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  1. Currently, not attached to a group. Haven't checked on any local groups in a couple of years.
  2. The only way I would start over would be to start over with what I know now. Starting over would just be the opportunity to make new mistakes.
  3. Arkansas channel on discord is way too quiet
  4. Thought I would check in to see how things are going.
  5. Well - I'm here. I check from time to time but for the most part nothing is going on. I am on the member map but can't find any Arkansas groups on the map. I just thought everyone was still in transition from the old site or something. I will set a reminder and be sure to check more often.
  6. cwilson


  7. The changes are great and I'm impressed with the stat tracker.
  8. 9mm for me. The calibers mentioned are all good and boils down to preference for each individual - the bottom line is effective round placement.

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