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  1. I still struggling to form a group in the Fayetteville / Hope Mills area. I had good people telling me good things about it. A lot of people have good ideas for training and management etc. I have invited people to meet and start a training program and more to no avail. Meanwhile the country is getting worst. Even friends are turning to each other (it happened to me in 4th July at my own home). Look at the news and see what's going on. It looks the enemy is more determined to end the republic than patriots to defend it. Our freedoms are slipping away little by little and no one says nothing, just look the other way. What it would take for patriots to stand up and unite again all enemies foreign and domestic? A family member to get shot? Your property to get vandalized? Be pushed around like happen to me yesterday at Walmart and I couldn't do nor say anything? What it would take. Stop with the excuses. the time is now. Lets get together. Lets get our spouses and children together and start something good for our homes, communities and country. Lets learn from each other. Lets be friends. Don't post pone the call of this nation. Stop been lacy. This is important. Lets do it now. charlie 6 Romeo...out.
  2. Oh, but I have. I think you mi-understood my point.
  3. So. It have been a while since my last post. Everything went from bad to worst. How more worst it needs to get form some members to get together, plan and train? charlie 6 Romeo...Out.
  4. Hi. How you doing my friend. I'm glad you are here. I am from Fayetteville, NC. I too I'm looking for a few people to train. Where do you train? Maybe we can meet and have a productive training day someday. Charlie 6 Romeo...Out.
  5. No I didn't. I think I say that I will be at the range even if any one can make it but I was open to another meeting set up by someone else. (I'm paraphrasing). But that's ok. I have a great time at the range today.
  6. I went to the range today. I didn't meet with no one there from this site. I practiced some pistol fundamentals for about hour and a half then I went to the 100 yd. area to zero my scope. I always start at 25, move to 50, then lock at 100. I have a Monstrum 4-14x44 (FFP). It is MIL_DOT but I prefer MOA. What ever. It is what I have. Someone told me long ago that it doesn't matter what can of weapon (equipment) you have as far as you are good with it.od Speed I hope I'm lucky next time and meet some of you fine people there. Oh by the way, It is a good idea to have a shooting timer to train. I am ordering my right now. God Speed Patriots! "WWG1WGA" Q
  7. It is good stuff. I hope we can incorporate this type of training.
  8. I'm just looking at some IDPA drills. The seems pretty good.
  9. i have been looking for some information on the web and other places to add some useful content to the above mention notes ( "manual"). It is incomplete but it is a start. The information needs to be reviewed and cleaned up a bit. I also notice that we haven't mention anything about shooting drills. I guess for now I will stick to NRA's shooting drills. Also we will need some training aids like shooting timer, score templates, etc. Please let me know what you guys think. Charlie 6 Romeo...out. Ps. The attached file is a MS Word document. God Speed Patriots! "WWG1WGA" Q Nine_10_Marksmanship.docx
  10. At least from my part...that is a big 10-4. I'll be there. I want to at least put some rounds down range. I see so many good points and ideas here that makes me want to start this right away. Once again. Keep those ideas coming. You guys are awesome and a great help. The urgency to meet (at least from my part) is growing bigger. Although I'll be at the range on Saturday, Let me know of any other meeting. I will do my best to be present. Cant wait to start train. God speed patriots. Charlie 6 Romeo...out.
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