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  1. do it, we sit here and watch while complaining, but who really responds it needs to be all of us collectively
  2. seems to me its genetically implanted on them by either food plots or who knows what look at obesity rates with all the sugars in our foods etc
  3. vermont for where I live and concerned citizen for all the crazy sheet that happens in society every day
  4. I think most are silent waiting for their time, the sleeping masses are powerful if awoken sadly national media will never allow you to get the message through it has to pervert and steer the intellectually weak with polls and popular opinion, which are all BS
  5. our govt has nor ever has cared about any of us, we are all a name and number
  6. Ok never heard of this had to research it The Dick Act of 1902 -Gun Control FORBIDDEN!Were you aware of this law?DICK ACT of 1902 -CAN'T BE REPEALED (GUN CONTROL FORBIDDEN) -Protection Against Tyrannical Government It would appear that the administration is counting on the fact that the American Citizens don't know this, their rights and the constitution. Don't prove them right.The Dick Act of 1902 also known as the Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654, of June 28, 1902 invalidates all so-called gun-control laws.It also divides the militia into three distinct and separate entities.**SPREAD THIS TO EVERYONE ** The three classes H.R. 11654 provides for are the organized militia, henceforth known as the National Guard of the State, Territory and District of Columbia, the unorganized militia and the regular army.The militia encompasses every able-bodied male between the ages of 18 and 45. All members of the unorganized militia have the absolute personal right and 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms of any type, and as many as they can afford to buy. The Dick Act of 1902 cannot be repealed; to do so would violate bills of attainder and ex post facto laws which would be yet another gross violation of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The President of the United States has zero authority without violating the Constitution to call the National Guard to serve outside of their State borders. The National Guard Militia can only be required by the National Government for limited purposes specified in the Constitution (to uphold the laws of the Union; to suppress insurrection and repel invasion). These are the only purposes for which the General Government can call upon the National Guard.
  7. Jared is great, Ive been following him for a while how can these folks that work for us always do this crazy SH&^
  8. No problem, thats why we are all here like minded true patriots another main issue I see is how do you trust anyone or identify them as one of you in desperate times an individual will do what they need to survive, does that mean killing you for what you have etc will it be like the movie "bushwick" a free for all, hopefully not
  9. Ah Cool, thanks Im thinking if Im not 100% happy with this setup Ill give it to my son and order something different
  10. always amazed how basic survival for life becomes prepping it shows you how far from nature society has everyone removed
  11. I agree around 2006-2007 I read an article where it said Muslim would be the dominant world religion odd (not really) how obama let them all come here centered in MN I would bet that 80-90% of police and military would kill their own citizens if ordered ever wonder how 3 religions can be so far apart even though they all originated from the same spot, the sacred wall

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