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  1. Delta Whiskey 14 checking in. @ fixer that knife looks pretty awesome. Hope I win it. You can never have enough knives.
  2. Started reading it, then went to skimming it. Not impressed.
  3. I truly believe that California is experiencing the beginning of God's wrath on them. Thankfully there is still time for them to turn from their wickedness. Otherwise they are going to find out what happens when you openly rebel against the Almighty. They will truly get what they deserve.
  4. Let's not forget situational awareness at all times. Also, if it's a store or a restaurant, I'd go elsewhere if possible. If not use whatever is available as an impromptu weapon should the need arise and you're not allowed to have your edc on you.
  5. I don't know why, but to me Beto O'Rourke kind of looks like Herman Munster.  

  6. Question. If it has been determined that no crime was committed and that the waitress and Tisbury PD overreacted, why can't he have his license and weapons back? Due process, what due process? Why are his guns being sold? Is this his own decision or did someone convince him to do so? Is it because he's elderly? Just because someone is elderly does not mean that they're senile. He should have everything restored to him and he should sue that waitress for defamation of character. He should also sue the city of Tisbury. Just my two cents for what it's worth.
  7. Not only that, but which states are next in line to fall? Besides Illinois and New York.

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