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  1. Semper Discens Hello I live in Gilmanton.
  2. Hello Semper Discens Can't give you the legal answer to your question. I do know most public land is not setup or ideal for it, i.e. no back stop in a cleared area. Most public land here consists of hiking trails and state parks and my guess is that shooting is not allowed. Best place in our state is private land, indoor ranges, or gun clubs. It would be great if the state had a public shooting range located in several parts of the state, if they did it would be very busy. PS: Welcome to the State of NH, (Live Free or Die)
  3. Fixer thank you for all you have accomplished in regards to this site, stay strong brother your a true Patriot, God bless you and God bless America. Josh thank you for stepping in and relieving Fixer, may God bless you and keep you well. Without a forum like this we would have a difficult time communicating and organizing across our great country. God knows we are probably going to need to.
  4. I agree we need a member with a good piece of land to get together at. I placed a post about doing that weeks ago no reply on it yet.
  5. Checking in still here and healthy. We really should work on getting together somewhere when this crisis subsides. Possibly come up with a central location.
  6. Checking in, hope everyone is staying healthy.
  7. Message out to all you NH Patriots what we need is a place to get together and have some great conversations. Preferably a place were we can do some shooting. Is there anyone who owns a large piece of land with a range? It will be difficult to do anything without a training area.
  8. It's good to have some sort of organization being implemented. I have been a supporter of the states militia idea for some time now but have felt we are in desperate need of organizing. The only way we can be affective in our states or nation as a whole is to be networked and organized with the right leadership making decisions and implementing what our actions will be. We need leaders that will make sound decisions that best support what the units need to focus on for any given situation.
  9. Hey Paul! Good to know there's local people around!

    1. Soldier


      Yup right here in Gilmanton. I have been hoping to find a group to train with but can't seem to locate any.


    2. Triton 37

      Triton 37

      Likewise. I guess two is better than none, eh?!

  10. Still here everyone and still looking for a Militia group.
  11. I am here and would still like to converse with someone about were I can participate in an active Militia. I am a retired active duty soldier very concerned with the direction our country is headed in. I am a very patriotic individual who believes in our constitution and our traditional American values.
  12. Soldier

    Paul Kiley

  13. I am interested in joining a NH local militia would like to speak with someone to obtain more information, please let me know who and how I can contact.

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