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  1. Delete me! I'll handle my business on my own. As I have no idea what you're talking about as far as being contacted several times about meeting. All I know is I posted about meeting before it got to the point it has now and not one of you replied. It's sad that this is what it's taken to get anyone to even give two REAL SHITS. This bullshit could be seem by a blind man and heard by a deaf man year's ago but those with eyes and ears have been deaf and blind to the reality we're facing now.
  2. I no longer get this site. Seems fucked. Everyone is a goddamn key board warrior. Last time I posted about meeting up no one of you cowards even replied! Wtf is the point! Everyone here is too scared to meet! Your better off finding some street Patriots or even someone off Craigslist that's not a coward keyboard warrior. So my militia my ass! More like my keyboard malitia wannabes but you are too busy playing fucking call of duty or some shit like that! I'm out! Fucking remove me!
  3. checking in from my Bigalow hunkered down 5:5
  4. I hope not. Be sure to vitamin up and take lots of vitamin C. Bulk suppliments is a great resource. Their products are clean and high quality. I'm in that high risk area myself and I'm doing all I can to keep myself healthy. So far so good.
  5. They have confysome in my country as well. My personal quarentine zone is free of covid-19 is what I was talking about. I'm pretty sure the shits everywhere at this point. I'm enjoying the quiet from everyone staying inside right now. Making the best of it. It is a bit Erie out on my patio three stores up there is usually movement and chatter and it's all quite right now.
  6. Checking in from my own quarentine Covid-19 Free zone 1 JoCo
  7. Not telling what I have but yeah I'm good for 30
  8. Cheryl Johns

    Cheryl Johns

  9. How about my area 913 or 816 I'm in 913 but 816 is close by
  10. Is there anybody in my area JoCo or near by surrounding area that can help me out doing some work on my car? Mainly I need to install some wiring for my cooling fans before the weather gets too hot to drive. My plan is to install an inverter that I already have and am in the process of soldering the wires into it. I'd also like to replace my bumper. I have the parts and tools just need someone to help that has some knowledge of Cooling fan wiring.

  11. Here and I agree we need to get serious and do some training. The Constitution says a well regulated militia. We aren't well or regulated. That's the problem in Virginia and exactly what needs to change. I know alot of what keeps us apart is distance and the way we've been taxed to the point that alot of us are just getting by. We have to lead the way before our so called government accomplishes what they already have in motion against us all. We all have trust issues to over come because of these Traitors and some personal issues. We have to get past all that and Train, they only way to do it is to Train together and grow our trust but if we never do all I can say is God help us all because we're Fucked!
  12. Just Google Headlines with a voice.com. or the same without the dot com on YouTube. I'm no good at adding Link's.
  13. Check out Headlines with a voice dot com. There's a very interesting article about the plot.
  14. I am in Miami County. Renting a van. Will be driving to the 2nd ammendment rally in Richmond. I have a few seats available for those willing to share the costs. No felons! No loose cannons! Message me if your interested.

    1. Cheryl Johns

      Cheryl Johns

      Thank you Matthew., I'd love to go. Don't know if I can afford the cost tho.  I have some repairs to do to my vehicle.  Plz keep me in the loop if there are others that are able to help out and reduce the cost I maybe able to find a way


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