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  1. Eagle's Nest, thank you for posting many things that I believe to be true and it get's a lot worse. The silver lining is tribunals will happen, Gitmo is almost ready and I pray Trump keeps winning. I do believe you are putting the cart before the horse. I agree an organizational meeting should be scheduled for the purpose of establishing the militia. This can be very involved. We need time to get to know one another. Build trust. Establish attainable goals. It's never too late but we are short on time. You certainly are viewing thru a macro lens, but what is most needed now is assessing who we are and our individual capabilities and building on that. Just MHO.
  2. sage2 sāj/ noun noun: sage; plural noun: sages 1. a profoundly wise man, especially one who features in ancient history or legend. synonyms: wise man/woman, learned person, philosopher, thinker, scholar, savant; More authority, expert, guru "the Chinese sage Confucius" adjective adjective: sage 1. having, showing, or indicating profound wisdom. "they nodded in agreement with these sage remarks" synonyms: wise, learned, clever, intelligent, having/showing great knowledge, knowledgeable, sensible, intellectual, scholarly, sagacious, erudite; More discerning, judicious, canny, penetrating, perceptive, acute, astute, shrewd, prudent, politic, thoughtful, insightful, percipient, perspicacious, philosophical, profound, deep "some very sage comments" After a couple shots, I see things too.
  3. I can do French bro. Don't get me started. I know French. Check it out:
  4. Sandpiper, you are stating a very real possibility. It is frustrating when those in this community are not aware or are ignorant. Who has the timeto hold anyone's hand? This information for one to draw their own conclusions is all open source and available. There is a silver lining. I recently posted a Sarah Westall interview. REAL eye opening if you want the link I'll post it. I believe you are correct, something is really close to happening and very few are ready.
  5. https://www.teaparty.org/mexico-agrees-pay-wall-300718/
  6. I've mentioned several things. Please be specific. That one what? NWO? What is a "Sage" World wide pedophile network? What? now you are speaking French?
  7. I apologize for getting off on the wrong foot. I do not know you well enough to kid like that.I respect that you have a great deal of belief and want to support this rally. I will learn more about it and get back to you. Yes, turnout is very important and we should all support you.
  8. I'll pretend your "Sage" reference was tongue in cheek. Out of respect of your astutness of course.
  9. Yes, that is who Trump is battling. We have to win. Question those around you. Do they understand the deep state, NWO, Rothchilds, WW pedophile empire?
  10. I agree country is destined for collapse. I do not agree that it will be on it's own. This will be a world collapse of biblical proportions. I will never give up on humanity. This is no place for quitters or those who think they know it all. I am the Sage, and even I do not know all. Go in peace Lone Ranger.
  11. Great post. Now is the time to put our heads together and organize!
  12. ROLL CALL. Everyone should be able to recite "This is my rifle....."

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