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  1. This is our public page. Used for general information and recruiting. We assume that those here are patriots and wish to join us for training. Any questions feel free to ask or email us at northazmilitia@gmail.com
  2. where did you move to AZ has a lot of realestate
  3. this is the info on an FTX and Leadership council meeting for Operation Braveheart scheduled for may 18, 19 and 20 This year,we want to expand upon that success and try something ambitious.We are extending an invitation to all groups,and all the contacts that I can muster to try and get everyone together for a leadership summit. The question I am most frequently asked as an Emcomms operator is "How do I make contact or connect with others? And how do I know whom I cantrust?" There are several good answers to that question. The easiest is that there are communication protocols in place that assist you in doing just that! The second answer is to during the good times it's best to get you know your brothers and sisters,so that in bad times you already know who to reach out to. Yavapai County Oathkeepers will be giving a presentation on the AmRRON CH3 project as well as showcasing the The EmComms ability we have achieved. This event will be geared towards putting a face and a smile to all those voices on the radio and behind all those emails! We would like for you to bring your groups and we are asking for volunteers to present on various subjects. Is there something your group excels at and you are proud of? We'd love to have you give a presentation of your skills and share ideas. It's time to move away from the "product" of prepping and begin falling in love with the "process". You can have all the latest and greatest gear,but you really need to get out and use it and determine what is right for you! Additionally,I hope we all realize that we are part of a greater community and that we have to start by making sure that we are prepared,our families and loved ones are taken care of and only then can we be true assets to our communities. This is the next step bringing this far flung Arizona community together. This event will be held in the Prescott area (it's likely it will be the Powell Springs campground). I've enlisted Ray Kolman's help (as usual) due to his amazing organization skills and realizing that there is no way do try and do this alone. Feel free to contact myself or Ray with any questions,comments,ideas,ridicule or general rude comments! We welcome them all! We've got 6 weeks to put this together folks (and I know some of you guys are ready to roll in less than 6 mins!). Let's make this happen and make it an event to remember. You can reach Ray at pvoathkeepers@gamil.com You can reach Pete at KG7VQS@gmail.com
  4. Capt Sailor Northern AZ Militia in Mohave County. Always looking for quality members
  5. Avoid Arizona State Militia. Their CO hangs out at the fed building.

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