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  1. another tip to avoid confiscation, move out of democrat strong hold states. Obama tried very hard to chip away at and destroy the 2nd Amendment, and the leftists saw the hard push back, I am almost wondering if attacking the 2nd amendment is a joke, because all that happens is, we see a big out cry, to make a change, an dont take our guns, n who wins, Gun companies. The NRA gets a whipping, but the Gun companies themselves seem to do great with sales during the frenzy of calls to take away certain rifles. might be nothing, dunno. Also, I don't see the need to attack the NRA as if they are the soul leadership to fire arms in general... I cant figure out why they are the big target. doesn't matter n the end though. A conservative talk show host on the radio was saying how the colors of the political parties , shouldnt be red and blue, it should be Blue and Grey. It is a shame that the democrat party is what it is, and only gets worse more over one tries to explain to democrat voters how for all the cries of the democrat party of how unfair everything is, that they have not done one thing to improve anything what so ever on any level, it doesn't matter. an on top of that it would be a blame shift to well that is because republicans an conservatives are not bi partisan enough. Ya have the crazies of the left who are beyond stubborn, an just flat out insane to stick with being consumed with the fear that their party sells and instills an there just is no changing their minds. I dunno how some people can continue watching any of the news any more, fox or other wise, it is all disgusting bs non stop, to the point that it becomes okay do i want to keep my sanity, or do i want to become the next lunatic to end up on the evening news for all the wrong reasons. An I choose more often than not to keep my sanity an shut the news off, an stick to the radio for about half an hour. Anyhow aint worried about gun confiscation, trick is, to know how to level up when SHTF, ya get good melee weapon or compound bow / cross bow, an whack said what ever who has a good fire arm, and ipsofacto you just leveled up. idiots keep crying about gun control as if that is going to solve everything, an then the reply is, well it is a start. an granted it is a start, to becoming like the movie, Minority Report, where you can get arrested for committing a crime in the future where it is shown you commit a crime that you havent committed in the present. Ya try to convince crazy people that taking away guns wont stop mass murders, and violence and it falls on deaf ears. an worse ya got some who say they would rather have a maniac running around with a knife killing people than a gun. or you try an ask well what about the serial killer who killed how ever amount of people with out a gun,,, an they just roll their eyes.
  2. granted they are trying very hard to Trump via an impeachment process, my position though is it is just impossible, the democrats do not control both the senate and the house, if they did, it would be a different story. It is a lot of hot air and saber rattling at worst. This country has had zero convictions through the impeachment process. zero. it just doesnt happen, it is a toothless shark. An I hear you with the votes, do they get stolen ? sure they do. Thing is, we the people allow it. Our respective states have the option to split votes right down the middle, 50/50 if they choose to, via what the people tell their elected officials to do. But only 2 states in the Union actually do a split vote, so the winner take all system in the rest, is basically throwing away half of those votes. The only option we have, is to make a concerted , effort to vote to keep conservatives, real conservatives in office. An it is a very hard thing to do. The crimes by other presidents through out the ages, just do not matter any more, America has the attention span of a gerbil, hence why political power at the top tiers becomes a free pass to do what ever and get away with it. an the only justice is through public opinion and no being re elected. Again it isn't fair or just, but it is what it is. The frustration at the injustice is real and palpable , but if conservatives that are complaining are not doing the grass roots foot work to make sure that those conservatives out there vote when needed, or if they do not try to sway their neighbors and friends opinions to vote for a conservative, then there is no one to blame but oneself. The last time we saw real pushback by Americans who were not batcrap crazy, was the Tea Party, and it lasted a fleeting moment , with the democrats attacking and republicans trying to side with them quickly to try and absorb whatever momentum from the movement they could , and in turn it just faded away. If there are any remnants of the Tea party out there, they should be livid and moving again with this grab at a coupe and impeachment on Trump, but they are not. The only consistency we have of protesters now, are the loons, " antifa vs white supremacists and neo nazis ". an it starts out maybe with a few honest conservatives , that end up facing off against antifa and then the loons on the far right jump in, and then the message that was being fought against now is drowned out and it just looks like a giant race war. So how are conservatives really supposed to fight two fronts at the same time via protesting ? Fight the leftist racists and the far right racists at the same time. I dunno. should there be a physical conservative mob justice push to right these wrongs, chase out corrupt judges, flush out the rats in congress an the senate of both parties, an destroy a leftist " news media ", sure, it is long over due, but it doesn't ever go like that. An never will. It operates as the moon does on the earth, how it pulls at the oceans and rivers and causes the waters to rise an fall. We get complacent , the left rises, we wake up an vote them out, an go back to being complacent, an they creep back in. There is no final end to it. It will always be like this. It all breaks when the leftists take full control of all three branches of government for enough time to declare our Constitution and Bill of rights out dated and needing to be re written, at that point I will be more than happy to take a lone wolf approach to fixing things. But I suspect it will be a cold day in hell before the leftists get enough ground in my life time to make it happen.
  3. Interesting. Surely we are living in interesting times. I think you sir put up a really actionable move that can be done, that I for one am not seeing being done, which is to start a campaign to contact the White House and demand something. Anything really. Because it is not being done. Personally I think everyone who voted for Trump knows the impeachment is a joke and is going no where, I think those foaming at the mouth are just the leftists/deep stateists what ever you want to call em , who are giddy with glee at the thought they might win an impeachment process and get a conviction. They are deluded though.I see this impeachment as nothing but a game to try an attack Trump during the next election, to yammer constantly at saying either he was impeached, or is being impeached and how dare you try to run for re election during an impeachment ! I agree that as Americans we have the right to revolt against this kangaroo congress, in many forms, but for it to be done in force , with deploying military police to oust them.. It opens a can of worms that can not be un done and paves a path for retaliation in an election cycle where democrats will eventually regain control of everything. An we know an see how they love to retaliate when they are losing; imagine it being done when they have another Obama regime in power. Do you know how many times in US History, that a President has been convicted under impeachment, or how many times in US History a Congressman has been convicted under impeachment ??? Zero Big ole juicy goose egg. Convictions never happen, Impeachments are few and very far inbetween and even then, at worst, they end up with egg on someones face, and at worst as with Nixon an Clinton, a slap on the wrist. America is just not a nation that physically revolts any more, not in the sense of 1776 or enforces our own Constitutional Laws on our own government. Once you reach the top of the tier , it is a free pass to do what ever you want, under any guise you want. An the justice that is done; is done through a corrupted media with the truth scattered and needing the public to piece it together, with the final outcome being those at the top do not get re elected. That is their punishment not being re elected and losing the fame that came with their elected seat and losing the money from potential book deals and lectures. That is the justice our elected officials face and fear. An it isn't fair or just. Social media is becoming a bigger weapon today than it has ever. An well put together social media campaigns that gain a lot of followers, do gain attention from the government, I would go one further that it isn't enough to just send messages to the White House but to Congress as well. The phone lines to Congress should at this point in time be ringing to the point everyone gets sick of it an just disconnects the lines. fax machines should be going nuts as well, and emails too. Though there are software programs out there i am sure to filter and block negative messages getting through ,but not too sure. I think the White House still has a section on their website where you can create a petition, for what ever cause, and after so many signatures someone from the white house has to answer it , I think it was created when Obama got in as some kind of B.S transparent program to be implemented . Anyhow if anyone figures out how to make a real effort of visible push back, like what happened when the Tea Party showed up back in the day, and all of those were labeled as deplorables and terrorists, to launch that grass roots movement again, against congress now, with that same fervor and pressure, an put it on multiple levels of on the streets civilized protest / demonstrations with a social media push back campaign. Would be a very impressive feat to pull off, and it would be something to rattle the left even more, an have congress wet themselves a bit more. The problem is, it will draw out the white supremacists and neo nazis , and ANTIFA , an you will see those two Jerry Springer Trailer park teams go at it again. An i guess all one can do is hope they do it some where else and eat each other to the point that neither want to play grab ass anymore. Till then all we can do is wait for the next election and vote Trump back in , in 2020 and hope to retake the congress by vote with good conservative leaders and not shmuck swamp republicans that refuse to do anything that requires even an ounce of sweat.
  4. Totally agree, I remember going to DC and visiting the memorials on a weekend pass event, when I was in advanced training for my MOS at the time , while in the army, and it was a very solemn place, in fact, and interestingly, I found people to be more reverent and quiet there, than at any Catholic Church I have ever been too. An one would expect at least in a religious sense it to be the opposite . Those memorials I imagine are a giant thorn in the side of the Democrat / leftists party. IF they could spin it to be some kind of hate filled memorial they would, I imagine they have to some degree talked about how to and just can't figure out how to pull it off. Though I imagine there will be a day when they try.
  5. I actually remember this book of all places from my pre teens growing up, some kid n the neighborhood, heard about it, an this was like before the internet, and ordered it, an next thing ya know, he makes a molotov cocktail from the book and the bunch of us are making our way down to an abandoned clay pit, an he lights it , chucks it, an surprisingly, no big explosion, not any fire that i can remember, just smoke. and then on with our weekend we went, why he bought the book i have no idea. as kids it seemed like the most awesome book ever because it is showing you how with a cable, you can wrap it around a tree trunk on one side of the street, strap it to another tree trunk on the other, and then ipsofacto you got some kind of trip wire for cars, and what psychotic group of kids, didn't want to try it an see if it wouldn't really flip a car. I never understood the purpose of this book, did the author think he was creating some kind of movement, or was it some ploy by the government to snag whack a moles and hope they die trying to do these things in the book ? dunno. I do though suspect that real terrorists are not wasting their time with this book. really, any nut job i imagine isn't because one they probably cant sit still long enough to read how to make what ever is in it. n two they are probably whacked outta their minds to remember wtf they read.
  6. Well, that actually makes a lot more sense Hammer , because everything I found, was just really weird and didn't make any sense at all to me. An if what you are saying is correct then I hope good people do not get suckered into something they shouldn't.
  7. So, I understand the posting to be a call for security for the event on Nov 9th. What I do not really understand is what the rally is exactly for.... The posting states, This for me is way to broad , and very generic . If someone had posted, a rally that is a pro-life rally, that is pretty obvious and easy to understand what it is about versus this quote. Then I did some searching and found the site, DeclarationofRestoration.org which states, except, when you look on the site, it has about 800 some odd views, and a list of who is going to speak and a generic press release and that is it. More over, it mentions and shows nothing about a " Declaration of Restoration ". More over, if there was a physical declaration or restoration / list of grievances, I would expect it also to be brought forward to Congress, not just the White House. An to say that this document is going to be delivered to the White House.... Exactly who is thinking whom is going to receive it ? Trump ? Pence ? or more likely a security guard at a gate. Who is probably going to reject it an tell someone to mail it in. This is an entire mashed up pile of confusion . That is coming off as nothing more than a gathering to just whine and moan. The problem isn't Donald Trump. The problem is 90% the democrat party and 10% Republicans. I do not know the technical jargon, but I know there is a process to be heard by congress, an it has something to do with going to your representative and telling him or her you want to speak before congress to some degree or another, and then you present what ever it is you have to present, which would in turn give one the platform needed to present this " declaration ". An also, going a more formal route to present such a declaration and going to congress would get more media attention than a rally that is having a raffle and speakers and etc. Declarations are nice, but this is not a declaration , there is an understood repercussion or reciprocal action / effect from such a declaration that is to be expected, either by those presenting it or on the part of those receiving and either or parties reaction would be positive or negative with the action. Point is, there is no " or else " from this declaration. To just hand in a letter, complaining that life sucks means nothing to our government. If there was a document and it said something like here is a list of grievances starting with A and going to Z and we expect the government to address us publicly and meet with our representatives from our group, then there is something substantial going on. This is not the case. This coming off as a joke, and a waste of time. If this was an event, to put Pelosi on notice and the Democrats, that trying to impeach and convict Donald Trump, was going to result in them being hounded to hell an back, and that they were going to feel some real fear to some degree, then I would be more than happy to support an participate such an event. This is not it though. This is nothing more than a vague idea at best. An the conversation has turned into well we don't want to look white supremacist / nazi sympathizers because of the dates in question. Which FYI to that, the media as we all know is locked and owned by the democrats, it doesn't matter if the event took place on the 4th of July, if they want to make it look like a white supremacist / nazi rally , they will. If one doesn't want it to come off like that, then don't act a fool, and don't let known white supremacists / neo nazi groups take over the event. I know i am being rather negative , but this is what the event is looking like, like a couple of people got together and said hey what are you doing on such n such a day ? nothing ? cool, hey wana put together a list of grievances against the government and present it to the White House ( not realizing you cant just walk up to the White House and hand deliver a letter ) ? Sure, okay cool i'll post it on FB. an see what happens. An the other person goes, okay cool i post it on another site and say we need security.
  8. I find the double standards with the law and politicians to be infuriating and disgusting. An this is more of a rant I guess than anything and maybe curious to see if others see it or to what degree. A civilian breaks any law in America, from jaywalking to murder and for the most part the person is held accountable by the law via the police and courts. Yet our elected officials once they gain rank in our government are as I see it, untouchable when it comes to being held accountable in a court of law and knowing they will face jail or prison time for their actions. At worst we see underlings being punished on either side of the line. An usually for something trivial in regards to money being gained for campaigns or something that is really small in comparison to what party leaders get away with constantly. We see time and again on either side of the isle something corrupt happens at some level, everyone in DC goes bananas pretending to demand justice, respective entertainment outlets pretend to be journalists and pretend that they care and are seeking the truth.. An it seems that the real court system now for our elected officials is indeed the entertainment system and public opinion, once public opinion is swayed the punishment is losing the next election and nothing more. An for some reason that is acceptable justice.. An everyone just shrugs their shoulders in the media industry an says well that is the way it is. You can pick any administration in American history and ask what party leaders faced jail or prison time for their criminal actions and it is always no one. We can't even as a nation if we wanted to, petition for and set into motion in a legal manner for example, term limits on the supreme court. Pick what ever irks you, that you feel needs to be changed, and start down the legal way of getting things addressed , and then pretend it makes enough head way and gets noticed, what happens next is both parties in turn at some point shut it down. An it becomes a question then, why play by the rules ? Why play be the rules when the people who make them do not even adhere to them. The saying, of work hard, and all the cliches one can think of living a good moral life, pay your taxes , etc, and prosperity and justice follows. An I just don't believe it any more. I don't think it was ever true, it may be possible, but it just isn't true for everyone. An maybe there is naivety thinking there is a chance at justice when playing by the rules. So is trial by media, and public opinion with the outcome being, not getting re elected good enough as being justice served for our elected government officials. That right there is something I would love to see Fox News or Rush or any major conservative in tv or radio answer.
  9. TY for the replies, n ty for the link to the other thread on the same topic, figured there was one, just searching forums for similar topics i find hard as the list to me always seems endless, and good point on Rush being a political entertainer a really valid point. pretty much how i look at fox news as well as political entertainment rather than any kind of real news. Granted rush, fox an other conservative outlets do report factual news but in the long run it is all about ratings and a paycheck, and to a degree i can't fault em. The political nature of the country gets exhausting and very frustrating and i can understand how some people can flip the crazy button at times. If citizens with any wealth an knowledge in this country actually did compile a list of grievances that were to be presented to the government in some form, it would be interesting, and not as a notice of hey these are problems that need to be fixed with in the next 20-50 years, but a notice of, this is why all of you are about to get your teeth knocked in of a notice, would be even more interesting. Maybe another question is do we as a nation ever really want to have to face a breaking point and then if the answer becomes no, then the only answer is to keep voting for the changes we want to see to maintain peace.... an then maybe that is the difference with America and other nations, we see China going through the tides of change with Hong Kong and their protests, Venezuela and etc.. they have to do what they are doing because they just can't vote a problem out like America can. They can't sit by for 2-4 years and just vote problems away. An another good point was about the short memory span of the nation. Maybe at best, it is a week on an issue. At most it seems to be a month, and then with national tragedies maybe a year ? People as a whole cant seem to care enough about an issue long enough to be bothered to demand a vote on issues that are crippling our nation to certain degrees. I like to imagine a syfy version of our government where becoming an elected official from president, congress, and senate , carries a death sentence for them once their time is up or at worse, they lose a limb. To me it is only fair. We have our emergency services that put their lives on the line all the time and die in the line of duty and a military just he same.. An exactly what do our elected officials give up or exactly what pressures do they face other than the fear of not being re elected. Ah an bringing back duels to settle disputes with in the government. with no wiggle room for getting out of a duel and no throwing in the towel before a shot is fired. wooo an any deliberate miss results in a automatic loss of ones argument. It is frustrating though all of it , the checks and balances that were put in place have been circumvented and politicians no longer have any fear of the decisions they make. An once in a while I appreciate being able to pop in here to vent, an let it go, to save what is left of my sanity. cheers to all an to a good forum.
  10. I haven't been on the forum in a while. But decided to pop back in to pose a question that has been on my mind and has probably been asked on the forum to some degree or another. An it is in regards to that line n the sand in regards to when as citizens do we no longer vote to fix problems with in the government and feel a need as the founding fathers did with the crown to make changes by force. An for me this came about recently listening to Rush, where he had mentioned that he was having a caller waiting on the line to talk about how the Democrat party is never put behind bars, for any real crime, yet republicans at any level are always a target. An for me the call was boiling down to two things, double standards and accountability . Once one reaches to an elected level in our three branches of government, it is basically a free for all in that you are not going to jail or prison, unless 1 you are a Republican, or 2 there just is no choice but to put one in jail or prison because the evidence is beyond overwhelming and there isn't a lie big enough to set one free. In the end though the double standard is the rule of law just does not apply to our government any more. Republican or Democrat. Especially when it comes to the Presidency. For either party, and I do not think it necessary to give examples. An as for accountability , why bother going into that .. The only real accountability is when it is election time, and the country seems to fall into a pattern of sharing power between parties every 8 years, 8 for one party then 8 for the next. Like how the moon pulls on the Earth an we go through tidal changes. But what I wanted to ask to Rush, is exactly when is it time to force elected officials out of power, not by voting them out but by force. Due to utter their utter corrupt leadership and now a blatantly leftist media machine. I doubt Rush would be willing to honestly answer that. The thing is peace at all cost, comes at a price, to take up a totally pacifist way of making change with in our own country, but willing to shed the lives of our military on foreign land seems odd. An with one party turning as left as it can get on a daily basis, with no signs of people in their own party trying to fix things to a more middle ground, an the other party too cowardly to stand up to the other... but willing to screw over a president in their own party...It seems a waste of time to think that the rule of law will ever apply to our own government ever again. If the rule of law ever did apply to our own government. Now I am not talking about the likely hood of any kind of success at forcibly removing corrupt politicians from power. I am more curious if our nation as a whole, even cares any more about the double standards our government has come to abiding by the law, and being held accountable. I honestly do not think there is a line in the sand any more, I do not think there is a straw that can break the camels back any more either in regards to our government being held accountable ever again or needing to abide by the law in any sense of the word. We see push back now and then in the form of protests real protests not rioting. Like when Obama started nudging towards playing with the second amendment , but for some reason got away scott free with the ACA / " obama care ". Side note Obama got two full terms, He shouldn't of been elected at all. For plenty of good solid reasons, but to see him get re elected was the real mind baffling weirdness. Even with a poor competitor running against him back n the day, he should of lost his re election. But didn't. An then following this flow of a new age socialism Hillary by the way things were going should of won. Seeing a country vote for hope an change it should of been a slam dunk for Hillary, but to see Trump get elected and shock the socialists was indeed puzzling, after all, everyone was just punch happy with obama... so what happened ? was voting for obama just a joke to the democrat party ? All a front or a game ? An to see trump get elected an see this giant good shift take place but to then lose the congress is a bit maddening as well, to have both houses, barely do anything to rid the corruption, have congress fight against trump, then toss all re elections and more over not have a strong conservative push rise up to replace a failing congress, i find odd as well. At this point in time i would settle for cutting the government in half, 50/50 control through all three branches, add a seat or two to the supreme court so it is even for both parties, an just give each party the ability to vote in new party members an keep the presidency election the same. At least with 50/50 it becomes next to impossible to be completely screwed over another Carter, Clinton, Obama , regime and republicans can just keep pretending they can do anything.
  11. Well, maybe a hint of acceptance only due to I am not in any position to actually get physically involved in things any more. I need to turn my life around drastically before I can be involved in anything socially any more. So that hint of acceptance is really more due to personal problems. I have heard of the Koch brothers, but i was under the impression they were in the pocket of the democrat party, so i'll deff read up on them an that other article later on. I think mainly what I am working on right now is getting educated enough on how our government is supposed to work; so that when I do one day start getting over my problems that I can engage people in a political discussion and know more than I do now which is barely enough, and be able to point to factual proof that is easy enough to find to back things up. An not end things with this " well lets agree to disagree " but to end it with you are just flat out wrong and here is why , disagree with me all you want. Cheers.
  12. it is just a sad situation with the tax issue, the government seems to be aware that there is no legality to the IRS and that taxation was put into place illegally, and the nation just cant seem to do anything about it, because the arguement is, well how is the government supposed to pay for anything with out taxes... ( and then the government whispers, but we are just too lazy to do our jobs and come up with a decent plan on fair taxes and doing things legally an we are power hungry) The frog in the pot is a spot on analogy; and i think we are past the point of that pot starting to boil. The issue is probably a dead one on ever getting things to compromise in the center where neither side is exactly happy, but at least things were done properly and legally and in the future can be worked on instead of trying to untangle a giant knot. But that doesn't mean that people shouldn't still be educated. If there was a good team of lawyers out there, who were constitutional conservatives, that could actually get together and work on a solid plan on how citizens could do two things at once that is stop paying taxes, and in turn lobby their representatives to fix this issue under the guidelines of the Constitution and Bill of Rights; then perhaps that could swing things in a new direction. But when there is no solidified effort, for one to just stop paying taxes even with this information, it is just going to end up with the person being locked up. And it would also take a good media campaign to get the message out there. What gets me is the left has George Soros and others to fund their ideology and campaigns.... exactly who in the conservative realm is in the category of being " rich " and would be willing to back such efforts ? You could say Donald Trump, and he is doing his part on the inside, it just takes more... on the outside and inside to work together. I guess the silver lining to all of this , is even in our governments worst of times, it is still 100% better than those running kingdoms and etc in the Middle East/ and Europe. An we have the chance to continue to make it better where as others have to risk their lives more often than not to make what should be a simple change.
  13. isn't that interesting ! I am going to do like these representatives do, and assume... assume that the simple majority was left to be the final decision because there was the assumption that everyone was on board. And I would have to assume again that if the other representatives did not feel that way, either they were ignorant that the vote even took place, didn't care, or perhaps a deal was made to let it go through so that they gain something in return. The problem with this,, which doesn't make sense is why representatives do this.... they have to know that their families and decendants are going to be subject to this. Though an i hate to say it, i think we all know that any court of law just isn't going to buck the system on this and agree with a citizen that since the government didnt legally complete the process ipsofacto you dont have to pay. The arguement has to be then is there any discussion any where that states , that a simple majority is legal and or binding... BUT even then.. lets say okay the courts do decide yes this wasn't legal to begin with it has to go back and be redone and voted on... I seriously doubt that our representatives are going to go okay lets scrap taxes. Though it would be nice if they came together and came up with some kind of fair tax law.
  14. so I am learning some more, good stuff, 16th amendment dealing with taxes, isn't that a kick in the pants.... part of the American Revolution was because of Taxation and then came along no taxation with out representation.... but again, things are becoming a pandoras box, once things are done, then that is it. for the most part. What I am wondering now though, is exactly how many of our elected officials actually know how our government is supposed to work. Are they getting into office with bare minimum knowledge of the position they are running for and just working from what others are telling them is how things are supposed to go ? The thing is, once the government creates something that benefits them, it is pretty much impossible to get them to reverse the decision and do things the legal and correct way. BUT I do think if one wants to be a political activist in regards to any thing in regards to the law, then it is very important to be educated on the subject, so that when the time comes to be dragged into court, and the evidence is laid out, there will be only two choices, accept the truth or stick with a lie and start putting innocent people in jail / prison. ( which is already happening but for other reasons. )
  15. I think the hard part to educating people, at least in regards to the left and democrats and mine as well throw in the far right, even racists or scum bags, what ever fits... is ; it is very hard to change someones mind that is either mentally unstable, or just absolutely close minded. How to reach those people is one that I am out of ideas on.

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