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  1. Look up Facebook 2nd Amendment Militia of Missouri There you will also see the website
  2. Look up www.4172ndAmendmentMilitiaofMissouri.com

    Facebook and Instagram 

    Using the same as above.

    1. LI BANDIT


       Gentlemen,  I am forwarding This Message to encourage The Members of Your Rank and File to consider Communications with other Mutual Assistance Units in the U.S.  Protocols for The Means and Method of Communications will have to be hashed out by The Respective Commands,however, should be done given The Current "Sitrep" here in The U.S.

  3. Hi we have goup doing training in different places around the area. HQ based outside Buffalo Missouri. 

  4. For those in Springfield, Buffalo, Bolivar, Lebanon, and area look here at Facebook 4172ndAmendmentMilitiaofMissouri as an option.
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