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  1. Im in Fayetteville NC, looking to join or start a group. Is this group active or shleepin?





    1. John Mosby

      John Mosby

      Hi Russ. I am the state CO for the North Carolina Light Foot. We actually have a few members, including myself, very near you. Would be more then happy to get you started

    2. Russell Langford

      Russell Langford

      What do I need to do to get started?

  2. Greetings all..  

    What are we up to?  What is our mission?

  3. Max

    Welcome aboard.  Thanks for being there.  Max KG5EYW

  4. Good to hear from you Sandlapper. I use the Grifton NC repeater 146.685 Sad to say, it will not reach you that far south. God Bless.
  5. Roll Call. Present and accounted for. NC Crow https://nc3b.wordpress.com/
  6. Looking for new members. Go to the enlist page. https://nc3b.wordpress.com/ If you have questions I can answer them here or on the enlist page.

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