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  2. If we train properly, the extreme from both sides will do most of the work for us. Let them wipe each other out. Each state needs to know where the financial support for antifa comes from. Know who and where they are. Know if you have redneck revolt, new black panther.....groups. Intel withing groups is important. Take it seriously now so you aren’t caught with your pants down later. Know rally points, exit strategy within and outside of your state. Know where your members live and coordinate accordingly. Make sure each member knows where the other is. Comms get set with common freqs. LightFoot has a national list that we all follow. Don’t wish for war but prepare for it. We may be called tin foil hat groups, but I’ll wear my tinfoil knowing my family and Militia family is ready just in case
  3. Already in the works. The philly rally tomorrow is going to give a good idea of what to expect. Antifa and the proud boys are going to hit each other hard from what we are gathering. We will be watching for intel to identify antifa and hoping to put name/face to leaders.
  4. I should add that medical training is also at the top of our list. As it should be with every group. Learning to save your brothers life....priceless
  5. ive crossed many right wing Militia and to me, they are just as bad as the left. They lean towards a racial tone where the far left leans towards (actually dives towards) socialism. I consider NJLF middle extreme. We, like most groups here, are Constitutionalists. And train to rain holy hell down on those that seek to take away the principles our country is founded on should shtf. In many ways it already has and will only take a spark to change the threat level that chamges our course. If it ever goes south, it will be the Constitutionals with enemies on both sides. Keep your groups tight and train hard. We train not only with firearms and hand to hand but also how to take a beating if forcefully questioned. I have no desire for war or fighting but it is coming. It’s inevitable if we decide to carry the burden of it so our children don’t have to. I see what has affected our country much like a rabies epidemic. There is only one way to deal with rabies.
  6. https://njlightfootmilitia.com/ fakebook link doesn’t work. Use the contact email if you are interested in being interviewed
  7. Good morning Mike. That’s exactly where it starts. Love for country and a willingness to say ‘if not me then who?’ Our forefathers sacrificed everything for this country’s foundation. They wrote the Constitution because they had just finished a war with a tyrannical govt. They knew we needed a timeless, no need to interpret document because they evil they faced would return.
  8. Been a while since I’ve posted. My apologies. NJLF is alive and well! We are celebrating our first year on the 12th of this month! We’ve grown in a very secure and healthy way with some of the most amazing Patriots! At present we have a private range/training and meeting place that we’ve had some excellent ftx meets at. Top notch medical training, bushcraft, firearms, hand to hand, comms....looking forward to the coming year!
  9. If you are an active militia be sure your Leo remain secret squirrels. They will lose their jobs and more if found to be a Militia member
  10. I highly recommend New York Light Foot Militia. Outstanding group of men and women there.
  11. Hi Dave. My apologies for the time lapse.  The past months have kept NJLF busy with training amongst other things.  Me, not being a social media frequenter, nor a fan of the internet keeps me away quite a bit.  

    If you are still interested please reach out to me by phone. Send a text first please as I don’t answer unknown numbers. Thanks, Len 609-402-8355

  12. Great day today Sir!!!! Loved the Training!!!

    1. ThreeperLen


      Been a while since I’ve been here. My apologies as NJLF has kept me very busy. Yes! Awesome training indeed! October is going to see a great ftx. Looking forward to it!⚔️??????⚔️

    2. ThreeperLen
    3. ThreeperLen
  13. Seeking contact with NJLF.  Suggested site http://njlightfootmilitia.com/ appears to be down or under construction.  At that location SiteBuilder.com says

    "Oops! There's no website here at the moment.

    Look’s like someone has built a website with SiteBuilder but there’s an issue with their account.
    If you are the site owner, login to reactivate your website."


    1. ThreeperLen


      Thanks for the heads up. This has been an ongoing issue with them.  I’m in the process of finding someone to build a site for us.

    2. ThreeperLen


      our .com is fixed and we are back online!


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