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  1. yes i am from upstate NY i live in a really bad city called SCHENECTADY NY
  2. i have not but i respect all of our MEN and WOMEN in our MILITARY . but my Grandfather was in the army during W W 2 he was and mp on our side
  3. i singed this and just shared this no my FACE BOOK page
  4. Well the reason why i keep saying that i live in a really bad city here in up state NY ( Schenectady) is because now the DEMON RAT PARTY is in control of the city yes you all read that right the leadership of the CITY OF SCHENECTADY IS NOW IN CONTROL OF THE CITY
  5. good afternoon my fellow AMERICANS this is ANTHONY PETER CAROTA 3RD singing in from a really bad city of Schenectady ny
  6. yes i am on FACEBOOK my page is under the name ANTHONY PETER CAROTA
  7. Anthony from the really bad city of Schenectady ny here my fellow Americans
  8. yes I live in the city of Schenectady ny which is really a bad city
  9. yeah i do i live in the city of Schenectady (which i call a war zone and it is known as a really bad city!)
  10. yes i really need a knife only because i live in a really bad city it is called SCHENECTADY NEW YORK and how bad is it you might ask well the leardership does not care about any living in the city and the city is on the top 100 worst cities in NORTH AMERICA IT I NUMBER 98 and the mayor of the city keeps saying that crime has been down since he took office which it has not that is why i really need a knife
  11. you are wrong and you really do not know your history Regan was and is one of the best president we ever had mr. trump is the next best president that this nation ever had
  12. well first Republicans are not anti-guns it's the demon rats that are !!!!!!!!! and second if i had owned a gun i would only use it for self denfenese and i am also pro AMERICAN AND pro 2nd adement
  13. our presdeint is not a traitor to the 2nd amendemt he is a support of it
  14. well i just love this nation and this president but i just can not get how many people are still brain dead and brain washed to keep believe the lies that the media and the demon rats keep tell the people when will they wake up and start seeing thing like the rest of us. Also i was watching a news program last night called the daily leager it had that idiot beano the idiot demon rats who is so way behind in the race for the white house that he said that this nation was founded on racism and is still racist today what!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this nation was not founded on racism it was founded on GOD'S word and in no way is this nation racist i just love how these stupid idiot demon rats keep lining and how the brain dead and brain washed idiots believe their lies
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