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  1. Hi mate, can you check your PM's and kindly delete this account please. Thank you.

  2. #GunsSaveLives
    #BanRedFlagLaws https://t.co/3Bwe7fh2Xv

  3. We are on the eve of a HISTORICAL RECKONING!
    Latest Q Drop:

    Revival - Orchestral Instrumental - Epic Background Mu… https://t.co/P0vjGxTQIq

  4. What a GREAT #StateOfTheUnion address tonight!
    Would not be surprised if the #TrumpFamily paid for the scholarship… https://t.co/jk8XfjDd45

  5. Homeland Security Investigations encourage the public to report suspected human trafficking to its tip line by call… https://t.co/XvahfuCBOa

  6. Between sucking her teeth and chewing the inside of her mouth tonight, she sure made some ugly faces! ???… https://t.co/93f5ge8neM

  7. @VicCervantes3 @WilliamMillen5 @Michael13104307 @DeusVult2015 @vicjoseph10 @JerryCo81356510 @4RealLiberty… https://t.co/B6eNreBrAc

  8. RT @VicCervantes3: ?VicsSpaceFlight?

  9. RT @realDonaldTrump: The Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats keep chanting “fairness”, when they put on the most unfair Witch Hunt in the hi…

  10. RT @Lynnoftrumpland: Another Patriot friend needs your help Maga Patriots. Patriot @patriot_york needs our help in giving him boost to 1…

  11. VEXIT: West Virginia governor invites Virginia counties to join his stat... https://t.co/Aus6rymWxn via @[email protected]

  12. RT @benshapiro: Democrats: Trump is handing over the country to the Russians!

  13. RT @JamaalHarris23: Describe President Trump in 1 word

  14. @AsFreedomReigns @JamaalHarris23 Amen!

  15. @JamaalHarris23 Patriot

  16. RT @Autrice: ??NEW Q DROPS! ??

    QMAP: Qanon Drops & POTUS Tweets https://t.co/VaXxj1igLq

  17. RT @Autrice: @mbaram @ChristianWhiton Lt COL Vindman is a DISGRACE TO THE UNIFORM.
    Has Marcus ever served? Does he have any understanding…

  18. RT @Autrice: Trump’s rally #NewJersey had 175,000 people RSVP. The stadium holds 10,000 or less!There are THOUSANDS of people outside. The…

  19. RT @Autrice: #Coronavirus Patent number: 10130701
    Filed: July 23, 2015
    Date of Patent: November 20, 2018

  20. RT @Emit_0710q: @RudyGiuliani https://t.co/btN0QZZyi4

  21. #nicksandmann #BarronTrump
    #FakeNewsSelectiveOutrage https://t.co/9poTXyPPAO

  22. Any way they can steal your guns, they will. People are more apt to get drunk and shoot you than to get stoned an… https://t.co/ZF9F5rx2vu

  23. Time to cache your fire arms & ammo! #NewYork
    Democrat Andrew Cuomo Signs Gun Confiscation into Law in NY https://t.co/d7SH5YaD3E

  24. RT @ChrisHayesTV: It took the daycare 5 days after the child went to the E.R. to review this video. My investigation on Fox2 News at 10. ht…

  25. RT @LoreleiInBama: @TrueEyeTheSpy We made the only choice. https://t.co/qCbr0o64KX

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