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  1. I'm also a member of Tactical Civics, Platte County Chapter founder, first NE Chapter. If there's anyone in NE willing to found a chapter in their County please contact me and I'll get you set up with the hq's. We are not looking to build numbers in a single chapter, we are focused on finding one person or two people to start a chapter in every County first before we grow our numbers so we can focus on the bigger picture here at Tactical Civics, the only full spectrum action plan to take back our country. Visit tacticalcivics.com to learn of our mission, action plan, and a archive of information/history. As of right now my chapter is the only one in NE. But close to 200 chapters all together across the country. 




  2. Tevis Palmer, Platte County NE Member of 3up. Looking for some like minded people to start a unit with.

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