhan-china-will-land-at-eppley-airfield-for-quarantine?fbclid=IwAR234SOcVGDV2urQ2TJiHGvHxEMOs4jS11ebC2XdTxZfXF5_BA9Rg6wPaXA
  2. The old saying of "If you didn't vote, don't complain about the results" is true. There should also be a saying, "If you didn't go out and attend your caucus, don't complain about the choice of candidates."
  3. My question with nCov... what is the transmission period AFTER the patient is dead? This virus is fully transmissible during the incubation period, meaning catching this at screenings are too late. History showed us that the Spanish Flu of 1919 left piles of bodies scattered in alleys in all major cities in the US, because the healthy didn't want to get sick handling them. If the virus has been engineered to survive on a dead host for a long time... then this is a 1-2 killer punch.
  4. Do you think the adjuvant is the final step to complete the nCov for world reduction, or do you feel the adjuvant is a secondary step meant as a "sleeping trigger" to be set off with the host's future infection of another virus? Something as simple as the common cold virus interacting with the adjuvant within the body or a future va-cination could be engineered to cause a 100 percent fatal reaction.
  5. As of this morning, every N95 mask on MSC was listed as backordered.
  6. Good! I already checked the large chain stores, and they all showed sold out. The out of the way stores and small retailers should have them... for a little while.
  7. Here is a clinical summary of the coronavirus taken from patients in China. This info is quite technical, but most people with any kind of medical understanding should be able to take something useful away from it. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(20)30183-5/fulltext?fbclid=IwAR27KZH5h3Jyf2WeTIUE_syGSc2CZWyCdIlpp3wl3y6pQq0dkltTgxRRK90
  8. Good luck finding them! Wife said they are long gone. I tried some other backchannels, as N95 rated masks are used in industrial applications like fiberglass, drywall, painting, etc., and you might find them at hardware stores.
  9. There is a LOT of information about these fires that people do not know or choose to ignore. Same scenario in California fires was repeated in Australia.
  10. I would go for a Galil... but an ARK or a properly built Ruger Mini-30 would be fine.
  11. Is there signs in New York that people are beginning to prep for the Grand Solar Minimum cycle that we are in? Food shortages are going to get very severe, and I would not want to live in a very populated state.
  12. You did term the question as "choose as your companion"...
  13. Your most valuable asset would be a motorcycle or ATV. Scouting with a fullsize vehicle is very costly on fuel, and you can't keep yourself hidden very well. The chance you would evade a possible pursuer is slim without being able to fight at that time. The option of returning to your home fortification drawing a whole group of people back to it is not very pleasant. The ultimate choice of SHTF vehicle would depend upon your lifestyle. Are you going to live like the Plains Indians and migrate everywhere looking for resources as you go or are you going to live out of your vehicle like a trailerhouse/motorhome?

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