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    I have been a Shootist, since 1959/60 Learned it from my Adopted GrandFather a Native American, who said "Aim Small, Hit Small" ... That is still good advice! I am a Non-Hyphenated Christian, Called by my LORD to be a Pastor, which has been going on a c
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  1. ONboondockhwy


  2. Progressives is the "Current proper term" but they have been using that term for a hundred years or so, off & on!
  3. Hey. I am back. Computer crashes should Never happen, UN-Prepared, Correct? Especially when your MOS was in Electronics Repair! philip, AKA "TroubleShooter 1 5, I fix Shorts"!
  4. Hwy 36 Cheshire, OREGON

  5. I will compare prices for Wal-Mart/Bi-Mart bi-Mart being local Oregon, possibly Washington!
  6. This will give me a chance to Show the history that I Proudly TEACH, to One and all. It will also be a Change from my constantly wearing Tee Shirts of Red or Black Patriotic Tee Shirts, As I would just drape the flag over said Political, Or Even Non Political Tee Shirts . . And Teach. philip, I just want to Teach Patriotic Political History, that is a Full Time Part Time job. Err, I mean, I Do it Part Time on a Full Time Basis. no, that is not quite Correct, yet. (Smell the Burning Hey HAY). Okay, I got it Final Revision. I am an Advocate for People of all Ages and Genders, Creeds and Political Thought Processes, In Understanding the True TRUTH, not what is now taught, the Lies about Truth. I do this, via being a Human BillBoard, and having the Girth to Show such Billboards to the WORLD around me, I say this about that: "I am in Public, some of My Time, Which is I have 14444000 minutes or whatever in a Day, and some of Part of that day, IS TIMELY used in Teaching The Truth of Our History. But Only when I am out of my HOUSE, where I reside with my Cat, A Maine Coon, who can Not Read English, so I try only to speak to her . . . Segue, Yes, I have been a Cat Herder, it is a Pleasurable Occupation, with few Benefits . . . Now, If that made sense, then I think I have made aValid Point about why I should be allowed to Teach about this Subject, via wearing this Tee Shirt. There, that was simple & CONCISE, wasn't it ? ? ? ? philip
  7. I thought I should drop a note on this company. Sawyer is/was a company that designed Dialysis Equipment. They are Very good at that, in fact, they developed a filtration system, To "Fine" or thin, however you want to word it, that it Could Not be used for Dialysis ! ! ! it has 0.1 micron flow, is made & includes a Back Washing system, and the small one will fit in a Small Pocket of a "Fanny Pack" the Most basic Unit uses a Water Collection Bag, that attaches by a (common) thread, and you squeeze the bag, out comes Clean water. No PUMPING. that system, here in Oregon, sells for $29.95 by Common Thread, think Two Liter Soda Bottles.... The Filter is SAID to be good for 100,000 gallons, with care. the Back washing system is simply a LARGE veterinarian size Hypodermic unit, it twists on, loaded with clean water ! ! ! Website is: http://www.sawyer.com Standard Spiel: I own no stock nor affiliation with the company, yada yada yada. Just a Happy Consumer, having purchased three units now. I hope that helps those still in need, or who want, Like me, multiple systems. ~The Only~ down side, is there is no Carbon Filter for taste clean up, but it Will do the provide "healthy water to drink, cook" issue. Yours, philip, On the BoonDocks Highway, my nearest neighbor is a Frog!!!!!!
  8. Welcome, from a Former Californian! I lived in Chico, Butte County, until leaving in 1974, I never looked back, though I have had need to return & each time I have, it appears in worse shape ! ! ! I did notice an Increase in the ~State of Jefferson~ Attitude, that it had continued to GROW towards the South (Highway 20 East/West seems to be their new South Border, I recall early in my youth that Butte County was its Southern most area) What can You Do?, singularly, find those near you, that have the same Mind Set ! ! ! Start small in conversation, and Do Not speak OPENLY until you can confirm their Truth !!!!!!!! Start with safer political views, then go a bit more Conservative in viewpoint, the person will Either be With you, OR Against what you say . . . I have seen very little Grey Areas in this approach. Good Luck in Finding and developing a MAG: (Mutual Assistance Group), which should be as close Physically as possible. If you do Not have a BASIC Food Supply, there are several ways to start developing one . . . easiest way is to buy a bit extra of what Dry goods you already use. For SURE, do NOT purchase untried "Survival" or "Prepper Foods" that can be a total waste of Money, if you end up Not liking the Product(s) Most Good Prepper Food Companies make trial sized servings to become acquainted with. I have Four Methods of being able to even Cook foods in my house, two in my vehicle. Practice whatever you end up buying . . Believe me, when the ~Hammer Drops~ will Not be the time to do these things Hope that Helps you, and does not frighten you, Preparation work, to Stay Alive is a Full time Life Style, after the Hammer Drops, so practice while it is still easy to learn! Yours in patriotism, philip
  9. Welcome from a Similar age group, and Graduate of the VietNam Training course in etiquette to Viet Cong & the NVA. we actually had More of the latter folks, as they had a 25,00 man BaseCamp in Cambodia, only 10 short Kilometers away.... Fishhook area, TayNinh Base. 187th AHC, H Models & Cobras. I was ground crew support, birds don't fly without communications . . . I repaired Avionics, as well as Telephone Line work, no slackers in our company!!! philip
  10. Got it, but was Offline today . . . so it arrived late to me . . . ?????? At a Later date, maybe we could consider multiple text ALERTS, as a former US ARMY Commo Man, (1969-1970, TayNinh RVN) I have Never felt comfortable, without my PHONE by my bed. Indeed, now, I sleep with it, for "other" reasons ( I am a Called Pastor, and do get ZeroDarkThirty phone calls . . .) philip
  11. Thank you Col. Kane . . . Trouble Shooter One Five, on the Commo in TayNinh, RVN, 69-70
  12. I do Way more than that ! ! ! I write complaints to Patient Advocate @ Roseburg.VA, as well as getting the Chaplin involved ! ! ! the last Roseburg idjiot that messed with me had a chat with his Supervisor . . . Outright Lied to me, About Me, as if I could not remember the truth. I have a saying, it is simply "Truth OUTS" . . . philip
  13. Wow, I'll post on this, before my hip was injured, I used to give "bug out bag" classes for a small group of peoples, using my gear in "As if" conditions, like purifying water through using that water for a freeze dried meal!
  14. Thank you! It has been a rough week, or I would have replied earlier. Like many Vets, I recently have had ~issues~ with the VA . . . Yesterday, 29 February, I checked into the online VA website, for my Medical Appointments. Listed under FUTURE was an Appointment for 23 February, 2016, at 1430 hours . . . I was there, that Tuesday, early, and was told I had No Appointment ! ! ! I stopped myself, from going Ballistic, and listened to an Extremely Calm Iraqi Vet . . . he helped immensely, the Appointment was for 7 March, @ 1300 hours . . . ~Right~ There is much more to that story, but I spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone, and another 1/2 hour writing three different ~Secure Messages~ to the needed peoples in charge of my health, saying I am electing to use Outside Resources, due to the Violation of No More than 30 days wait, for Appointments. Its a Right (Starboard, for any Navy members) Hip Replacement, and well, gee, it is a swell Pain, it is, Humor me, please ! ! ! My long gun Shoulder is still healing from a Rotator Cuff surgery, and I sure would like to pop some primers, to blow off some steam ! Well, so much for now, again, thanks for the Welcome, I do plan to get regular into this Forum . . . my last forum home is being over run by Progressive members in Pink suits, and I have been told I am a Curmudgeon . . . and a Dinosaur, Oh, Gee, my feelings have been hurt! philip
  15. philip here . . . looking for the forum to call home. About me, 66 YO, Enlisted U.S. Army in 1967 at age 17.5, it was a delayed Enlistment planned out, to get & give to our Country, that which I knew well. Oath Sworn 12 September, 1968. Basic @ Ft. Lewis, where we started with the M-14 and in our last two weeks were introduced to the M-16, I believe it was Most difficult on our Drill Sargent's, who were all old Brown Shoe Army: one actually shook his head when starting to teach Bayonet Training with it, He ~went through the Motions, but we knew his heart was still with the M-14. I did AIT in Ft. Gordon, GA, Signal School, for Avionics Commo Repair. I graduated 2nd in our Company, and top 5% of our Battalion. Received a double Promotion to Sp/4 for my skills. Beyond that, I have studied & passed EMT 2 training, but had to move to another state and that was never continued. One Tour in RVN, in Tay Ninh Provence, Tay Ninh Base Camp, September 69-August 70. Tay Ninh was only 7 Kilometers from the Cambodian Border, and the Ho Chi Minh trail . . . A Born Conservative, from the Original concept, "to Conserve" . . . I have been doing "Preps" and Alt Living since 1974, in Washington... I shoot a PTR 20" 7.62X51 its serial number is below 3K, Glocks for Pistols and Rugers for Wheel Guns. that is a starter about me. Yours in Patriotism, philip
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