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  1. I understand that the officers were fired. I'm sure that charges will be filed if they haven't been already.
  2. In the immortal words of John Paul Jones: "I have not yet begun to fight!"
  3. Delta Whiskey 14 checking in. Looks like we're growing here in the B-N area. There's now 5 us according to the members map.
  4. Amen. Ultimately this is not a political battle or a battle of ideologies or a battle of flesh and blood. It is a spiritual battle and there are only 2 sides. God's and the devil's (who has already been defeated.) Who are you going to serve? I serve and take my orders from Jesus, the Son of the Living God.
  5. Latest report here in Illinois is that there are over 8000 cases and 210 deaths. In my county there are 38 cases. 7 have recovered and the rest are either at home or in the hospital. There have been 4 Covid 19 deaths in Bloomington.
  6. Any chance of training during the week? I work weekends and it's hard to get time off. My job is exempt btw.
  7. I had to come into work last night. The place I work for is considered exempt. Since this place is out in the country, I can avoid the main highways for the most part. Ironically enough I ended up passing by 2 state troopers on the edge of a small town. They didn't do anything. Perhaps it's because I have several antennas on my truck which makes it look like I work for some government agency. (Actually, I'm with AMRRON and am also a storm spotter) I do have my work I.D., but I wonder if I should ask my boss for a letter similar to the one above just in case.
  8. Learn different ways of hunting, fishing, trapping growing your own fruits and vegetables. I went to the store the other day and they had plenty of vegetable seed packets. (Not sure if they were non - GMO)
  9. Her royal highness's order is dangerous and unconstitutional. How does this help prevent the spread of any disease? Answer: it doesn't. It would be like passing a law saying the COVID 19 is illegal. Totally stupid, ineffective, a waste of time and resources. I certainly hope that the mayors in my AO don't get any bright ideas like that. I just learned that there are now 3 cases here in central IL. One person is in intensive care.
  10. Iran directly responsible per multiple US sources. Since this is being considered a major escalation we need to act swiftly and severely. Enough is enough.
  11. Checking in. Mrs. DW-14 has been adamant about stocking up, having enough supplies, wood, water, food, equipment for the long haul. I'm so thankful that God brought her into my life.
  12. I just did my part by sending in that notice to the A/t-F and joining GOA. If they really want to register my guns they can register my glue gun, my staple gun and my caulking gun. My other ones were carried away in a freak tornado.
  13. Delta Whiskey 14 checking in. I just told one of my co-workers about My Militia. He seemed interested and said he was going to check us out.
  14. Headhunter. Sorry to hear about your wife. How is she doing? I'll be praying for the both of you. As far as checking in goes, I'm not in charge of anything as far as I know. Perhaps you're thinking of LTC Grunt or Sheepdog? Anyway, it's good to hear from you. If you're ever in my AO let me know. Maybe we can have lunch or something.

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