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  1. Next we are going to need to see local governments create " Sanctuary Constitutional Laws ". A Law stating that they will not create laws to circumvent or impede /chip away at the constitution of the USA. This is how asinine everything is getting, If we really have to create " Second Amendment Sanctuaries " then wtf is the Constitution it self even really worth any more.
  2. yeah i don't doubt he loves the country either, I just find him to be way more of a show boat than anything but he does at least report things as they are happening. If he didn't as you say go down these strange holes, which I do know what you mean, I would be a bigger fan. I mean kudos to him for creating the term False Flag, that was picked up mighty fast, but these strange holes, is what leads to frenzy and conspiracy theories which derails things for me. I just don't have it in me to get worked up to worry about black helicopters circling my house in the middle of the night and storm troopers smashing through my windows, to then wake up in the morning and see UN Troops marching down my street, with pill box stations set up at intersections and democrats lined up to collect guns while B.L.M and IRS start running around gathering up land and locking people up for not paying a bill on time to the government. An then what, scientologists organizing with the illuminati and oprah and bill gates and democrat/ leftists to form a NWO so that the EU can who the fk knows what create a new global currency that in turn devalues the US dollar. FFS I have listened to too much as it is that I have been able to scratch that much BS together. IF A.J just stuck to being an actual factual news reporter with unedited video to present, and kept ripping on the left and kept the right in check, i would be all on board. Everything else just lands in the crazy right wing that i want no part of.
  3. Surprised people actually showed up good on everyone that did, and that comment about ANTIFA behaving, I suspect it was more out of fear than wanting to be civil, considering most of the normal ANTIFA people were caught in the past, tossing everything they could get their hands on including human waste, VS armed protesters .. Very telling of the cowardice of ANTIFA when guns are present. All of a sudden they want to wave peace signs and beat bango drums and sing songs of peace. Now that it all went down, seeing the fencing around the capital was a joke, a rickety parade fence, would of been hilarious if no one showed up and the capitol had been closed for a day, looking stupid and empty. An thankfully no one got hurt as it would of only benefited the left. Only thing I am complaining about is Alex Jones being there, he didn't help anyone or anything, I believe that this guy is only out for his own self ego and promotion. I would believe George Nory and Art Bell in their opinions over aliens than I would Alex Jones on anything politically related. Hopefully this protest put some fear into the governor of VA, personally I would not be surprised if the governor could of cared less about the protest because democrats from what I have seen do not cave into pressure from public protesting from conservatives and republicans, they are more inclined to incite and start riots and call them protests and acknowledge those events more when they play into what ever narrative is suiting their needs. Maybe if anything from this protest, it will encourage more conservative and republican voters in that state to come out an vote out the democrats who are chipping away at their freedoms. If this gov gets re elected, Virginia only has itself to blame.
  4. How much you want to bet, no one is going to be working in the Capitol on 1/20 ( tomorrow ), thankfully a few nut jobs have already been arrested for planning to incite violence at the rally / protest. This is a great first step, hopefully the enthusiasm doesn't stop here, but that the people of Virginia work to get this crap gov of theirs removed from office or at least start planning on a strong conservative candidate to replace him in the next election. These gun laws are a dime a dozen and people get so bent out of shape so fast, these gun laws are only good for the party in power, power changes the laws change or revert back more over the gun laws/ changes never deter or stop gun violence. If Virginia said ya know what, adios we are now electing a permanent Democrat party for our state and that is it, okay fine then round up some militias lets go bananas , but till then it is all the same old song and dance for me. Mass shooting happens, dems scream gun control, timid republicans want to appease so they start a lil gun control everyone whines, a dem steps in wratchets it up a bit more an everyone panics, then what happens, dem leaves office republican comes in, things go back to normal. An in the mean time no one even tries to abolish the second amendment. when a party tries to re write or abolish the second amendment, I'll get a lil excited and itchy, but these manuvers to try and undercut the 2nd A is just that bs manuvers , plus, we still got 49 other states to move too. Probably just a whole lot easier to pick up an leave Virginia than it is to waste a Monday protesting. And would probably be more productive.
  5. I haven't forgotten about this, I am just coming back to it and I didn't bother going back over the responses to anything I have said, a couple of things I am curious about for those who believe the U.N can just waltz in any time it deems fit to do what ever to US citizens. ( I phrase it as such because that is the notion that is portrayed that the UN can indeed do just that ) An one I do realize the UN is headquartered in the USA, and that really means nothing. Because the name is, United Nations, not the N.W.O Not an evil layer that is overtly covert hidden right in front of ones nose. If the US government really wanted to, they could easily tell the UN HQ to pack up and go else where, and the UNITED NATIONS would still be THE UNITED NATIONS, where it is headquartered doesn't mean jack. So everyone wants to spout on about woooo the USA Signed this and this and this. Slow claps bravo, the US government signs a lot of things. What I want to see is a website, something ending in a .gov or some kind of official government link, that spells things out, and not in vague words either that are subject to interpretation saying IF the UN decides for what ever reason to invade the USA it can, and more over some where , showing where the US Congress, Senate and President signed off on that specifically. Because it just doesn't exist. What does probably exist, is a document that says to some legal jargon in some form, that the USA is a signatory to some level with the UN, an that in turn means that when things erupt with others signed on to the UN and someone threatens a member of the UN that the USA can get involved militarily, or vise verse, if someone threatens the sovergnty of the USA ipsofacto the UN steps in to help. Which some might want to scream AH HA SEE THERE YOU GO ! well it isn't that simple. on either side, one, The USA signs treaties all over the place not just the UN, that states in simplest form, if you hurt our alley we are coming for you, and same, you hurt us , you deal with our friends. There is also a common understanding among all nations, that all nations are sovereign nation with their own constitutions and such. just because they sign a treaty , or are apart of the UN, doesn't mean that the second something happens that the other has to bounce on it, that the UN has to jump into action. There isn't a red button that gets pushed when things hit the fan and then the tyrannical UN comes marching in. Which mind you as everyone knows is signed by other level headed countries, not a sinister club hiding in the dark. Dignitaries, ambassadors, presidents, etc all have to start talking to each other before anything happens. You want to know why the UN is never going to act in force on the USA for any reason. Here are just a few examples. as already stated, national disasters, have we seen one UN trooper or UN vehicle, when that Katrina happened, would of been a fine example to send in the UN, how about the riots in Ferguson , would of been another great time to send in UN troops then. What about any time ever in the history of the USA when a US Embassy has been attacked, excellent time to send in the UN forces for help. More over, how about Iraq or Afghanistan , or Syria or Iran, where is the UN troop involvement there ? Besides none. The UN armed force is nothing more than toothless shark, that at best, and with a lot of complaining, assembles to be a police presence in some worn torn area for maybe a year tops. An then packs it in. The UN it self, is nothing but a waste of real estate on US soil, and as an entity is just a joke in general and a waste of political time. A sand box to chew the fat, and posture, and do back door dealings. I do not fall into the Alex Jones fan boy club, and get wet at the idea of what the UN could in a hypothetical theory in a SHTF scenerio do one day, an more over, I don't believe anything Alex Jones says, I just mention him because he is the type to preach about things like the UN, whip as many people up into a frenzy as possible, only tell a fraction of the truth, then run around and tell everyone he is some kind of super news man as if he became Ron Burgundy. Is he entertaining, sure, is he some kind reliable news source, no, he is just a wana be Rush Limbaugh at best and doing a very poor job of it. But look, I am sincerely interested in any official government link that shows, in simple wording, using the words UN TROOPS CAN BE DEPLOYED IN THE USA FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS, signed by the UN, and all three branches of the US Government. The insanity of that, is about as rational as saying, well since we have a treaty with Britain , US Troops can be deployed any time to Britain if the USA feels like it needs to step in. An that just isn't the way things work. Sure Obama signed something some where, good for him, but ya got to look to see where the laws are for 2020 not 10 years ago, things change fast, and then you have to discern how much of a threat a law is. Obama care was a nightmare, most of the teeth of Obama care have been ripped out. More over people were whining about ooo the govbment gonna getcha you don't sign up ! you're gonna lose your home and be thrown in jail ! uh huh, sure. Like saying you are going to lose your home and get thrown in prison and fined for Jay walking. Are there organizations and politicans out there wanting to destroy the American way of life, sure there are, they are liberal leftists, communists, marxists, socialists and democrats, all pretty much lumped together now. I don't subscribe to any " deep state " notion, because it is just too broad and vague. But we have Nancy Pelosi and the Clintons working hard to get Trump thrown out, and what is nerving, is that 4 Republicans is what the democrats need, 4 yellow bellied Republicans to throw it all away. An who is to blame, really the democrats are no longer to blame for anything, we know their play book, we know their motives, we know how they move and act and provoke and react. Who is to blame are the conservatives and republicans who do not come out in force each and every chance to vote to keep good people in office, and do not remove bad republicans from office and replace them with better ones.
  6. This might come off as a personal attack but I assure you it isn't, it is just an observation and nothing more and then a side comment. So you saw some UN vehicles on your way to the store, and then went out of your way to approach them, and they told you to go away and pointed an m-16 at you. So what why shouldn't one think that they were probably keeping their vehicle secure, or under orders to not talk to anyone. for any reason. he cant speak english threatened you to leave the best he could so you would leave and that was that. Military people of any nation are not required to have polite chit chat with busy bodies . An then if one really feels pressured to figure out what is going on, chances are ones local state officials office would have an answer as to why there is a UN convo in the area, be it a local military base that has a public relations center, or police office, there are better options than to just walk up to some spaztic trooper that only has half a brain, and if then if one really wants be that nosy, probably better off learning the ranking system, and then hunting down someone in charge for answers , so that person can then just tell you to have a nice day and go away. Police do the same thing when securing an area, they rope it off an tell people to get back, and if people don't get back, then they start to threaten them with consequences . Also Police just don't allow citizens to come up to the car, and hop in the passenger seat to have a chit chat about what is going on with them for the day. There are a ton of holes to this story, and this giant fear of the UN one day invading America for any reason is just bupkiss worrying and gossiping . We have the National Guard for a reason, which over rides and comes first in any national emergency, we dont have the UN running over here when a natural disaster hits and we need control in the streets, the national guard is brought in. same for other situations, The UN isn't brought in to patrol our waters, that is why we have the Coast Guard. There are literally 1000s of reasons why the UN is never going to engage in any conflict on US soil. The US Military would have to literally be crippled to non existence and the White House would have to be in flames before the UN could even fathom stepping foot to act in any manner of authority . is it fun to pretend that one day UN troops could be on US soil trying to take it all over, and who would fight back, sure. why not, have at it. I just don't buy into the Alex Jones conspiracy theory mind set , of telling half truths to whip people into a frenzy when there is more rational thinking and cooler heads required to figure out what is going on in reality.
  7. Thanks for that, I can see now where the issue is, and one does have to actually read in full in that link, because it is very hard to find where it mentions prohibiting assault rifles, because this first starts off with deliquent children/ truancy and children around the age of 13 who are " drunk driving " or some nonsense. evidently they figured they need a new law to prosecute teens who are illegally driving and or drunk driving .. anyhow I found this link to clear up what I was confused about, the wording is directly targeting assault rifles and prohibiting selling and owning them. and I think i read it as being labeled a class 6 felony .. problem though is who is going to confiscate these assault rifles, and two, all anyone has to do to avoid being picked up on some assault registration list is stash the assault rifle, and call in saying their assault rifle was stolen. which would be rather hilarious, all these assault rifle owners in VA calling in reporting their fire arm stolen. well really the options one legally has is to work to stop this bill, is to work on stopping it now in VA, vote this guy out next election cycle and if the bill is passed to get it repelled at that point, or to just pack yourself up with your assault rifle, and move to a conservative state. There really is no need to go bonkers and act like it is the end of the world. An since this is a thread about the U.N , big snooze fest there. I think there was talks at some point in an election year of some European nation wanting to send the UN in to monitor election stations or some b.s to avoid " corruption " or something of the sort, that was a joke ; anyhow, the UN is just a joke over all, they are not a real force to be reckoned with. IF they were, we wouldn't have US troops stationed all over the world and reacting globally to situations that cause for a military response. It would be the UN. We would be seeing reports of UN troops dieing, not US troops dieing monthly in news reports.
  8. agreed, it mine as well get voted down, because even with good intent, it is just a pandoras box , or give an inch take a mile, what ever analogy one wants, it in the end is just going to give leftists that much more wiggle room to keep chipping away at the second amendment and once the left succeeds at dismantling one part of our Constitution they can do it again and again. Hopefully the people of Ga do something to stop this bill.
  9. So, I took the time to read the bill, it was, interesting. Some common sense things that they want to " Outaw " such as sawed off shot guns and rifles, rocket launchers, and military grade weapons, and then it breaks down to defining what an " automatic rifle is " and mentions limiting the kinds of ammunition shot guns can use... and then goes into guidelines for gun dealers, and how the law pertains to law enforcement and those guarding i think it mentioned nuclear facilities or power companies , not sure which. An I think I saw it also mention altering fire arms as well. I found this bill to be more detailed than the purported Virginia bill . I could not find any lengthy detail for VA / Anyhow, the wording of the second amendment, you can either debate how short it is and why, debate why military grade weapons were not mentioned, or debate just on the word infringement . The domino effect, take one/knock one down, and the rest follow, or you can say well tech, we still have access to a lot of other fire arms. The pissing around with magazine size, what kind of ammunition can and can not be sold, semi automatic or full auto, is all just bupkiss. Because in the end it doesn't stop criminals, all it does is make it easier to prosecute or legal to prosecute those criminals who are caught in violation. Then if one wants to debate the SHTF scenerio , I mean it is a fun debate. One side is going to say, see if they didnt make it a law i wouldn't have to worry about needing a semi auto/ or automatic rifle. Another way to look at it is, it is very easy now, with a 3d printer, or other means to alter magazines and fabricate what one needs. Machinists would eventually have to be regulated and the machines that can be used to fabricate weapons ( other than a 3d printer ) to really put a choke on things. These kinds of bills, just seem like nothing more than appeasement bill, a way to compromise with out anyone winning. But in the end it is a waste of time because it isn't targeting a plethora of other issues that surround mass shootings. We could be bi partisan, hold hands, sing a song, and wipe out all semi automatic, and automatic rifles and hand guns, keep everything down to basic hunting rifles, shotguns, and revolvers. An someone would still find a way to kill as many people as possible with either weapon. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. So who changes the story and gets politicians and think tanks and pollsters to start looking at larger issues surrounding gun violence and mass shootings ? Who is going to ever be able to convince the insane on the left that you cant legislate crime away or to just follow suit with the insanity that it would be better to face a bomber who takes out a large crowd or someone who stabs multiple people to death in a matter of seconds than a mass shooter. One can't realisticly expect to reason with politically insane people, if that was possible, hitler, antifa, and others wouldn't be such a problem in history.
  10. That and exactly what is the point of the National Guard if " UN Troops have to be brought in ". Just seems like a lot of speculation and hysteria . The photographs are real though a simple google search can bring up some alternate news sites that appear to have similar sightings, but the speculation is ranging from training officers in the US military to be deployed to UN activities or some kind of production / shipment of equipment. It really isn't the end of the world, I have participated in convoys before here in the states, and we would eventually stop at some rest area, to stretch and what not, and we would get glares from civilians wondering wtf is going on. Not to mention that the government ships all kind of things from weapons , ammunition, what ever, via train, plane and interstate / tractor trailer that goes un noticed more often than not. I have even seen military vehicles being transported by train growing up, and have participated loading vehicles on a train while serving / training missions. An we had to wear the appropriate gear pending the mission at hand. An we had our weapons with us as well, what civilians didnt know, is if they were loaded or not. ( which they werent and it would take someone who was aware of what a rifle clip looks like to know if one was in the weapon or not But we did look intimidating and we weren't; we were just going on our way, didn't want to be bothered and that was that. Someone would have to do a lot of digging to find out exactly the 5 Ws of this story that is circulating, and I would wager it would turn out to be nothing. If this is the bill regarding this Northams attempt at a gun grab in VA, here is a link... https://legiscan.com/VA/text/SB64/id/2070814 in regards to that bill. It is a very thin bill. nothing to it really, and IF this is the bill in question about being the gun grab that i have been reading about here. then I am lost, because this mentions nothing about taking anyones firearm. This is a bill aimed at paramilitaries . So now, who in Virginia wants to start defining who the paramilitary groups are ? SO my only question to this, is, is this the bill in question regarding the gun grab in Virginia. ?
  11. Finally a petition, This should be pinned to the main page of the website for anyone passing by to see. An hopefully Virginians jump on this as a first step.
  12. They can't confiscate what they can't find. This, UN video, has that come close to being verified yet ? But to think that any democrat is going to be impeached for any reason is a joke, it is all double standards, Democrats get away with anything they want, and Republicans and conservatives have to abide by the law. Supposedly, Gov, Northam is proposing or passed a budget of $250k for " Corrections " because of a supposed assumption of there being arrests made in part to this hyped up soon to be gun grab in V.A . It is a smart move on Northams part to do all this b.s during Trumps coupe/impeachment , lil smoke and mirrors, misdirection, what ever you want to call it, one hand does one thing and the other hand is doing another. What I can't find is exactly what guns are proposed to be confiscated, only a certain kind or all of them ? But mine as well try the legal route, seems if Virginians are really miffed at Northam, they should be protesting his supposed plans and then moving to get him impeached. But to sit and hope none of it comes to pass is just a mistake waiting to happen, and for no one in the state of Virginia to make a real political move against Northam to remove him and or put him in the spot light, is probably a bigger mistake. An maybe someone is already doing that, maybe there is a campaign out there, if there is, I just haven't looked hard enough to find it, but then again, it really shouldn't be that hard to find.
  13. i had to re read those last two sentences i put out there, they were meant as a question not a statement. my grammar is rather pissy so i don't use proper punctuation like a ? an instead just friggin put a period at the end of everything just about all the time.
  14. Remember that incident with the B.L.M going after that one ranchers cattle, and the group of people who gathered to stop it from happening, that was a giant powder keg waiting to go off, i think they were using women on the front lines an the men were behind them in this gathering of protesting, and i think if it wasnt for Fox News, being on the scene, that things could of gotten out of hand. still in this case with Virginia I havent seen any kind of protesting.
  15. I wanted to jump back to this for a second, An it had me thinking, This militia website and there is one other militia website i think it is WRAM ,these two sites seem pretty active... so then what happened to the Louisiana militias in this instance and with the aftermath of providing support to the public after Katrina be it from looters, and etc. If there is any news articles that talks about a Louisiana militia going up against this unit of the 45th, I would be interested in reading or seeing the video. My guess is that with the Hurricane being such a disaster as it was, that if there was any kind of active militia in Louisiana , that those individuals were just too busy protecting themselves and their families and trying to survive or evacuated before hand. An if there was ever an instance for a militia to do something to me it would be in response to this related article above. So I am curious as to what happened with the Louisiana militia in this instance ( and i do realize not all states have legal militias, I am not sure about LA, but legal or not there must have been some there who considered themselves a militia group ) I mean if the current worry in Virginia is that there is going to be an active gun grab, then what are the citizens of Virginia doing to prepare, or are they going to press the matter legally with some kind of recall or vote or protest, or are local militias preparing behind the scenes ? This issue and the b.s with the impeachment is something i was expecting that the Tea Party grassroots movement was going to spring up again in full force. But it hasn't, it all just comes off as a big ho hum big deal. And it is sort of a worrying complacency taking shape. I Don't expect any kind of conviction from the senate for the impeachment ( which Pelosi would be better off not handing it over to the senate and just blather on about how Trump was impeached and then back out by making up some b.s about how she wants to heal the country and not continue on or some backpeddling bs ) an I personally don't see how Virginia could accomplish a sweep of the state of guns, also i dont buy into these " sanctuary gun cities either " it just comes off as a childish tit for tat since the democrats are doing sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants. There is no need for a sanctuary gun city when the 2nd Amendment is alive and well. It makes sense to have sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants because it is against the law for illegal immigrants to be in the USA. An I didn't watch that video above, but I am a little skeptical, because context is key with any news reporting, if weapons where confiscated by this unit, then why, and who's weapons were taken and were they handed over or taken by force. lastly, there had to be some kind of action taken against this unit by higher ranking members if they in deed commit crimes while put out to quell the riots and etc after Katrina, so my question would be, were there any, and if not, why.
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