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  1. Im not a muslim Im not using my hands ferns work to some extent too however the rain deer moss is really edible i think food would be more important
  2. I didnt read your entire article I got lost in the words, well actually bored, sorry however I hate the ideology that one can retreat to the mountains remote rural areas and be safe how are you going to get there is there really any advantage of being in the wilds versus where you might already have supplies I love how ppl think they can hunt & fish to survive most wilderness areas are so over hunted and over fished you are lucky to see let alone catch anything, at least here in vermont design your plan where you are, traveling places you at severe risk others will stop if not kill you for what you might have that they dont one will be lucky if they could even get out of the larger cities
  3. there is a fine line between a true patriot and a terrorist in modern societies eyes its sad times have come to such seems no one is willing to make that stand
  4. we have the same issue here in VT our lame gov phil scott has passed a bill that after april 12 2018 dealers cant ship you any rifle mag more than 10rds and pistol mags > 15rds we have until oct 1 2018 to buy them over the counter from FFL dealers our state is so small & lame I fear the worst
  5. Ive seen the video on instagram he was clearly an idiot i wonder if he was consuming alcohol, federal agents are to never consume alcohol as they are supposed to be on duty 24/7 if he isnt charged in any manner one has to question who is above the law and how can this happen this is a fine line we have to watch, or own feelings of responsible gun ownership could backfire and create more restrictions
  6. very nicely articulated dont forget if we speak out we are labeled, discredited and destroyed in most cases, which was where I was going or meant to go I agree the constitution is the law of the land Im so sick of hearing so many interpretations of the law, constitution etc hell its late Ive lost my train of thought
  7. I agree, sadly we as a society have been conditioned not to respond we sit idly by & watch our nation be destroyed 200 years ago our forefathers would have been in arms over this the problem now is that we dont respond a civilian holding a weapon during these events if it was ever to occur is now a threat and will be nuetralized will it be a door to door fight or will our govt use drones, tanks etc upon us it seems there has been massive buildups of military gear to all police depts across all states if you play chess its clear to see whats next our problems lie in the fact how do we know who is on our side, where and how do we organize fast enough our elected officials work for us, but over the decades this has turned, they are above us we the silent majority need to speak out , take office etc I seen yesterday some weirdo in cali thats running for office and wants to overturn the ruling on sex with children, sick shit right there, he needs to be in a mental institution not in office too many people are here for a free ride, they dont love our country, they havent spilled the blood of their loved ones for freedom ive been saying for decades we need secure borders and to stop all immigration Im sick of supporting illegals, I was in social security the other day fixing an issue there was an arab woman who never worked in our nation applying for and receiving social security benefits, WTF so ask me if we need a revolution, I say YES, not sure how it will happen but it needs to happen trump can only do so much and has a lot more to do
  8. its a globalist agenda it seems part of that wants to disarm the world some have said its aliens from space, Im not sure about that LOL if you look at history we know the planet is apt to go back into an ice age every 10K years the planet has done this we will just have to wait & see prepare for war, pray for peace
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cd_pTW4gH_o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=580QMt5HhgE
  10. I use them for ham radio programs like DMR & Allstar we interface them to a radio and cover a large area

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