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  1. we will be meeting next sunday. email me at spierce7883@yahoo.com for info

  2. Hello, A few of us will be meeting soon. We are scheduling something next weekend. email me at spierce7883@yahoo.com we will probably meet in a public place.
  3. Let's get outdoors! Post your planned outings and invite people.
  4. going to meet people at Denny's = no balls required storming the beaches of Normandy = balls required(steel) "courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway." -John Wayne
  5. i wan't planning on carrying open or conceal today
  6. ok, I am leaving here around 8:30 pm should be there at 9:00 pm or so,

    1. DOCACE2000


      Looking forward to it!

  7. post a list of who will be there tomorrow?
  8. well.... here we go. We'll see how this translates into action.
  9. i'll be there tomorrow at 9:00pm

  10. i'll be there at 9:00 pm tommorow

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