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  1. It is a push by leftists in every state to circumvent the original protections provided by the founding documents that ensure everyone has a say in who is elected...not just the heavy population centers (socialist controlled).
  2. Update....word from Harrisburg is that this is being stopped in committee. Thank you to the PA state senators that are protecting the republic.
  3. https://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/billinfo/bill_history.cfm?syear=2019&sind=0&body=S&type=B&bn=270&mobile_choice=suppress The PA state government is attempting to bypass the electoral college by forcing the electoral votes from PA be given to the popular vote winner. This should wake everyone up!
  4. Hello all interested, Our network is steadily growing. We still want even greater participation. Please...if you are part of a group and want to get connected, have your comms officer or CO contact us by replying to this or reach out to me via the above contact. Thank you.
  5. I was there....fair turnout for the norm...however...the problem is that with close to 80000 people that own firearms in the vicinity of Harrisburg and less than 500 showup that shows a lack of commitment from gun owners to protect their rights and empowers certain politicians to vote against us. We have had strong pro 2a politicians but still they vote against us regardless of what they promise. I have heard them outright lie (Ryan Aument promised to always vote pro 2a yet vote 100% for all new gun control legislation) It's really a joke on us to keep believing that they support our cause. Sadly...the only thing that will straighten this out is something no one wants to think about. We need to be organized.
  6. Hey NJCM...how is the comms network going...it is slow build here in PA. Lots of groups but it is hard to get them to reply...any suggestions? 

    1. NJCM


      We are getting there. Last month we got the majority their fcc license. We are working on a mobile base and are  getting close to finishing our connect  top to bottom Nj. What militias are you trying to get in touch with, I may be able to help

    2. Harrold2


      At work right now. I can shoot you a list tomorrow. However if you have any contacts please shoot them to me. I am also at kti001@tutanota.com if you want to keep it secure. Thanks 



    3. Harrold2


      I am trying to get in touch with III% liberty Defenders, Pennsylvania light foot, Pennsylvania State Militia, Oathkeepers National (Pennsylvania Chapter), and Southeast PA militia....If you have any contacts with these groups let me know. Thanks

  7. We are attempting to build a comms network for militia and patriot groups in PA. This would consist of communications checkin and alerts if necessary. This idea is in its infancy. If you are an interested group please have your CO and/or their comms specialist contact me through this site or at kti001@tutanota.com. After we make contact, we can discuss the particulars. If you are an individual interested in similar ideas and are not affiliated with another group please contact Chad Liguori at PA Oath Keepers and join us. We welcome all. Thank you for your time. We will reply ASAP.
My Militia site is designed to facilitate an ever growing network of american patriots, those of us engaged in activities contrary to prevailing opinion understand the risks that come with conversing on popular social media platforms. We oversee a significant share of public thought relating to militias to thousands of individuals everyday, This is a lot of responsibility... to remain the most trusted platform where militia ideas and information are exchanged, We proudly proclaim as the de facto authority in everything relating to militias, arbitrating a worldwide exchange of information as well as overseeing the security of the individuals and units who entrust their ideas, work, and private data to our platform. That this mandates a certain responsibility and assurance of good faith, transparency, and due process. As a voluntary user of and contributor to My Militia, such responsibilities will never be betrayed or reneged upon to the detriment of yourself or our community. Common decency demands that we remain vigilant as a trusted force among our people, and for these reasons we will never stand alone and hereby decree that for as long as we stand, so will our site, and if we shall fall, the last of us will purge it from existence.

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