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  1. How is the camping in the upstate? Do they have good sites?
  2. Anyone still looking for a militia to join message me. Thanks
  3. I see u live in Conway also I live out next tractor supply good morning.would like to meet and talk

    1. Jason M

      Jason M

      It's me Jason pedigo. I deleted the other account and made this one. Give me a call whenever so we can get this going. Have a great day.

  4. I believe that there are militias close just have to find them. If not then will look into it.
  5. South Carolina Militia Guard. This militia is not under orders of the Governor. Can be found on facebook
  6. I am a retired fire fighter paramedic. Loved it U know how stressful paramedic school was. I have started a thread on here for an active updated militias that I can find.
  7. This is a list that I can find in Sc. I have been on facebook . But most militias are not active there. So I am trying to come up with active militias in st by there locations. My hope is that it will make it easier for people to find a militia close to them. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you

  8. 63rd Bn. South Carolina Light Foot Militia. Can be found on Facebook.

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