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  1. Riley County here, just out checking water levels in some nearby creeks and getting some older folks ready to move if the water gets to high tonight.
  2. See you at the meeting, I will be bringing two more with me. I will be in my lifted black chevy
  3. Look into the ( Area Code Militias ) under the Militias tab above and see if you have any close to you that would be the best bet for you if you are looking to stay close to home.


    Best of luck to you, stay healthy and safe.

  4. Welcome to the site and enjoy and have a look around.

  5. Hello everyone I hope you all are doing well with everything that is going on at this time in the US.

    I wish you all the best stay healthy and stay safe.

  6. Morning everyone, I hope the first part of the new year has treated you well, I see many more are checking this site out.

    Have a awesome year.

    Riley County has checked in.

    1. fixer


      Morning! let us know what you think

  7. We could do like other groups Have a meeting in the middle of Kansas seems to be a bunch of us here then move the meetings North, South, East and West what ever part of Kansas has the next large group in a area go that way first. At the meetings we could even look and see if people want to be county reps or even city reps if you want to go smaller then it makes it a bit more organized. I am in Riley County I have a buddy in Geary County wanting to join a group I just point him to the county rep or even a city rep and the ball is rolling. Just a early morning idea as I am getting the coffee flowing lol.
  8. We use CB's within the group area they have LSB/USB so it works well, Hams will come next. As far as Camo patterns the area I live in Multi -Cam works well I change as the weather and the surrounding vegetation changes I would say use what works in the area you are in and change as needed.
  9. Just dropping in to say Hi !
  10. Time to do some winter survival training, Best wishes to all and safe travels next week if you are on the road.
  11. So very true, when it comes down to it at some point and time some of us will run in to each other out and about looking for supplies when SHTF it would be better to know like minded people around you within a few miles of your location.
  12. Sounds like you have been doing some digging up knowledge on Survival, Farming, Prepping for a bit now it's always good to keep some of that info for a look back at it. It would be nice to get some of that from you most of my data is in books that I keep buying when something in it catches my eye or sparks my interest. Toque182
  13. Always know what is going on around what doesn't kill you makes you stronger always be willing to learn.

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