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  1. You know megatron, I had troops come home and get back at the job. They would walk around all fucked up. We would go into the iffice so I could see if the were okay. Many time we took them right to EAP so they could get debriefed further. I understand from an observers point. Really.
  2. My apology. I am retired State prison sergeant. My staff relied on me to keep them from harm. They expected me to go in first. They expected me to get them out safely. I walked the tiers. Kept the count right and never left them staff to fend for themselves. I don’t represent only patriotism but duty and honor. I’ve been gone for awhile, I still walk those tiers in my sleep. I can appreciate what you all wake up for. I’ve done the Pharma routine to sleep and live with the antisocial shit that goes on. If I seem offended, I am. Even vague my message is there. I expected attention to detail and that you would have looked at the short bio I started with. Then you would have gotten the tiers. Anyways, I am a leader and sometimes don’t play well with others. I love my farm and the attitude control it has over me. So. That’s it. Peace out
  3. Misguided views. Hmm. I believe you are misguided in your assessment. To protect the values of this land to protect my fellow citizen from harm whether Foriegn or domestic. Listen, thanks for the opportunity to converse with you. I walked the fucken tiers 16 hours a day to keep it safe so the citizens could sleep. I missed the times with my family as have and do so many. I shudder when the entitlist diss respect those protecting their rights to be stupid. I wasn’t a Marine, Special Forces or Green Beret. I suspect if I was older than 17 and didn’t have a family I would have made a good one. Loyalty, Patriotism? Call them what you feel we should. No worries. I’m 60 and don’t owe anyone an explanation. But again, thanks for the chat. Godspeed and God bless
  4. Indeed. But instead of playing Grabass here as to which branch is best, I was looking to look into a group of minds alike. Hiding? I guess you believe you’ve figured this crap out with me to make a statement like that. Is this a group of know it alls? I’m curious? My opening statement was maybe we have something to offer each other. It’s not looking good. Nice chatting with you. Godspeed
  5. My name is Tim. Central Maine. West of Bangor. I am 60 and a retired NH State Prison Sgt. I was a Deputy Sheriff in NH as well as 4 years in the Air Force. 1975-79. I am willing to speak to anyone to see if we have anything to offer each other. The door is open. I don’t write much info out in open forum like this well. Communicating with someone I know is a different story. Please advise

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