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  1. hey bro email me if you would like to get together for a coffee or a beer?Lets meet at least we are not far from each other at all?! my email is [email protected]

  2. This one really has me thinking about what truly is "freedom"? I live in one of the worst if not the worst states of the Union in COMMUNIST/New Jersey.We have had the laws forced upon us now being forced on Virginia for years now!Since the middle of the 1st term of Obama i decided,after several home invasions near my home i needed a forearm for home protection.When i finally purchased my 1st firearm i found it quite pleasing to shoot again since i hadnt picked up a firearm since i was in the Navy early on in my life.So now its not only a hobby but i felt the need to get a few more and teach my family how to shoot.Even if they dont care too i have got them all to at least fire them,so they know what to expect if they ever had to use it.Yet our states laws would imprison us if we were to ever use it!???If a person comes into my home with a knife or gun and i use my own to defend myself the stat of New Jersey would charge me with murder!!!Of course if anyone comes into my home uninvited they will be met with "force" no matter the cost to my freedoms if it means defending myself and family.After reading this and looking into our states firearms laws as well as federal laws i have been left wondering when it exactly was that the people gave up the freedoms they fought and died for too create this great Nation?With what i had read here i see that we all are subjects rather then citizens and the left as well as the right play puppeteers with us all! Whats worse is that i have to work so hard and long to pay for what i have (thanks to ever rising taxes) i cant devote enough time to train and be a part of a group on a regular basis,other then monthly meetings/training on a weekend....So of course the last group i was a part of released me after almost a year.I can really only train one weekend a month and for a lot of groups that isnt enough so do my best to train on my own.In any case this Read has changed my view of politics altogether and im left wondering where to go from here?Im in bum-fuc* New Jersey in extreme southern Cape May county and cant even find someone to shoot and train with?LOL so im left as a single Patriot/III% and no man is an island.great read though it was uplifting and foreboding all at once! Will change the way i do some things as well as what i stock up on!
  3. hey im trying to contact you again in hopes of finding a range partner? Contact me please so we can meet for a coffee or something?I live just south of the Villas! Email me would you? [email protected]

  4. BigMikeU


    GOD & COUNTRY forever and always!!!%
  5. BigMikeU


    This is absolutely my fav. one! It states what i say all the time i would rather die on my feet then ever live on my knees! May for ever and "only" may GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!%
  6. Well im in Lower twp. N.J. and looking for a place to practice some long range items and could really use a place with at least a few hundred yards that i can take my time and sight in several rifle scope and red dots as well as practice with a new precision long/bolt gun i have purchased to upgrade to an even more precision target toy.i have several long toys i have not had a chance to even shoot due to only having an indoor pistol range near me....i can travel up to an hour away now and then if anyone has or know of a safe place to shoot without worry?
  7. hey brother i use to be a part of the group it looks like your in im about a mile from ThreePerLen in the next neighborhood over.I havnt had the time for a while now and cant train much at all.Work and family keep me busy.Been looking for a place to train my long range skills but nothing near me?The gun club in town wants too much money and you cant do more then shotgun and pistol night on tuesdays.The only other place to practice is range 609 and just not more then a pistol range and maybe a 22.Plus id just rather not hit a paidrange where everyone can see what im shooting.lolyou know of any places?If you would be interested in getting together to do some practicing and know of a place we can.Len still has my number.Would be grateful and i pray every day for NJCM

  8. Well im in New Jersey and looking for a group in extreme south jersey?Cant really travel too far and its hard to make time if more then 30mins away.I get some time either saturday or sunday but if i know i need every sat or sun for training i can make it so.....im in Cape May county.
  9. Im just posting this to abide by the request of your site to post something since your updating?Im still looking for a group to join that dosnt expect regular meetings and training,and make it when i can?Family and work absolutely have to come 1st then the group unless an emergency comes up.I cant always make monthly meetings or all training sessions but will make as many as i can.I really need to find an outdoor range to practice my long range shooting skills?But i cant find any in cape may county?I would be fully committed but as i said i cant always make meetings.
  10. BigMikeU


  11. P.S. Len if you still have my personal Info please feel free to call me or if you dont mind id like to contact you this thrusday or friday for coffee if you have time?
  12. Well for me this is my 1st spring with the company and being maint. supervisor to get the 4 buildings ready to rent for the season then its weekends off.But i wont be able to get any time off other then sat. and sun. and hope that is enough and can do meetings and extra shit after hrs during the week at times.Daughter has moved out and shes almost done school and life may coast for a while im praying! lol save any emergencies i don't see an issues after April when the season is official for this part of the tourist industry.I have not stopped working on general gear and other stuff....a bit of training on weekends mostly just walking and cross country trails with a pack. I can do weekends in a couple of weeks really.still have a brace on one finger but ill live.Hope to see you guys soon?
  13. Yes i understand i was not involved as much as i should have been and my life at the time was quite chaotic(no pun intended).I did truly try my best at the time but wife and job did have to come 1st as you said.Now i feel with my job concerns delt with and the things family oriented that had to take a front seat are now taken care of.I really dont see anything that would get in the way now on the weekends.It would still be an issue to be there during the week unless it was a real emergency.Jobs arent always as flexible as we would like.Really right now the only issue i have is a few minor injuries that are just about all healed up from the crash.I do hope to see you all soon? i will contact the Col. and see when it would be good for me to step back in.doctors clearing me on next visit which it Friday.
  14. well i didnt mean it was a bad thing just sad as i was use to the groups name.i dont care abut the name either.I just want NJCM to be a great group or organization be a part of it!?!

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