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  1. I like chat windows, but are we active enough for a chat window. HAte to waste a resource
  2. I am on a facebook page and people keep asking about units in the Maricopa area. Can you guys help them? https://www.facebook.com/groups/870245270131990/873695149787002/?comment_id=906028479887002&notif_id=1596145688267273&notif_t=group_comment_follow&ref=notif
  3. we are going to a gun show, why would we not bring weapons?
  4. we are having a training open to the public on 25 Jul 20 . meeting at 0800 at corner of HWY 68 and Estrella to caravan to the site. Anyone interested let me know
  5. I am down for it. May want to plan a weekend get together. I could have a lead on a place near here. Someones ranch between 93 and seligman
  6. It was great meeting yall. Thank you for coming up. We mean it, that if you need us call us
  7. Kingman, AZ. The heart of RT66 had a very peaceful demonstration for 3 days. Not looting or rioting. Patriots and protesters got along fabulously. This should be the model for how it is done. Police from several agencies were there and appreciated the militias that came. We call our selves Patriots and Constitutionalist. We showed that even though our ideology is different, we supported their right to peaceful assembly and they supported ours.
  8. zero issues for 2 days now. All the businesses have armed citizens and there were 2 militias and a ton of patriots inter mingling with the protesters. very nice to see that both sides respected each other. They check on us, we checked on them. No rioting or anything. I am happy to report it has been very cordial so far these are 2 interviews I did. Guess they know I am the militia commander
  9. Protest is over everyone went home. Be tomorrow
  10. I am willing to help anyway I can on the 5th and 6th  . 

    1. Rick "Sailor" Armstrong

      Rick "Sailor" Armstrong

      Thank you see you there


  11. I am just over the pass from you in Golden Valley. Hit me up sometime. We train the last Saturday of each month
  12. I am 4 hours north of Phoenix
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