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  1. our sheriff claims he won't enforce the EO anymore. I like the guy. He is affable, but knowing he broke his word to me, I do Not trust him
  2. I think it is why we have the Second Amendment to begin with. Our founders had just got through fighting a war with a tyrant. Politicians need to remember they are elected representatives and not leaders. They also need to remember that executive orders are not laws, regardless what douchey says
  3. lots of places to go around here. Mohave county is very unique. We not only train in weapons, but sustainability, medical...all sorts of stuff
  4. I know some patriots down that way. if you are interested send me a message with your contact info and I can pass it along to them
  5. I was given ownership of the 928 area. It is so large we may want to have others help me. Capt Sailor
  6. I was part of ASM for a few months. I was actually the Battalion Commander when Reaper and Neptune ran the show. I came in with my own unit. We had issues on how things were run and left. ASM started motherfucking me. Our unit is the oldest in Mohave County Guess we know what we are doing
  7. Rick Armstrong

    Rick Armstrong

  8. Welcome. What part of the State are ya from?
  9. I would be willing to help with 928 area code but recommend it be split into 3 sections
  10. I actually tried that a few years ago. Any help you need I can try and help out
  11. we should also be training together and using alternate comms. How about a statewide FTX? I know of a few places we can use for a large group, but they are local. Might have access to one in Williams area as well
  12. i am all for it, but not all militias are the same. We vote in our officers annually. We don't tolerate a lot of the shenanigans that some do as well. We will work with all militias though. How do you want to do it?
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