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  1. Best Humidifier For Military Camp


    In a residential building and military camp, the humidity of the air masses must be at least 40%. The optimum value is about 60%. Without additional appliances in the winter period after the inclusion of the heating season, the humidity may drop to 20%. Not only radiators heat the air streams. This and working household appliances and the computer significantly affect the humidity.


    With a lack of moisture in the air, the body gives away its moisture. The consequence of desiccation can be headaches, dryness in the airways and skin. Reducing moisture is reflected in the performance. In addition, this has a negative effect on people suffering from allergic reactions. Dry air contains dust, which causes allergic seizures.


    This should be known! Dryness of respiratory systems negatively affects the health of children, the protective functions of the body decrease. He begins to give away his water, and this affects the work of the kidneys, and even an upset of the gastrointestinal tract may occur. Only a few hours of severe dehydration can leave consequences for life.


    Before choosing a system for children, you should familiarize yourself with the rating of the Whole House Humidifiers, the analysis of which will help you to choose the most optimal model for cleaning and moisturizing.


    Unfortunately, it is impossible to achieve the necessary air parameters by oneself. Someone installs an aquarium or a fountain, hangs a wet towel on the battery or constantly opens the window. This will not raise the humidity to the desired parameters. Only a humidifier will help create a cozy indoor microclimate and maintain it at the proper level.


    To help the buyer: the pros and cons of popular Whole House Humidifiers


    Dry air can cause dry skin and eyes, and also negatively affect sleep. With the help of services, we compiled a selection of humidifiers that will help improve its quality. This is especially true in the autumn-winter period when the air is actively dried by batteries and heaters.


    Air Humidifier Royal Clima


    This is an ultrasonic air humidifier. The principle of operation of such devices is the splitting of water into minute drops - water from the tank, falling on a plate vibrating with a high frequency, is split and thrown out in the form of a small cloud.


    Dry air, driven by the fan through this cloud of the smallest spray, is saturated with moisture and is fed into the room. The declared service area Air Humidifier Royal Clima - 40 square meters, power consumption - 25 W. The water flow does not exceed 380 milliliters per hour. The water tank holds up to 3 liters of liquid. Duration of work - 8 hours Installation method – Outdoor


    From the additional "chips" is highlighted the mode of adjusting the direction of humidification and the intensity of evaporation. Also, there is a function of air aromatization. The advantages of the model include low operating noise, compact size, and a democratic price. Among the minuses, users identify an inconvenient water addition system and a bright blue indicator that interferes with sleep.


    Ballu UHB-205


    Serviced area of this humidifier is 40 square meters, power consumption is 28 W. The water flow is 350 milliliters per hour; the reservoir capacity is 3.6 liters. From the previous apparatus, Ballu UHB-205 also differs electronic control system (a small display is provided). There are modes of adjusting the fan speed and evaporation rate, as well as the hygrostat function. With it, the device automatically maintains the set humidity level in the room. The installation method is desktop; the noise level during operation does not exceed 35 dB.


    Pleasant design, a fairly large tank, and removable display users call the main advantages of the device. The disadvantages include a narrow hole for water filling in the tank and not always correctly operating temperature sensors.


    Electrolux EHU-3710D / 3715D


    A more expensive model is an ultrasonic air humidifier with a capacity of 110 watts with a serviceable area of 45 square meters. The capacity of the water tank is 5 liters; the flow rate is about 450 milliliters per hour. The device is electronically controlled; the remote control also comes with the kit.


    There are already familiar regimes of adjusting the intensity of evaporation and the direction of moistening of the features - the function of ionization of air. The way of installation of the device is the floor. The buyers of the device include a large capacity, noiseless operation and a large number of modes of operation. Of the cons add a bright screen, which prevents sleep at night.


    Boneco U7135


    Another popular ultrasonic air cleaner, which can serve rooms of 60 square meters of power consumption - 130 Watts. The water flow rate does not exceed 550 milliliters per hour; the capacity of the water tank is 6.5 liters. The way of installation of the device is a floor.


    In addition to the function of adjusting the direction of humidification and hygrostat, the preheating mode of water and the timer for 9 hours are distinguished. Device management is electronic. The noise level during operation does not exceed 25 dB. The presence of a timer and the function of disinfection with steam heating are the main advantages of the model according to the customers' version. The disadvantages include inconvenient water pouring systems and not always a correctly working humidification sensor.


    BORK A704


    One of the top and most expensive models, combining ultrasonic humidifier and air purifier the power consumption is 65 W; the area of the serviced room is 40 square meters. The capacity of the water tank is 3 liters; the flow rate is 550 milliliters per hour. But the main "chip" of the device is a system of 6 filters that make it possible to achieve almost perfect air quality, which is monitored without user intervention.


    The system of several built-in sensors itself determines how much air is polluted in the room, and in automatic mode selects the optimal cleaning speed. In addition, the water poured into the device is subjected to electrolysis - due to this, most of the pathogenic microorganisms are destroyed in it of the additional features, we select a timer for 1-8 hours, a touch control panel and the hygrostat mode already familiar in previous models. To the pluses of the device, users include excellent cleansing and moisturizing the air, as well as ease of use. To disadvantages is a fairly high price.




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