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  1. Looking forward to a great summer! Preaching the Constitution across the state!
  2. Beautiful first day at the Patriot Summit. Don’t know why it reposted above
  3. Great topic! It’s sad that so many are afraid of the “M” word. NJLF was founded out of the Charlottesville incident. At the time, I was III% Nj chaplain and went to Cville. The sht storm that fell on 32 of us that were there was ridiculous. Not only were we betrayed by LEO, we had very little support from our brother and sister Patriots. I knew nothing of Militia until I showed up in Gettysburg in ‘17. I had just had rods put in my back and heard there was gonna be desecration of grave stones and statues by antifa. Told my wife I had to go. There I met Virginia minute men, they took me down the hill and holy Wow! Over 200 Militia came into view. I went to gburg, just me and my cane. I left a changed person, my life would never be the same.
  4. With hundreds of thousands of gun owners in NJ, it’s sad that we can’t get 10-20k to show
  5. If 1200 showed in Trenton for last Monday’s rally, there better be 3000 on a Saturday. I believe buses will be at some of the gun shops and ranges this time as well
  6. On the 14th, every capital will be visited in protest against taking away our 2A rights. Please join us.
  7. If you are interested in meeting some of the state militia teams, be in Trenton on the 14th at 2pm at the memorial. 2A Rallies will be held in every capital on Saturday.
  8. I’ll be in touch. I’m CO of NJ Light Foot Militia. We are from the bottom to top of Nj. I reside in cape May.

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