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  1. Roll call response: Northern Alabama New World Partiots -VENOM
  2. Three percenter in rocky point here

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  4. We are currently building a Militia. If interested but have any issues or questions in general feel free to contact me at anytime. We are not extremist. We are not anti-government, racist, hate group of any sort. We support the 1st & 2nd amendment, constitution, military, police, firemen, and giving back to help our community. We are a small circle at this moment but working every day to try and grow. Even if you'd just like to ask few questions but would need to think bout it from unassurance please by all means feel free to send questions my way n ill get back with you as quickly as possible if i dont answer right away. For anyone an everyone to even at the least took the time to read this thank ya for taking the time, and we hope to hear from you. -Venom

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