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  1. I recommend you all look into Mike Gloverโ€™s (owner of Fieldcraft Survival) group called American Contingency. Strong presence nationwide. https://americancontingency.locals.com / very healthy Phoenix group.
  2. I am based in Chandler. I saw this statistic and wanted to share.
  3. I am a member so any of the member only classes I can bring you as a guest which gives you the member price of $50 per class. I have taken it many times but it is still great and many of the more experienced guys do the same to work fundamentals. That is the combat pistol and rifle class. I plan to take the upcoming ones but not sure which one I will but lets see if we can take one together. I look forward to meeting. I will send you my contact info so we can connect in advance.
  4. Most every class includes doing medical in class (applying tournaquets and etc). All classes are with full kit or close to it. You can contact Mike Simpson through his website and ask when next TCCC class will be.
  5. I train with a very solid group called Mauraders. Mike Simpson is owner. I have taken their TCCC medical classes but set up in real life scenarios with tactical training. Here is list of their upcoming classes: https://www.aztacticaladventures.com/schedule Maybe we can take a class together. Let me know your interest.
  6. My comment was more about next steps to connect, train or do nothing? What was the point of forming the area code militias?
  7. With only 6 members in 480 what are next steps if any?
  8. The some of the guys from group I was in in OR went to Baker, OR.
  9. They are coming for our guns in Arizona. 12 liberal Democrats have submitted another overreaching gun bill in Arizona! SB 1625. We need to fight this hard!!!
  10. I didnโ€™t hear of any altercations at Lobby Day in Richmond. Anyone hear of approximately how many Patriots attended?
  11. Anvil, Thank you for reaching out and I am interested in you group. It appears you have a unique concept. I live in Chandler, AZ. How many members are in AZ in your group? Where do you train? Any chance of meeting in person to discuss further? Have a great week.

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