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  1. If you have a cell phone hook it up to record a wide view in front of your vehicle. I suggest getting a steely this allows for you to mount your phone to the windshield of the car. Write down the tag numbers of the cars that are there before the poll opens. This way you have a list of who was working the polls. Empty cars are your main cars. Make sure your vehicle is angled to see any and all car tags that come and go as well as the front door of all persons. This will help with identification. At the end of the day follow the person that takes the votes to the county building for count. The law is clear . There are no stops to be made on the way to the count. Keep record of everything.
  2. Psalms 144;1 Blessed be the lord who is my rock and my strength, for he has strengthened my arms for war and trained my fingers for battle.
  3. I suggest a little bit of advice. If you want to do something that works lets go back to the basics of war. The number 1 thing in war is getting intel. You can track and find these ANTIFA BLM terrorists very easily. Use their own platform against them. They roam freely on facebook . They also show their likes . Example is to go to the enemies platform. Look at who liked the platform. You will come across real names many many times. It is then you pick a tango. You start searching down everything about your enemy. Likes, It will tell you very much about the persons region as to where they either lived or currently live such as their favorite team or restaurant. comments, That can help you pick apart the level of intelligence as to grammar or psychological way of thought. If you can get the name of the enemy. You can track the enemy. If you can track the enemy , you can destroy the enemy for they will have no place to hide. By removing their very safety of anonymity you have just won the very psychological war that they wanted to rage. PsyOps 101. So lets stop fucking around and acquire targets. You must be prepared to remove targets by all means necessary. And yes this also includes bringing their family into this. If they did such a lousy job raising them it is in FACT their fault. They have been targeting us individually and attacking our children and spouses. Time to start fighting war on equal level. I will say this now. I will not show them any mercy. They started attacking us back in the 90's when the Clinton admin started going after our generals who said they refuse to take weapons against the American people. In other words they have been planning to disarm and kill us for a very long time now. These individuals of ANTIFA / BLM are the children of democrats that put people like the Clintons, Pelosi, Sanders, AOC and the other whackjobs into power. In order to stop this evil we must not stop putting evil down like the rabid animal that it is. Or perhaps I should use a different analogy. If a den of rattle snakes decide to live under your house do you only kill the adult snakes ? Or would you be smart enough to take out the entire danger that presents a threat to you and your family? Think about it.
  4. You do fine just remember trigger safety as well as what ia behind the target. Its all muscle memory from there.
  5. I carry the name that my parents gave me. I was named after my father's uncle . Private Daniel Roberts U.S.Army . He died on Omaha beach on the 6th Day of June 1944. D Day . I was taught to be proud of who you are. Never to dwell on your failures and to concentrate on to where you are going. Prepare for your future. I also make sure to use my real name because it forces me to make the conscious decision of the words I use. I wouldn't say here what I wouldn't say in front of anybody. I do not choose to say things from a far. I do not choose to hide my identity. To many have chosen that route . I cut my own trail. I use my own face in my picture. I look at it this way, If you can't be willing to stand on your own in the virtual world , what makes you think somebody will be able to take a stand in the real world?
  6. Are We Failing Our Children’s Future? 2+2=5? It raises the question of “Whose ideology does this belong to?” At this point, with all that has been going on, I am not quite sure whether I am just going to go into a rant or I am saying what has been on the mind of many people. I just recently saw a trailer for Orson Well’s movie, 1984 (1984). The movie showed a simple math problem with an incorrect answer 2+2=5. It has caused me to start thinking of how “we the people” are becoming subjects rather than citizens of a great and free nation. It started showing that the downfall of a nation started through the education system all the way to the media broadcasting. An example of the beginning downfall of our education system is common core math. It does not make sense. From the very beginning to the follow-up to an answer that is for the most part incorrect. 2+2=5 indeed The Department of Education has been changing or hiding facts to a much more politically correct form of history. What happened to the history of World War 2, the Holocaust? The schools appear to avoid the subject of what the Nazis, otherwise known as the National Socialist German Workers' Party. Is this because the word “socialist” is in the title? Adolf Hitler was in fact a socialist. His quest for money, power, and world domination lead to the deaths of 6 million Jewish people and more minorities. Margaret Thatcher once said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” We do not need to look extremely far into current issues of socialism. Just look at Venezuela today. They were, in fact, a little powerhouse of economy until they turned to socialism. The Venezuelan people are trying to get food from the back of garbage trucks in the street. Now their government is killing their own people for speaking out. The left was pushing for Bernie Sanders and his socialist ideas. Bernie made huge claims of how he liked the system of Russia. I am confident to say that Bernie was not shown where the people suffering from socialism lived. Yet all the kids loved Bernie while wearing their Che Guevara T-shirts. If only they were taught the truth of history. Funny how Hillary Rodham Clinton (D) was screaming Russian collusion while deleting all those e-mails that showed the trail of failures that came from the top, and lead to the deaths of the several S.E.A.L.s and U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens. Now, there was a collusion: Obama and Clinton. The attempts of the Dept. of Education to hide the truth about socialism or communism has become abundantly clear. They are hiding the facts of what communist leaders have done to their own people under the regime of communism. Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili otherwise known as Joseph Stalin ended the lives of millions of people; so many that there are not even records of his 24-year (1929-1953) regime of terror. And let us not forget about Mao ZeDong and how he killed over 78 million of his own people. Isn’t it a wonder that these numbers are not spoken of in our schools? We now have politicians that promote violence in the name of social justice. I should not have to remind you of the republican congressional baseball shooting in 2017. On the flip side of the coin, the media is accusing kids that have done nothing more than stand there and defend themselves from bodily harm or death just because they were standing. Does war equal peace? Do lies equal truth? Are we starting to see it here? It’s the perfect double standard. Where are people getting the idea that it is okay to use violence? Could it be people like U.S. Rep Maxine Waters (D-California) saying, “Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up, and if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” This is coming from the elected representatives of our country. They expect us to trust them while they call for violence? Let’s not forget “the squad.” These four are the worst when it comes to promoting violence or trying to change history to promote the leftist agenda. Here’s a quick history just in case you forgot. U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D), New York, killed jobs for thousands of New Yorkers when she fought to stop Amazon from going into New York City. She said, “America wasn’t founded on capitalism,” and also said ”Israel is an occupation force over the Palestinian territories.” U.S. Rep Ilhan Omar (D) Minnesota And she said this "For far too long we have lived with the discomfort of being a second-class citizen, and frankly I'm tired of it, and every single Muslim in this country should be tired of it," Omar said. "CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties." If that isn’t clear cut that she supports terrorism. U.S. Rep Ayanna Pressley (D), Massachusetts, says, “We don’t need any more brown faces that don’t want to be a brown voice. We don’t need black faces that don’t want to be a black voice. We don’t need Muslims that don’t want to be a Muslim voice. We don’t need queers that don’t want to be a queer voice.” It appears she wants identity politics, not individuals who can think for themselves. Seems to be a good practice of brainwashing and segregation within their party. U.S. Rep Rashida Talib (D) Michigan tweeted, “Israel had hypnotized the world.” That sounds like words straight from a Nazi’s mouth. A perfect example how social media blurs the lines between reality and fantasy is the story of Nick Sandman, a student from the Covington Catholic High School. He went to the Standing Rock protests in the name of pro-life. He was the kid wearing a MAGA hat accused of starting a conflict with an American Indian. People ran with the story and accused the kid of being racist. They said Nick was mocking the American Indian, but the truth came out. Several videos showed that the kid was just standing there. The American Indian was in fact a professional activist. The kid ended up suing several media companies. We can see history repeating itself, yet again. There is also a kid named Kyle Rittenhouse who is being accused of murder. He is being accused of being a white supremacist, yet all the people he shot were in fact white as well as convicted felons. The truth has gotten out. There is even a whole article with video and all the different angles: https://www.bitchute.com/video/HuUnu1mMlbMp/ The video shows what really happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Please click onto the link and see for yourself. Facebook has done everything they could to stop that from getting out. I cannot wait for the lawsuits against the media, as well as social media, when the “fact checkers” are proven wrong. Let’s not forget a self-proclaimed member of ANTIFA , Michael Forest Reinoehl who shot and killed a Trump supporter in the streets of Portland. Thankfully, they tracked that terrorist down and killed him. Remember before the Chinese Oriented Viral Infectious Disease # 19 (C.O.V.I.D. 19) started? It was about the time that Hong Kong was having riots against China. Suddenly, riots had to stop because a deadly virus was rampant. Has anybody seen anyone do anything about the bird flu or swine flu under the Obama administration? It’s funny how that works. It’s the deadliest disease in the world according to the left, but the reality is that you have more of a chance to die by the common flu than you do COVID-19. As a matter of fact, you have a 99% chance of beating it if you aren’t over 60 or have pre-existing conditions such as lung problems, heart disease or high blood pressure. The left keeps pushing for masks, but S.O.H. Nancy Pelosi can go to the salon during a shutdown with no mask on. Let’s be honest. It’s obvious that the mask does not work. Hell, a painter wears a better built mask when spraying paint, but they want us to believe that a paper mask or a homemade cloth mask will protect you or others from catching or spreading the world’s most dangerous disease. It is a way to show who will comply to the will of a power-hungry party. It also has other mental effects as well. Burkas were worn by women and slaves alike. Arabs learned that by making slaves wear a face mask, they lost their sense of identity. By this action alone, they learn they can exert their dominance over another human being. This allows them to have utter control over the person through means of fear and intimidation because they are taught that they are nothing without them. They are taught that removing the face covering is not good for them, for they will be punished. Sound familiar? It is the left. It has always been the left. From slavery, to the assassination of a president, to the KKK, to the abortion of black babies, to the Jim Crow Laws, to the resistance of the Civil Rights Movement, to forcing Americans to wear the modern-day burka. God forbid you have what it takes to tell this on Facebook. They will shut down your account to prevent the American people from remembering the past right before an election. Nothing has changed. They are always dictating to the world what is just, and practicing what is unjust, all while enslaving a free people one law at a time. Malcom X made the statement “Ballet or bullet?” I understand clearly what he was saying. We have a choice, but we must make our choice at the ballet. If the democrats get their way, we will be facing bullets. Former Facebook user Daniel Roberts www.mymilitia.com www.codias.com
  7. We need to get the rest of our Conservative friends on my militia or we are going to have a MAJOR communications failure.


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    2. Daniel Roberts

      Daniel Roberts

      I would suggest going low tech. CB's. Its simple . Not a whole lot to it. Properly lay out a line plan and adjust your RF's get a proper size "Whip" antenna and you could get a pretty good line of site range.  On the other hand a Short Wave radio tends to talk around the world. The down side is that you need to be pushing some juice for it to work. This also means a base antenna and a place of operations. That leaves you with the one question . Can you afford to be stuck where you cant have communications because you had to bug out to "god knows only where?"  Or would you rather lose the distance and be mobile?


    3. Highlander 401

      Highlander 401

      You can talk around the world on a 5wt handheld connected to a repeater on the right linked network depending on your local FYI.


      good luck roaming beyond two miles though.



    4. Daniel Roberts

      Daniel Roberts

      This is why I am glad this site has it's own server.


  8. Look at how the CDC dropped the numbers on the Chinese Oriented Viral Infectious Disease # 19 death toll
    ( didn't recognize that ?) Try C.O.V.I.D. 19 deaths.
        Go look at how small business has been hurting for the last 9 months. Yes all the Mom & Pop stores that have been around for years. You know the place. Where the lines are short. The service is swift. The small stores missing the self check out kiosk.
    Go look at the murders committed on behalf of B.L.M. or ANTIFA . Those two groups are really the strong arm of the Democratic party. One group says they are here to improve Black lives. I ask you , Where have they improved anything? Please show me. Really, please show me I can't see it.
        ANTIFA claims to be against Fascism. Yet they are the ones that are attacking business's, buildings, Federal Officers, Police and yes the average citizen that had nothing to do with anything but minding their own affairs. Did I forget to mention they are not above assault. Or dare I should mention murder?
    I believe its become very very clear that if this is to stop this country needs to come back to law & order. But how will this be possible if the democrats keep demanding for the defunding the police? Or worse yet calling for violence in the streets With U.S. Reps such as :
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York (D)
    ,Ilhan Omar of Minnesota(D),
    Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts (D),
     Rashida Tlaib of Michigan(D).    They liked to be called the squad
     Maxine Waters of California (D), tells people to get in the face of republicans
    Nancy Pelosi of California (D) just sits there enjoying it all while going to her favorite spa.

     There's an old saying, you can defend your country by ''ballet or bullet.''  I can see that . you have a choice with ballet. 
    Chose wisely 
  9. Nice to see I am not alone in Rankin County 

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