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  1. YES! That is me! I forgot that I changed from the Christmas tree. What name are you under on facebook, i will approve your friend request now?
  2. You may not be from Massachusetts, but to me, any brother in arms that wants to defend the rights of this country is welcome in this group. New York is certainly having it share of issues with that Governor of yours, but that doesn't mean people should stop fighting. I think you will get something from this group. Feel free to stay, offer opinions, and just be respectful. Welcome to the group. If you want to find me on facebook, just look for Judy Flaherty, and my profile picture is a christmas tree right now. Send me a request.
  3. Courage777.....anytime I hear that the UN is getting involved that makes me nervous. What is your source on this and is it verifiable???
  4. We can no longer remain this passive to wait and see what happens. I don't trust our federal government, no one does. It is far better to be proactive than REACTIVE. I need ideas on how to become proactive in this cause....our rights are being taken away. Trump says our 2nd Amendment is safe, but then you see what is happening in Virginia and I don't like it. Why are we just standing by!!! ????
  5. I'm certainly game Courage....what did you have in mind? I am only 12 hours drive from Virginia
  6. With some of the strictest gun regulations in the country, is this militia prepared to stand up against new legislation if it were to happen? How many out there are ready to stand up for what is right? I am almost tempted to go to Virginia and stand with them
  7. I have had enough with the way the left has behaved going back all the way to the Clinton Presidency. I have decided to run for the 6th Congressional District seat here in Northeastern Massachusetts for the 2020 election. I have no political experience but I have enough determination and drive to make this a positive campaign. Trump absolutely must take back the House in 2020, and I want to be a part of that. www.voteredforjudy.com
  8. I am with you patriot. I am in. Boston, just as bad as Illinois, but there are patriots in all corners of all 50 states. Welcome
  9. Ok, how would I start meeting up with you all to continue with my rifle training, and to earn some challenge coins?
  10. Another member sent me this link to the rally in Virginia next month, I'm hoping to go https://patriotnetworksummit.com/
  11. My son goes to Franklin Pierce University and he goes into Ashburnham quite frequently! Nice to meet you. What do you know about this Patriot Summit in WV next month? I haven't heard about this
  12. Sounds like i have a bit of catching up to do with this group. I am a female Navy vet, but the years crept by and i am now 62. I may not bring much to the table physically. but I am as much of a true American Patriot as ever. Would you consider me as part of your group if you head to this "Patriot Rally" you were speaking of? Being from Mass I feel like a black sheep among my peers who are all Bernie fans and i will fight to my death before I allow that sack of shit to turn this country into Venezuela. Where are you all located?
  13. Newburyport here. 62 year old female Navy Vet

  14. Just sayin Hello, hope your good.

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