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  1. Hi Brian, I'm located in the Northern Marinette County,  Niagara area.  I'm glad I found ya Brother, and I like what you've done for this world, absolutely selfless, you have my respect.  I was 21 years Air Force.  Attached to the 10th Mountain in Afghanistan, Convoy Duty in Iraq from Baghdad International, to the Obugraib Prison, and back.  I have the full fireteam compliment starting with the Bushmaster 50 BMG, on down.  Maybe we could get together at a range, shoot, and talk.  Hit me up Brother.

  2. I see you are in Kapt Karls territory.  Do you know him?


  3. I guess my experience not needed here. Only commentators here
  4. I thought this was a real place not commentators
  5. Didn’t know what to expect. Did it. Took a break from it and did it again. And it’s much easier fighting without 100 diff rules of engagement.
  6. When I signed up it was infantry. Just wanted to fight. After basic I was sent directly to the front. My choice
  7. Lost some close friends in unnessary ways. Didn’t agree with how things went down
  8. Between 99 and 2015. And why ,,well because I could dropped out of army. Thought I had enough. But then opportunity came up. So I took it once u have its hard to live normal. So I went where I belonged at the time
  9. I went back to fight on my own as a civilian , no pay. Just my pocket. And was sponsored by Kurdistan/peshmerga
  10. Hi my name is Brian. From northeast Wisconsin near Oconto. Marionette , looking to train with yous all and my family and are rights I am ex military. I have training and honor. Looking for a purpose

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