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  1. Welcome David.. Good to have you here.
  2. Very nice.. Saw these on Facebook.. I need to make it to your neck of the woods for some long range shooting..
  3. Welcome to the most awesome militia website out there.
  4. Yeah Wal-Mart does suck.. They have different variations on Amazon.. I probably overpaid off the tool truck but I needed it for work so it worked out..
  5. I just Picked up a coast penlight off the matco tool truck last week.. Pretty decent little light... Its similar to this... http://www.walmart.com/ip/Coast-Coast-19648-Rechargable-Pen-Light/41281596
  6. I JUST qualified with my Springfield xd9 4" service model for the ca ccw permit.. The range day was 6 hours of classroom then you had to fire 10 rounds at center mass from 5 yards away, with 1 mag change somewhere in the middle. I ran 5 rounds through mag 1 then 5 rounds through mag 2. Had one round that was just below center mass, which was ok because requirement was to hit 8 out of 10 rounds in center mass. I will say it was the most nerve racking 10 rounds I've ever shot. Something nerve racking about having sheriffs and range masters in full gear including flak vests right behind you.
  7. Great idea for a thread. I just finally jumped through all of the qualifications for a California ccw permit.. So now when I'm not at work, I carry my xd9 4" service model pistol.. But if you're talking edc.....Lets talk about what come to work with my daily Keys and bottle opener on a caribeaner. Leatherman wave in right front pocket Cheap folding pocket knife Smith And wesson tactical pen 2 regularly pens A mini screwdriver A pen sized flashlight. This does not include the "get home box" that is always in my car for when shtf...
  8. Since my original post here I've continued to stockpile. I'm up another 1000 rounds of .223 and another 1000 rounds of 9mm..
  9. Jeez, I saw 6 replies to this thread and I was about to kick 6 people's asses...
  10. That's a good question.. I have always viewed the militia as a group designed to just do whatever it takes to fight back..
  11. Sawx Saw the pictures of the jacket. I am very interested. Is Coyote the brand or just the color? If color, can you tell me the brand?
  12. I read about that and am still trying to get through the stories . I am not sure how many times crap like this needs to happen before we do something.
  13. Do you have pictures of the coyote soft shell jacket? Interested.

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