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  1. do not repost the facebook staff intel

  2. Daniel facebook lawyers contacted us, you need to delete this information about facebook you have posted on your profile. we have 24 hrs to comply you rattled some cages here. we will hide the content. please do not react as if we are part of the problem here. we have to do what’s right. Do not repost this sort of intel. Not sure where the best place is to share it but not here. Thanks

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    2. fixer


      im surprised they have not already

    3. Daniel Roberts

      Daniel Roberts

      What is the name of the lawyer that contacted you ? 


    4. Daniel Roberts

      Daniel Roberts

      They are not facebook lawyers . They committed wire fraud if they proclaimed to be lawyers in any way fashion or form . 

  3. I am from the Jackson MS metro area. I am noticing that it is hard to find people close by .
  4. If there is anybody in the Jackson Mississippi metro area please contact me .


  5. We need to talk . You happen to be in a critical area of the country .

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    2. Brian D.

      Brian D.

      Cant call now but will do as soon as I can . 🤙

    3. Brian D.

      Brian D.

      Daniel , I tried to call you, but says phone number changed or is out of service. 

    4. Brian D.

      Brian D.

      Daniel , tried calling you on another number I found still cant get through. My number is 480-363-7282 give me a ring anytime after 8am before 4pm mon -fri , weekends I'm dispersed camping with family out of cell phone range usually .




  6. If there is anybody from the Phoenix AZ area please PM me .


  7. There is a man that seriously needs your help . Here is his profile , https://www.mymilitia.com/profile/5069-i3di/
  8. here is some cold hard truth .


    Screenshot 2019-06-27 at 22.26.21.png

    1. I3DI


      Yup.  That's the result of policies designed to destroy the family by these bozo's.  That's one of many issues, but it's a top one.  Justice is to be equal across the board.  Reality is, courts and government never belonged in family matters.  If I shared my story and what I am up against under it all, well, I feel your pain.  This is why we have to quit being divided, and start working towards a massive correction.  I admit, revenge and anger, they win wars.  But, when you fight with revenge, you are a murderer so that can't be the motivator.  Anger, only to win, but some how has to be dropped after the fight.  Right now, there must be a massive correction and fast, unfortunately nobody has a clear red line on what qualified as "Just Cause".  My opinions, and many others is to send a message, properly, but make sure you can back it to create the immense fear necessary to cause these lunatics, who have no spine to begin to run.  However, that is dangerous in that it can result in long term consequences, historical consequences.  Make no mistake, I know the pendulum has gone so far to the left that there is now enough people willing to make the massive correction, the question is how, and why.  Government is way out in the field, in areas never intended, family was a target to bring in poverty, and remove men who protect and their willingness because men have emotions to and weaponizing children, very effective.  Just realize, it's by design and I've been working over time to define this red line legally and and moving to organize and send a message, but limit the danger in doing so because I am no murderer, I am not in revenge business though I admit, I struggle with it over my children.  You must shut those feelings off and get behind "Just Cause" legally, then be willing to back it.   Word of note, "Just Cause" from a legal stand point, though it may be legal, it will be deemed illegal, these people have covered all the basis.  Anything right, will be wrong, you will be plastered a criminal even if it's right so there is no easy alternative except we all do it together and start drawing the lines in the sand, we crossed the REAL "Red Line" in 2018.

  9.       I have been watching this country go from good to worse when it comes to the issue of crime .  I have watched Black Lives Matter organize and threaten police officers . I have watched a city councilman ( Kenneth Stokes )  in Jackson Mississippi call for throwing rocks and bottles at the police . I have watched how these criminals have zero respect for the laws of this nation to having zero respect for anybody other than themselves , even then that is questionable . I have seen these criminals grow from a gang to terrorist organisations . 
     Now I sit here watching the news how the Gangster Disciples ( BGDN Black Gangster Disciple Nation ) call for the deaths of police officers . I wonder to myself ,   "How can I be in a militia and say nothing or  do nothing" ? How can we all just sit back and watch ?
    I ask you can any of you Three Percenters , Oath Keepers , Boots On Ground or even Light Foot Militias sit back and do nothing ? Say nothing ? For Gods sake we are the fucking MILITIA . It IS our obligation to stand tall and do something. What happened to all the support for Back the Blue , Blue Lives Matter or the Thin Blue Line  ? 
    If we sit here and do nothing now , I am afraid we will do nothing when the Liberal Democrats do abolish the 2nd Amendment. Its nut cutting time . Which side of history will you want to be remembered for ? 


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