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  1. first amendment 
    Tired of being banned right before elections ? Try this approach . It will put a stop to the liberals violating the first amendment of conservatives.
    Start exposing the people that are content moderators that work for Facebook . Cognizant technology solution 2512 W Dunlap Ave. 

    Phoenix AZ, They are the company that is hired by Facebook to be content moderators . 
    They are easy to look up . You start with LinkedIn . It will list the company , Job title , a city and most importantly a name . From there you start running the name to the city in Mylife , now you have a date of birth . At this point you can run the name in several search engines such as People Search , Advanced Background Check or even the white pages . You Now have a name DOB and the address of those who violate our first amendment . 
    You get banned ? Upload all of the information to the internet and let the hackers have a ball . They will financially destroy those who violate your rights for free . 
    Want more fun? Upload all the information to local militias in the SW United States . Keep an eye on the news you will eventually hear about things happening to content moderators . 
    The courts have failed the people . This will not . This will get everybody's attention and send one hell of a message . 
    The people have gotten tired of our rights being violated .

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