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  1. You've got to be kidding me. I for one will be contacting my state senator and representative and tell them to oppose this bill at all costs! I do find the part that would require someone to do a background check on themselves quite humorous. What are they going to do call the State Police and ask hey am I a criminal? As if ISP doesn't have enough to do. This is disgraceful. Anyone who supports this bill should be ashamed of themselves. We need to stop this now!!! ?
  2. I was just listening to the latest episode of Radio Free Redoubt.  Apparently our efforts here in Illinois to secede from Chicago has gotten the attention of John Jacob Schmidt who discussed it with James Wesley Rawles.  JJS said he read it in a newspaper out there in the American Redoubt.  This is exciting. This movement is gaining much needed attention.  To paraphrase John Paul Jones we have yet not begun to fight!

  3. Delta Whiskey 14 LFM checking in. @Reaper LFM the website looks great!
  4. I just checked the website and my card has been renewed as of yesterday. I suppose I should be getting it soon.
  5. To all of you who either have served or are serving in our Armed Forces, I owe you a debt of gratitude. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You. Your heroism will not be forgotten. Delta Whiskey 14 LFM
  6. Thanks. That's a big relief.
  7. Delta 4

    Ilhan Omar

    She should be arrested and held at Gitmo as a known terrorist!!!
  8. Anyone here in Illinois having trouble with getting their FOID card renewed? I sent in everything that they wanted and still haven't heard from them. It's been over a month now. Every time I go online to check the status, it says under review or something like that. I tried calling only to have some recording tell me they were busy and try again. I tried emailing them and got it returned saying it wasn't deliverable. I know that there was a judge in White county (or somewhere like that) who declared the FOID unconstitutional. It was supposed to go to the state supreme court. Anyone hear how that is coming along? Maybe we won't need them anymore. One can only hope....
  9. Delta Whiskey 14 LFM checking in. At work right now. It's quiet. Too bad I couldn't bring in my Mosin Nagant to field strip and clean and maybe do some dry firing, but I don't think the bosses would like that. The boys would think it was cool. Better not, I like my job.
  10. Welcome, from a fellow Illinoisian. I used to live up in your area. Rockford, Machesney Park.
  11. Delta Whiskey14 LFM checking in. If I were up in Crook county could I sign up recruits from the local cemeteries like the Demorats do with their voters? LOl.
  12. Let's continue telling the PRC (People's Republic of Chicago) that enough is enough. We are fed up and we will take back our state or we will secede!
  13. I work nights so I missed out. Hopefully it'll be decent on my days off. Looking forward to working on my yard and gardens.
  14. Delta Whiskey 14 checking in from McLean County.
  15. I'm praying for you and your child. God is with you, He will never leave you nor forsake you.
  16. Checking in. I really could use one of those knives.

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