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  1. If there are post on distractions those are usually all of those who work for the corrupt establishments! Their main missions are to distract all of you by any means, weather it be by going out enjoying yourselves while we need to make it our missions to help the world! These people are the one's who distract saying we shouldn't do this we shouldn't do that leave it for the police to do, and just be distracted more while they are trying to finish their New World order agenda! You see that is what they do, they will post on here things that are so distracting, and it's how you can tell them apart! Now some may really want to just discuss off topic things, but mainly they are those affiliated with the Bew World Order! Trust what I say here! They want to distract by any means so that we are helpless to do anything when the time comes, and as one spiritually gifted with visions that come true all of the time, I have also seen this and it is taking place! Look at what the corrupt one's do they set up almost everything, the BLM the Antifa, and the corrupt one's want them to keep getting bigger and bigger why? So that they can try to wipe us out! It may seem like it's b.s but you would truly be surprised...
  2. One thing don't act like your me you fail terribly, also I'm not saying kidnap the other moron put words in my mouth, also I stated as catch and release, and also it does not matter where I live or anyone for that matter, a citizens arrest can be done! Why because it is accepted! By the way let me get the definition since you don't understand... The definition according to Google... citizen's arrest noun an arrest by an ordinary person without a warrant, allowable in certain cases. 'he chased the thugs and made a citizen's arrest' So anyways I rest my case, if people are doing wrong anyone can make a citizen arrest period! So to say that we should not go to war with them states that your slaves already in the end, what's going to happen when we listen to what some of you leftists say and let them be? I'll tell ya what's going to happen because I've already seen much of what's going to take place only because I was born spiritually gifted! Unless many fight back they most likely are going to get worst, there is no doubt about it, then they will hardly be able to be stopped then, so things I've noticed can be reversed it's by choices we all make now! But weather any of you want to or not, it's a choice, also look at how many people you will be letting down doing nothing, we have the rights to be Militia's, and no we don't have to be arrested if we can pull away our own members to not get arrested while trying to help the helpless from these Antifa and BLM idiots! So choose wisely what we do today, because tomorrow could be to damn late is all I am saying...
  3. If anything I help by getting us to take actions! Something that a few of you are not so use to!
  4. I've lead many for years through other Aliases, who are you telling Hozz, and this is merely your thoughts not everyone else's! Plus you don't know me, I don't stand for any of the BLM or Antifa dumb asses! I'm clearly saying my peace you don't have to like it, but I can tell you that you give the Militia's a bad name just bowing down doing nothing like a panzie, but we are not the same, and I can promise you this, I bet I lead a thousand times better than you and many others on here would in a thousand years, I may not be on point about everything, but I know how to lead enough said, and talking about me being childish lol look at half of yourselves! You bow down and do nothing and say let the police take care of everything, when the police are gone it's going to be us only! So think!!! I don't claim to be the best, but I've done far more than what half of you ever thought mainly through online means, but I have helped, so no half of you give the Militia's a bad name, why? Because you bow down and leave it up to others to baby you!
  5. Alright to you and everyone here, this is the new age now! It is not the olden days any longer please get that through your thick skulls, and no this opinion is not of all of the Militia's! It's only of certain people like yours, my opinion I can almost promise many are interested in, but many have been so enslaved in their minds to obey every aspect of what they are told, so therefore until you break the chains of enslavement your still slaves, to stop enemies of this new age the rules must be bent even if it's a little, you old timers have no idea of the capabilities these new age protestors can do, but you think by obeying the laws to a perfect "T" will take them down lol half of you old timers sorry to say but you have a lot to learn of the new age, as one like myself spiritually gifted to see visions of the future, I can tell half of you that you won't stand a chance if you keep going on the ways you where taught all your lives, and needless that is all I can tell half of you.
  6. Yeah well ive been a security officer Hozz! So your not telling me anything.
  7. Not exactly kidnap, just take them get information and possibly get them to be on our side or they must stay in a jail system, or if they don't want to help then they must be taken to jail, we don't necessarily have to have our own jail systems, just take them in by a citizen arrest, and get information then hand them over to police one by one so they can be put into the booking system and jail systems, and then they are pretty much screwed then, it's not necessarily kidnapping, because your releasing them to the main police, but if you want to say that it is your opinion, but I call it catch and release to the police, but we will need evidence and more than one person to give evidence of their wrong doings, that way we can have somewhat of a peaceful war, and if we must take out some of the worst one's who want to take others out who are helpless then we do what needs to be done to protect and defend by any means.
  8. Bro it's war time period, it's good to say all this, but deep down I just don't think you and a few others really want war, just face the facts, the thing is we are mobilized, all we have to do is communicate more, when you have a bunch on here acting like idiots not doing much of anything then no... no one will be ready, but by doing something finally yes it is possible! But we have to get enough people to stop being idiots and finally act! It's either we stop them or they get worst, best suggestion is to literally take them out one by one infiltrate them and bring them to our compounds to see what next moves will be! In other words a citizen arrest! And take them to where they don't know a location, and get information, put them into our own jail system feed them shower them e.t.c then we infiltrate more and keep on getting more and more till they are finished off, that simple, but you gotta understand they are on here most likely as well, so everything must be done at different time frames and different dates! Because when you tell when you do something exactly they know to be ready, you gotta catch the enemy by surprise! Then you have them finished! The best ways to communicate is through walkies, and or texting walkies, and to help us out more we could come on a week but different days so the enemy will never see us coming, it could be one whole week while missing a few days, then the next set of troops come in, you see we have to be on their side to bring them all down from within, once they think they have won finally take them down.
  9. Well maybe on here something new could be done like that, unless we can find a new application with real true Encryption end to end

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