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  1. Just did a name change for personal reasons.

    1. Courage777


      Yeah its not good to have your real name posted

    2. fixer


      glad you figured out how to do it i thought i had the feature turned on for vips but have not tested

  2. If you would like comms support...bring a couple BAOFENGS and we can get you in the right direction. Just let me know
  3. We are trying to establish comms network back to pa and beyond. We have a couple points of contact that are already in VA and some going. If you are interested in tapping into it private message me so that I can direct you to the correct people. Just to be safe.
  4. Follow this link and petition for 2A sanctuary status for your county! https://gunowners.org/pa-saso/
  5. Follow this link and petition for 2A sanctuary status for your county! https://gunowners.org/pa-saso/
  6. It has been a good thing in a way. People in PA are now petitioning for 2A sanctuary counties.
  7. Can anyone confirm this? https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-12-19-virginia-dems-to-unleash-martial-law-attack-on-2a-counties-using-roadblocks.html
  8. Yes, you can monitor frequencies but not transmit. You are legally allowed to transmit if you or anyone around you needs assistance (emergency type). Also in shtf scenario, do whatever you need to.
  9. It's best to begin procuring hardware piece meal so that it reduces any cost burden. If you dont already have a list of equipment...please ask him for one.
  10. He told he made contact with 2 people. Use the various method he suggests. They work in tandem to teach you how to troubleshoot problems in real time.
  11. We are looking for HF operators that will be attending Richmond. we would like to establish a network that we can monitor here in PA for the safety of citizens in case they are cut off from comms and basic needs. If you are that person or know someone who can be direct message me so that we can prepare
  12. We have heard this in PA as well. I would suggest if you are going to VA, use your comms officer or link up with a group with comms capability that can access information and transmit information outside of your AO.
  13. I believe you are correct in this assessment. the officer Corp for the most part will obey their orders. It will be the enlisted and NCO corp that will decide how they will respond. This is speaking about the army only as that is all that I know. I have been both enlisted and officer.
  14. Are there any groups from PA going to the Richmond rally on 1/20?
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