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  1. AAnd why there should be one in our country! Not one all Mosques must go!Ammo Depots all! Time that something was done!
  2. Yano i have seen so many people here stomping there feet as well as giving proper arguments and both sensable of course just ones opinion is a rah and thought thru one and others are just alarming in nature and or passionately spoken...To be honest Islam is not a Religion people.If you look at what it dose and how its ran its a Government system and basically the new Nazi party Xs10....on steroids.....Those that do not attack up support those that do.Basically spoken from the mouths of people that have converted away from Islam and are no longer Moslems have told us that maybe 2 to 5% of all Muslems are Action true Muslims.They do not believe in killing an basically believe in the true faith of GODS word not Allah.They believe Allah is GOD and that Muhammed was his messenger.Its was Allah that was the original Messenger of GODS word but it was warped by Muhammed which was upset that he was not choosen to lead the people upon Allahs passing.Since so few knew or met Allah it was easy for Muhammed to rake over and warp Islam into what it is today with the help and boost of the Nazi's during and even after WWII when roughly 50% of the war criminals fled to the Middle east.!the rest fleeing to mostly South American and Brazil and Argentina so you get the picture.The Nazi's taught the Muslems well in the tactics and type of warfare they rage against us now.if they ever grew large enough and received the proper training and then those that have no balls would ever grow a pair they would be a force to worry about! In any case the Msulems here today that would illegally brought into our country by Obama and the Clinton's as well as Obama's entire Admin which all should be behind bars did this to us all.Brought the enemy to our door steps!!!We can talk about this problem until we are blue n the face but until someone is ready to commit to action to get them removed and Deported in Mass then its only going to get worst and turn this country into a middle eastern style shithole!The way they blend back into any population in mins and cant be found in most cases after committing a mass murder or worse we are in great danger.There are far more mass shootings then is being televised due to censorship!Wake up my fellow Patriots we ALL need to commit to action and final force the issue to have them removed by what ever legal means we can muster.....for now!!!I will never submit and id rather force the issue now so that if any kind of conflict arises by this that its me that must support that defense of our nation from within and not my children or future grandchildren!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!! and the Light Foot!!!
  3. But the facts are is that most courts are not following our Constitutional laws!The judges have been told by there Governors to be lacked in sentencing and in some cases drop charges altogether.These are drug deals,child trafficers,and Gang members.All the types by our Laws must go!!!The promises President Trump maid to show us Justice is moving along like honey on a hot summer day!Its time something is done with the criminals in our Gov. and other places while hes still in his 1st term!My Biggest question is will all of us Patriots be fully Prepared in the yer 2024?? Thats when all will be on edge!!!!
  4. Well they may want it in there county or city but Islam was Banned in 1952,and there was some work done to it in the 80s or 90s so it may have changed but at the same time this is a group of people that want to over throw our Government so that right there exempts them from becoming Citizens and or collecting any type of handouts at all.They should b e DEPORTED! Period!They have not come here to Assimilate but over run and take over our Nation! One day soon i hope so that im young enough to stand up for my country and make sure its free befor i pass for my Children and there kids!!!I will never submit but if its going to happen i hope it soon! Id rather nothing happen at all but thats a big bucket of hope!
  5. Ok i need it for long duration ops and bug out.Want a good pack it dosnt have to be brand new but durable and water proof and or heavily water resistant.I have a fram but if it comes with a frame im willing to haggle.If your not at least a bit flexible in the price then maybe im not the right guy to sell your stuff too?Im on a tight budget have some medical bills and doing this on a shoestring but at the same time not totally broke.Just a bit tight! lol something along these lines with extra rifle and pistol mag pouches or i think the top three may be clip pouches to reload AR mags?I have butt packs and a other sling pouches and accessories to put on so a medium to large would be great? https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/us-military-surplus-alice-pack-new?a=2080418
  6. well our group even though most if not all dont like it support people on both sides of the fence at any and all gatherings that we are called upon to either run security on or support at any rally.We 'are' Constitutionalists thru and thru!
  7. well id hav e to admit i can walk forever but running isnt the best thing....lol im trying to quit smking as we speak.Gavnt had one in about 24hrs lol not easy im chewing my nails and may have to get some skol or dip or something?lol
  8. 1st let me know what your handle is on youtube? Is it the same let_freedom_ring handle? 2nd i know what is happening in Europe today and its already starting here in the U.S.!!! Little Bagdad and other cities and even counties in different Sanctuary and non-sanctuary state alike!!!most of it is happening in Sanctuary states/cities/counties and yes there are counties that are sanctuary's while the rest of the state is red.This is how the Muslems slowly take over a state or area in any state or country is by slowly moving in more and more of there Islamic Patriots.Islam is not a religion or cult but a form of radical Government and 'is' the new Nazi Party!!!!
  9. Damn so i guess i should quit the Militia i joined?lol i am 53rs old and still not yet too old to fight i am a construction worker and always ready to defend my family,country and flag! I would fight to the death if need be with my brothers and sisters to ensure this country stays safe and free for all!So to say 17to45 is a bit too low! People over 45yrs old can still fight
  10. There are no muslems that would be considered moderate ones!There are muslems that would attack innocent people ,men/women/children and then there are Muslems that would support those that attack men/women and Children! Period!Thank back to when Islam was created which was only 1400yrs ago roughly and well after 'all'other religions have been faithfully practicing there beliefs!They would use there so called faith or GOD to attack all other peoples and enslave or murder then for there goods as they are too lazy or feel that everyone else owes them something.....They leech off of other peoples and say its there law......not there religious beliefs!!!They have now taken or stolen land from Israel more then just a few times with promises of peace then after they have settled said lands start up hostilities immediately once again! They can never be trusted and they should not be on American soil! Its the Law and has been since 1952!!!!
  11. I have preached this for years now! They can lie to there own as well as long as its to propagate Islam!!! This is one of the many reasons Islam has been Banned from even being on American soil much less become citizens of our great country!!!Yet the Obama's and Clinton's as well as there entire Admin brought them into our country on the Tax Payers dime and yet even though they ALL broke our Constitutional Laws they walk freely among us!?! They all should be in Prison while quite a few should be swinging from ropes for TREASON for bringing our enemies to our front door step!!!!
  12. I recently purchased a Glock19Gen4 and since our Communist Governor Murphy of N.J. lowered the mag capacity down from 15 to 10,the dealer i purchased my Glock at hadnt pinned the mags yet.So all they could do is give me after market mags off the shelf.....not very happy with them and am really looking for factory Glock mags?They must be 10rounders though of course! :>/ I have found them brand new as low as 15.95 and im hoping to find some even cheaper here?So if anyone has spare mags or just so many they dont need them all i would be grateful if you contact me here?thanks
  13. Yeah i have seen this one more then once and done in a few different ways and formats.One of the reason we need to mass DEPORT them all!Since its against our Constitutional law that they shouldnt even be on American soil i would say no matter how they got here they need to go and those that helped them or allowed them to enter our country should be swinging by ropes or in prison for the rest of there lives for TREASON for bringing the cultural enemy to our door step!!!Once day in the "near" future we are going to have a confrontation with them and those of Antifa and the BLM that all think they are equals with the Muslems!!!And no its not spelled wrong,being spelled as "Muslems" look up the meaning of the word in there language and you will see why i spell it that way!Its almost time for a Shit Storm and even though we wont start it we must finish it!!!We must protect our selves and families as well as any other Americans that wont be able to protect them selves!When the Muslems are done with the Radical left and no longer need or want there help,thats when the far left will see what they have done to all of us!!! I for one will never submit!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! Never Allah the false god!!!
  14. All i can say is that WE THE PEOPLE must stand up to the Communists in our country and Government! They have already joined forces with Islam of which have been banned from even being on American soil much less become citizens and they have been pushing Patriots as hard as they can to start civil unrest!I joined a Militia in my State,and you should as well.,because i was tired of seeing Liberals in our country and Government tearing it apart!If one day in the future this country falls down the rabbit hole then WE THE PEOPLE will be on the front lines as those in Deerfield and other over run places in our country already are! Gang tapes and murders have climbed to higher levels then ever befor due to the fact that Muslems will not assimilate to our culture and expect us to do so to there's!I for one as an American will NEVER submit to Islam and want to ensure this country remains the Free Republic it was meant to be!!! Its sad that this country has become a Democracy which is the stepping stone to Communism/Socialism,and we all know by looking at the life expectancy of people in these countries is very low compared to our own National average.Also by witnessing what has transpired in Venezuela and other parts of South America that Socialism and Communism is not the answer! Our Youth as well as young adults have been brain washed since there 1st year of school to believe in these doctrines and its time we woke them up!90% of the teachers in our country at all levels of education are one of this countries worst enemies!We trust them to not only educate but teach our children our American values while keeping religion out of our schools.(which i think is wrong to do)But what is worse is that they think its ok to teach them about Islam of all things while forcing Christianity out of all our children's minds!I pray our President keeps his promise to remove Islam from our country as it should be,since Islam has been banned via Constitutional Amendment since 1952!!! Which means Obama and the Clinton's as well as there entire Admin need to be arrested for TREASON! Bringing our enemies to our door step i feel is reason enough to put them at at the end of a rope!If not at the very least life in PRISON! Lets face it folks Islam has even infiltrated our Government and for a people illegally here have maid it into positions of power within our Government!WE THE PEOPLE are in mortal danger and the Liberals don't even see how there being used.If GOD forbid Islam ever gains power in our FREE country and they are done with the Liberals they will butcher them or if there are lucky enslave them until there usefulness is played out then put them out of there misery!May GOD have mercy on there souls,for they know not what they do!The marines are the only true protection our President has and after that WE THE PEOPLE are all that is left!We must step up and prepare to not only defend our President but our selves and families from the evil the liberals are bringing down upon us!!!GOD BLESS AMERICA and all Constitutional Militias!!!!

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