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  1. If you look close there is not a gray hair on BO yet....meaning the swooning crowd hasn’t figured out what a looser he really is at this early stage. We all know now though don’t we!
  2. Hi Texan, My intent was to thank you for the link, good stuff. I am new to this site and still working out navigating it. I noticed I inadvertently resent your content somehow, my apologies!
  3. Excuse me if this has been recommended already and I failed to see it but WOW! Everyone who shares our Love of this country, our Constitution and our Freedom needs to see this and share it with someone that hasn’t....Please!! “Revelation Dawn of Global Government” https://oathkeepers.org/2018/08/have-you-seen-the-movie-revelation-its-free-thru-sept-2/
  4. I read Ted Kennedy and John McCain died on the same exact date of the same type of cancer. I’ll withhold the rest of my comment. Neither one had an ounce of my respect.
  5. Randy Weaver and members of his family were absolutely murdered by a tyrannical government. This same type of assault has occurred more recently too. Let us not forget Lavoy Finicum and his sacrifice to stand against tyranny. YouTube has some chilling video by the family inside their truck when they were ambushed. Why was this not more widely reported by the national media? We all know the answer to that one! Most people have never heard of him or his fate. He stood and fell for all of us who believe in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. RIP Lavoy.
  6. In the District of Columbia vs Heller did the SCOTUS decide on too narrow of a point of view or, along with the 2nd Amendment, confirm that right. A compelling view point in the following article. They banned them in Great Britain and we all know how the left seems to fawn over the European model. https://www.alloutdoor.com/2018/08/23/knives-second-amendment/?utm_source=Contextly&utm_medium=ChannelEmail&utm_campaign=Legal+Issues&utm_content=Notification
  7. Besides the 3 year prison sentence they should be fined 8.1 million dollars to “boot” (pun intended). How low down can some people get. This is how the US Justice Department should function. With all the recent negative publicity (deservedly earned) they scored a reputation saving homerun here! Good job!
  8. Couldnt agree more, he is so calm and intelligent no matter what radical leftist he’s interviewing. I hope he travels with armed guards though, I fear for his safety after that film. He placed a lot of spotlight on some really bad people. The Clinton hit list is long.
  9. Just saw Dinesh D’Souza’s “Death of a Nation” and Trevor Loudon’s “The Enemies Within” this weekend. Amazing documentaries that confirm what you should already know and will shake you to your core if you don’t, but does it in very dramatic fashion. Very well done! You know they’re great when the fake news and Hollyweird reviews call it fake history. If they would ever bother to learn a bit of history maybe we wouldn’t be threatened to repeat it. Nothing new under the sun as they say.
  10. You are exactly right. I’m a life long resident of Minnesota and the Land of Loons continues to lead the news as the “WTF did they just do now” state , ie: Keith Ellison as possible AG??...WTF!! Ellison bought and paid for by the American Socialist Party and the Muslim Brotherhood with direct ties to Louis Farrakhan. Our miserable public school systems and liberal colleges and universities are overrun with Progressive Socialists turning our kids into little Comrades, or as Lenin called them “Useful Idiots” When civics, American and World history and economics are not taught and God is taken totally out of the equation what more could be expected. When polled, the vast Majority of this state and country identity as Conservative yet less than 50% of eligible voters take it seriously enough to get out and stop this madness. You know damn well the enemy organizes and gets the vote out. That’s how these “Enemies Within” are destroying our State and our Republic. (A must see documentary is Trevor London’s “Enemies Within”) No matter what state your from one or more of your Senators and House members are called out and listed.

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