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  1. Good evening. I am trying to find a militia to join and communicate with. Can you help point me in the right direction? 


    I'm in South Carolina but MyMilitia doesn't actually have my area code. Mine is 803 rather than 843. 

  2. Welcome aboard.  Always good to grow the ranks with patriots.  Max 

  3. We the Sons of the constitution swear to defend our constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic...we are not anti government..We are anti oppressive government...we believe that our government was put in place by our founding fathers to keep law and order in this great land of ours and to be of service to WE THE PEOPLE of this,country ...the government was not put into place to tell the people how they should live our lives or to tell us what kind of how weapons we can own or to regulate what we do in our lives....We the people are supposed to control the government in the sense of we tell them what to do cause they work for us .....We are Proud government when the government is governing according to the constitution..we believe that soon something bad will happen in this country and we will be prepared if and when happens.....we are not racist we are not domestic terrorists and,we will not follow and law except what is written in our constitution....we are looking to connect with like minded groups ......

    1. Sons Of The Constitution Militia Unit

      Sons Of The Constitution Militia Unit

      Well As a former united states Marine, brother i swore to defend the constitution of the united States so in my understanding i swore to defend all 50 states because they all fall under the united States constitution...

    2. Truckerbob Mypeterbilt

      Truckerbob Mypeterbilt

      in 1980 I swore to an Oath to protect My Country and Constitution and when my service time ended in 1992 it didn't mean that my loyalty to the Oath had ended. I swore to honor that Oath for the rest of my life and I will stand shoulder to shoulder with my Brothers  and Sisters to face any enemy Foreign or Domestic that would try to infringe on the Rights of my fellow Americans and defend my Country and the Constitution of the United States of America SO HELP ME GOD.

                                                                             GOD BLESS AMERICA 

  4. Im in Darlington county in the city of Hartsville sc..im about 67 miles from fort bragg nc
  5. Hey brother 1st off SEMPER FI im a retired Marine Gysgt was 8541 0321 0317 and when i retired was 0372 YUT!! But any ways brother i live in south Carolina your more tjan welcome to come down and we can can go out on the back 40 and get some range time in and some urban tactics training in...
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