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  1. Update:

    The following will be an outline and source for anyone curious about our ranking structure / chain of command. 


    • E1 - Recruit - someone who is interested in enlistment. 

    • E2 - Private - someone who has gone through the application process and is officially a member of the unit

    • E3 - Private 1st Class - someone who has completed training requirements and qualifies as an active-duty member of the unit

    • E4 - Corporal - someone who is in charge of a team (3 or more people)

    • E5 - Sergeant - someone who is in charge of a squad (2 or more teams)

    • O1 - Lieutenant - someone who is in charge of a platoon (2 or more squads)

    • O2 - Captain - the company leader (in charge of an entire unit)


    I hope this information is helpful. Our reason for adopting this rank structure is for the purpose of fluidity. By using common ranks and insignia worn by law enforcement and EMS it enables the general public and agencies alike to know exactly who they are talking to just by glancing at the insignia. This is important when on deployment and in case of having to work together with local agencies and/or volunteer groups. Using this rank structure, even most ordinary citizens will recognize the insignia of the person they are talking to. Thank you for your patience. This will be all for now.


    - LT Kerchner

    Pennsylvania Citizen Militia 

    1st brigade, Kilo-Golf company

    ”Keystone Guardians”


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