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  1. with all these so called drawing & raffles can we have just a classified section the raffles outnumber real items for sale
  2. & since then youtube deleted my channel claiming all my videos were hate speech
  3. how do we not know another ploy was played upon the american citizens trump was once a democrat we get trump into office , he gets all patriotic americans to come forth & stand with him they build their databases up they now know who we are , we are targeted etc as society collapses under communist rule its just as likely as these other theories
  4. & we all sit here bitching, watching our beloved nation being destroyed right befo e our eyes and do nothing
  5. its easy how do you destroy and enemy you infiltrate and kill from within antifa posed as trump supporters I even heard capitol police let a certain group into the white house and then the press took photos
  6. makes me wonder if all of us patriots have been duped they elect Trump, he flushes out all the patriotic Americans and they build a list (not liek they havent) he lets the leftist concede and patriotic americans are now targeted crazier shit has happened look here while we do this
  7. this is whats needed for those protesters last year that were going to invade area 51
  8. got a quick replacement channel up to let folks know https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpTrDmRnzzQ4pnbBxRy2G8w
  9. VTConcernedCitizen Youtube channel deleted today by youtube after postign a video describing their bias towards conservatives Im trying to get it back just want to let all my followers know whats happening seems any one on the right is being targetted
  10. WW3 vs Civil War 2 0 vs US Disarmament My Concerns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSE_UAdJrfk
  11. Green Mountain Boys Militia Link https://www.mymilitia.com/forums/forum/177-topics/

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