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  1. yes i really need a knife only because i live in a really bad city it is called SCHENECTADY NEW YORK and how bad is it you might ask well the leardership does not care about any living in the city and the city is on the top 100 worst cities in NORTH AMERICA IT I NUMBER 98 and the mayor of the city keeps saying that crime has been down since he took office which it has not that is why i really need a knife
  2. you are wrong and you really do not know your history Regan was and is one of the best president we ever had mr. trump is the next best president that this nation ever had
  3. well first Republicans are not anti-guns it's the demon rats that are !!!!!!!!! and second if i had owned a gun i would only use it for self denfenese and i am also pro AMERICAN AND pro 2nd adement
  4. our presdeint is not a traitor to the 2nd amendemt he is a support of it
  5. well i just love this nation and this president but i just can not get how many people are still brain dead and brain washed to keep believe the lies that the media and the demon rats keep tell the people when will they wake up and start seeing thing like the rest of us. Also i was watching a news program last night called the daily leager it had that idiot beano the idiot demon rats who is so way behind in the race for the white house that he said that this nation was founded on racism and is still racist today what!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this nation was not founded on racism it was founded on GOD'S word and in no way is this nation racist i just love how these stupid idiot demon rats keep lining and how the brain dead and brain washed idiots believe their lies
  6. really good my fellow Americans and i still can not understand why the idiots in Washington and the basied news media still want to blamed MR. TRUMP of every thing and those two idiots women who are terrorist who wanted to go to the holy land and the officals their told them no because they where going to just keep up spreading the hate and they just keeped ling and jsut blaming MR TRUMP like he had a say in it which he did not
  7. well my fellow Americans i have confronted my elected officals and told them that the party that backed them the demon rats are the ones behind all this hate that's been going around and of coruse they did not like and i hand left one of my elected officals dumbfounded
  8. yes i agree with you but i am up here in up state n y in SCHENECTADY COUNTY
  9. boy oh i just love how the demon rats and the news media just keep attacking and blaming the president for every little thing that has been happening like the president cause what happen in texas or ohio and any where that these mass shootings happen
  10. i would like one because i really like our president and i prayer for him every day
  11. we all should be getting the word out about my militia so they everyone who loves this nation can join us because we need more people to join us and the fight to keep this a GOD fearing nation
  12. i would like to know what my fellow Americans here think about about what some of our elected officials say about how some of the people who go to prison should still have the right to vote . because i am not for it at all because i feel that when some one goes to prison that is the one right that they lose but i am for them to help them selves to better them selves and try to stay out of prison but to say that they still have the right to vote is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. have a very safe and a very GOD blessed EASTER my fellow AMERICANS
  14. yeah i watch all 3 N C I S T V shows and seal team and just might watch the code and yes i do support and honor all our armed forces and our vets!!!!!!!!

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