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  1. I'm very much here, waiting to hear about any gatherings, possible trainings, or just information
  2. Dav what on earth caused you to leave the places in FL you love so much? Sounds to me like you might wanna make some plans to get back to where you belong? They have better CCW in FL as well brother. Something to think about ok?
  3. HAHA always an honor to transport you guys......I love my Marines!!!
  4. Not sure what your message is saying Rip. Haven't had time to setup the webpage, no, I have no group. I am a lone wolf here, looking to join a group that already exists. I am a 61 year old female, so I need a little help planning and knowing what to do from you younger guys. I'm armed, and trained, and I am a Navy Veteran, and I will kick someones ass without question if they piss me off....so I've still got the fire, passion, and fight to keep this country safe. I just need some direction on how to make all this come together Rip. What exactly did you get from 10AM to 4PM? What is that?
  5. Ryan, please don't spend much time speaking with Megatron. This guy really hasn't got a clue as to what a SHTF scenario would look like, nor would he be a good team player in helping. This guy is lazy, and it's acceptable to him that the world will just collapse, so why bother fighting for it.
  6. Hi Dav, really nice to meet you. Where are you now? Are you actively involved in a militia? Do you have CCW? Do you believe yourself to be good in teams?
  7. What's going on at my Capital here in Boston on the 30th?
  8. I'm open to any and all ideas and thoughts on this. As you can tell, my mind is racing, and it shows in my typing. I agree it will be very involved, but we must start somewhere and we do need to establish trust within the militia, so I agree Jorge. This march can be a stepping stone, starting with the meet and greet, and having possible elections? Gotta get organized, but I am not a great organizer when doing it by myself. I think the best thing to do right now is to plan the gathering, meet the like minded folks who want to be involved, and take things from there. Thinking about dates, I would like to propose we don't do this gathering on a holiday, only because people already have plans with their families. May i propose the date of August 4th 2018? This gives plenty of time to plan, it is still in the summer when folks have vacation time, it is a Saturday, and it's not a holiday, so I would think it would improve the turnout. This is a rain or shine event. I will look at possible meeting locations in DC for the gathering, and for a podium and microphone for those that have something important to say to the crowd. This will hopefully organize into an actual Militia, so that we have a proper chain of command. This is critical.
  9. I'll stay on the downlow until after your event on the 30th, keep in touch with us, thank you friend😀
  10. Oh yes!! That is a Constitutional right isn't it. As long as we keep it peaceful. When word of this gets out, ANTIFA will probably want to throw a wrench into our gathering, so we need a good police presence for our own safety.
  11. Ohhhhh I gotcha man. Yes, would you mind if my contribution to all of this is working on the webpage which is something that I love doing, and making any phone calls to DC that you may need me to do for you if you get busy?
  12. RIPCANON I was hoping you would say that. No one can do this alone, and working as a team can makes things go smoothly. We need to get the word out to other Patriots
  13. In order to secure permits, the police may want to know how many people will be attending
  14. Pic of what.....sign on copy what on here.....I'm not clear what you are asking......what picture are you wanting

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