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  1. I think Flynn is Q. That is my opinion. What do you make of red October? I also know Q has said get prepared in September in preparation for October.
  2. I have been following A since the start. I am proud to say that. When the inducements begin it will be one of the great days in American history. WWG1WGA.
  3. How is the camping in the upstate? Do they have good sites?
  4. Anyone still looking for a militia to join message me. Thanks
  5. I see u live in Conway also I live out next tractor supply good morning.would like to meet and talk

    1. Jason M

      Jason M

      It's me Jason pedigo. I deleted the other account and made this one. Give me a call whenever so we can get this going. Have a great day.

  6. I believe that there are militias close just have to find them. If not then will look into it.

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