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  1. I dunno I would probably do the same thing.
  2. Anyone have problems with their debit/credit cards today?  I went to the store and my card wasn't accepted. I called my bank and they said they were having problems with the debit cards so I paid by check which was accepted. It seems weird that this should happen on the same day that President Trump addressed the UN and told it like it was. Just saying.......

    1. Claw Hammer

      Claw Hammer

      What's your cc number I'll look into it.   Just kidding,  yeah we have had werid community wide com blackouts.  That last a few hours.

  3. Maybe it's time for me to start learning how to make my own ammo. Meanwhile, I will definitely do my part in keeping my local gun shops in business.
  4. I'd rather just have a regular bike. Wouldn't have to worry about fuel or the engine breaking down. Plus if you have to pick it up and carry it you don't have that extra weight to deal with.
  5. Delta Whiskey 14 always vigilant checking in.
  6. Delta Whiskey 14 LFM alive and well checking in.
  7. This is an absolute outrage. If possible she should be fined or kicked off the team at the very least. She certainly does not represent the USA!!!! ?
  8. Delta Whiskey 14 LFM checking in. Was in Michigan a couple weeks ago. It was so great to be out of Illinois. Michigan is one of my favorite states to go to.
  9. This reminds me of the movie "Countdown to Looking Glass" though not exactly the same.
  10. Kind of like the Wicked Witch of the West after getting splashed with water. ?
  11. Checking in. Praying on this Memorial Day weekend that our P.O.W.s and M.I.A.s would be able to come home safely.
  12. Last October a judge in White County, IL ruled in the case of The People of the State of Illinois vs Vivian Claudine Brown (No. 2017 CM 60) that the FOID card is unconstitutional. The case is headed to the Illinois Supreme Court. If they agree with this judge's ruling, that will pretty much stop the gun grabbers. Perhaps then we too can carry what we want when we want.
  13. You've got to be kidding me. I for one will be contacting my state senator and representative and tell them to oppose this bill at all costs! I do find the part that would require someone to do a background check on themselves quite humorous. What are they going to do call the State Police and ask hey am I a criminal? As if ISP doesn't have enough to do. This is disgraceful. Anyone who supports this bill should be ashamed of themselves. We need to stop this now!!! ?

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