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  1. On 6/18/2020 at 8:53 AM, Tempstar said:

    So, reinvent the wheel. The OP can't even make a legitimate account? I sent an email and wanted more clarification as to what exactly was being researched. The curt response was basically I am too dumb to understand and to never mind. That, my friends, is the way to build a team! I have opted out.

    I too have opted out.  From what I've seen from the emails I've received this has nothing to do with FEMA or EOC operations or anything like that.  Perhaps I'm wrong,but something isn't quite right though I can't say what it is. If I'm in error then I've erred on the side of caution.

  2. 42 minutes ago, Grizz said:

    Frankly WE should surround them with the Militias from all over the country and not allow them to gain ONE MORE YARD thereby STARVING them Out.  All while Conducting raids to shut down power and turn off water burn their tents etc. The Heat and cutting off ANY kind of supply line would put a FAST END to them as they cry all the way home to Mommy. THEY started this war It is up To US to end it! 

    The area should be declared a no fly zone  so they would't be able to use drones or whatever to air drop supplies.

  3. I had to come into work last night.  The place I work for is considered exempt.  Since this place is out in the country, I can avoid the main highways for the most part.  Ironically enough I ended up passing by 2 state troopers on the edge of a small town. They didn't do anything. Perhaps it's because I have several antennas on my truck which makes it look like I work for some government agency.  (Actually, I'm with AMRRON and am also a storm spotter) I do have my work I.D., but I wonder if I should ask my boss for a letter similar to the one above just in case.



  4.  Her royal highness's order is dangerous and unconstitutional.   How does this help prevent the spread of any disease?  Answer: it doesn't.  It would be like passing a law saying the COVID 19 is illegal. Totally stupid, ineffective,  a waste of time and resources.  I certainly hope that the mayors in my AO don't get any bright ideas like that.


    I just learned that there are now 3 cases here in central IL.  One person is in intensive care.


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