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  1. Shannon, 

    Hope you all are safe and well


    David and Pat

  2. First it has been reported on the news that the National Guard in some major cities has been activated to help with the onslaught of virus cases. Regular First responders are getting overwhelmed and due to that many of them are catching the virus. They are doing the job of Police, and EMTs so regular police patrols can be maintained. The original video showed a rural crossing which are very common down here such as no crossing gates present. Look at the amount of bases with rail access on the west side of SC and NC. I suspect some of it is equipment coming back from deployments as when it returns comes in through FL and GA, I am 19 minutes from Joint Base Charleston, majority Air Force and Navy and mostly National Guard. On most any given day I can count anywhere from 6-10 Military transports fly over my house as they fly into the Base usually filled with those returning from being deployed and vehicles get loaded right onto trains next to the airfield. With all the military and ex-military in my neighborhood alone it would be easy to tell if something was about to start. at 64 years old I have enough sense than to panic. Same crap happened 2012 when Obama was POTUS and I worked on Tinker AFB and all the young militia members most who had never served were anti government and posted the same type things. Posting things like this on FB is just a way for some to get noticed in their couple of minutes fame.
  3. If you are not from SC and know nothing about routine traffic between military installation. Please refrain from posting things like this to create panic. It is people like you posting this type of false info that makes people think Real Militia Groups are not credible.
  4. Something definitely going on. They are a distributor where you can place orders and have sent to your local dealer. I don't remember this even happening during the Obama years and ammo was scarce. https://blog.galleryofguns.com/post/breaking-galleryofguns-com-purchases-suspended
  5. We are in the process of starting up a group here in the Low Country Area of South Carolina. One of our goals is to be a positive asset to our community and neighborhoods. While the 2nd Amendment is dear to our beliefs, in addition to making sure all members if they chose to learn safety procedures along with proficiency of their respective firearms. We also realize that due to we live in an urban environment which is where we plan on making urban training a priority. We also plan on having as many members as possible complete our County CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training as it is offered and also First Aid/CPR/AED Training. Our goal will to be able to assist any and all Emergency First Responders on as needed and or requested by local authorities during or after any natural or manmade disaster for the betterment of our community. We also realize due to some physical limitations that some may have we are going to try and make sure that if they want to contribute in some manner that they are able to, whether it be manning a base station to record information from our teams in the field and can relay said information to the appropriate First Responders. While I have the utmost respect for those that wish to do wilderness type training around the state, there are some that would not be able to participate for many reasons. Therefore our plan will possibly include either use of a solid color BDU's or even just a T-shirt identifying us as to what we belong to. Anyone in the Low Country Area of South Carolina may contact me here or at [email protected] for further information
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