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  1. On the foriegn front, i dont think china and russia will EVER get along enough to join together as our enemy. Also russia is not what it was in the cold war. Today its economy is smallet than that of france, and without a good economy u cannot have a good military. Yes china has alot of ppl but i think that is overrated on todays technical battlefield, one bomb kills many ppl. Iran is just blustering, their own ppl are on the verge of revolution so i doubt they cld come togethet as a country to put up much of a fight. Our technical superiority is lightyears ahead of them. If they used chems on us then that would just strengthen our resolve and give us an excuse to level them.
  2. A couple of points. First i dont think it would hurt to add some basic military skills to high school training, like gun schooting and maitenence, as well as drill and basic land nav. U say that people wouldnt like it but i say that kids already dont like most of what they have to learn in school. Hell alot of them would consider this fun and it would give them a better appreciation for fire arms as well as prepare them if they do choose to join up. (Maybe it could be modeled after rotc...) As far as the draft is concerned, i dont think we should have it under normal circumstances, but once native soil has been invaded that goes out the window. The draft should be used for purely defensive purposes and in support roles in order to free up more motivated soldiers.
  3. Sam, In Norfolk NE, madison county. Looking for a militia group to join. Phone is 4023168304, i dont answer so leave a msg.