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  1. Sam:  If you have not located an active unit yet, then you might consider checking out Texas State Militia on the M.M. site; they've got members all over Texas-not just Houston.   Max

  2. Sam,

    The URM has a very good sized unit located out of the Houston TX area.  If you are interested, please check out at site at www.URMilitia.com and/or contact us through www.URMilitia.com/contact

  3. hey gil. im sam down in houston. im looking for a group in the area. know of any private or volunteer groups in the area

  4. Hey fixer do you have any info on private or volunteer militia groups recruiting near the Houston area? With all the discussion amidst the country about further infringement on the rights of law abiding citizens I strongly feel the need to join in the defense of my rights and the rights of my fellow citizens and patriots.

    1. Joey Adair

      Joey Adair

      Sam, check us out.  www.tsmhouston.org. 

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