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  1. Well, maybe a hint of acceptance only due to I am not in any position to actually get physically involved in things any more. I need to turn my life around drastically before I can be involved in anything socially any more. So that hint of acceptance is really more due to personal problems. I have heard of the Koch brothers, but i was under the impression they were in the pocket of the democrat party, so i'll deff read up on them an that other article later on. I think mainly what I am working on right now is getting educated enough on how our government is supposed to work; so that when I do one day start getting over my problems that I can engage people in a political discussion and know more than I do now which is barely enough, and be able to point to factual proof that is easy enough to find to back things up. An not end things with this " well lets agree to disagree " but to end it with you are just flat out wrong and here is why , disagree with me all you want. Cheers.
  2. it is just a sad situation with the tax issue, the government seems to be aware that there is no legality to the IRS and that taxation was put into place illegally, and the nation just cant seem to do anything about it, because the arguement is, well how is the government supposed to pay for anything with out taxes... ( and then the government whispers, but we are just too lazy to do our jobs and come up with a decent plan on fair taxes and doing things legally an we are power hungry) The frog in the pot is a spot on analogy; and i think we are past the point of that pot starting to boil. The issue is probably a dead one on ever getting things to compromise in the center where neither side is exactly happy, but at least things were done properly and legally and in the future can be worked on instead of trying to untangle a giant knot. But that doesn't mean that people shouldn't still be educated. If there was a good team of lawyers out there, who were constitutional conservatives, that could actually get together and work on a solid plan on how citizens could do two things at once that is stop paying taxes, and in turn lobby their representatives to fix this issue under the guidelines of the Constitution and Bill of Rights; then perhaps that could swing things in a new direction. But when there is no solidified effort, for one to just stop paying taxes even with this information, it is just going to end up with the person being locked up. And it would also take a good media campaign to get the message out there. What gets me is the left has George Soros and others to fund their ideology and campaigns.... exactly who in the conservative realm is in the category of being " rich " and would be willing to back such efforts ? You could say Donald Trump, and he is doing his part on the inside, it just takes more... on the outside and inside to work together. I guess the silver lining to all of this , is even in our governments worst of times, it is still 100% better than those running kingdoms and etc in the Middle East/ and Europe. An we have the chance to continue to make it better where as others have to risk their lives more often than not to make what should be a simple change.
  3. isn't that interesting ! I am going to do like these representatives do, and assume... assume that the simple majority was left to be the final decision because there was the assumption that everyone was on board. And I would have to assume again that if the other representatives did not feel that way, either they were ignorant that the vote even took place, didn't care, or perhaps a deal was made to let it go through so that they gain something in return. The problem with this,, which doesn't make sense is why representatives do this.... they have to know that their families and decendants are going to be subject to this. Though an i hate to say it, i think we all know that any court of law just isn't going to buck the system on this and agree with a citizen that since the government didnt legally complete the process ipsofacto you dont have to pay. The arguement has to be then is there any discussion any where that states , that a simple majority is legal and or binding... BUT even then.. lets say okay the courts do decide yes this wasn't legal to begin with it has to go back and be redone and voted on... I seriously doubt that our representatives are going to go okay lets scrap taxes. Though it would be nice if they came together and came up with some kind of fair tax law.
  4. so I am learning some more, good stuff, 16th amendment dealing with taxes, isn't that a kick in the pants.... part of the American Revolution was because of Taxation and then came along no taxation with out representation.... but again, things are becoming a pandoras box, once things are done, then that is it. for the most part. What I am wondering now though, is exactly how many of our elected officials actually know how our government is supposed to work. Are they getting into office with bare minimum knowledge of the position they are running for and just working from what others are telling them is how things are supposed to go ? The thing is, once the government creates something that benefits them, it is pretty much impossible to get them to reverse the decision and do things the legal and correct way. BUT I do think if one wants to be a political activist in regards to any thing in regards to the law, then it is very important to be educated on the subject, so that when the time comes to be dragged into court, and the evidence is laid out, there will be only two choices, accept the truth or stick with a lie and start putting innocent people in jail / prison. ( which is already happening but for other reasons. )
  5. I think the hard part to educating people, at least in regards to the left and democrats and mine as well throw in the far right, even racists or scum bags, what ever fits... is ; it is very hard to change someones mind that is either mentally unstable, or just absolutely close minded. How to reach those people is one that I am out of ideas on.
  6. The thing with this .... i still cant figure out why Trump would want to impose Martial Law on any level, I mean he is doing pretty good as president over all, he doesn't come off as a power hungry boogy man. He hasn't that i can tell signed anything in the middle of the night , like was done in the obama administration for a few laws. With rescinding of any acts or laws. I think Obama care is a great indicator that he even with the wins he is making, and even with the Congress and Senate with republicans behind the wheel, just cant enact some kind of executive action and rescind these items ,even though it seems to me Obama just used this pretend executive action / order , b.s to push through obama care... These things Abortion , patriot act, obama care, are pandoras boxes, and once open, good luck trying to close them. I cant figure out why they are so hard to close, but they just are, and it is infuriating, And for abortion i am not for it, but what I am for, is states deciding if they want to allow it or not and me having the option to support it or not and or the ability to pick up an move to a state that doesnt support it.
  7. Interesting stuff, what I did notice from my search which is really just wikipedia, according to that site, the weavers did in some fashion win a court case and were awarded damages a million or something in that range if not more, and i could be off in the amount as i just didnt take the two seconds to go look on wikipedia again... That survey you mentioned is interesting, I actually served in the Army back in 97-2000; now i was a unit supply specialist, 92y, but assigned to a combat unit, and i do remember one time witnessing a training mission that i thought was ridiculous at the time, an it was service members dressed in street clothes, and i forget the proper name but it is basically lazer tag gear, a type of vest with sensors and the m16 is fitted with a flash suppressor thing an a small lazer device that fires once the trigger is pulled and etc. ( which i was a smart ass when i used the vest and removed the double A battery cause I figured well, if this " war " why the heck am i going to play fair ?) ANNNNY HOW, the event i witnessed , was this small group of people where behind a barracade, and just shouting an jumping around, trying to simulate a rowdy crowd, and there were just maybe 2 or three soliders manning this check point, it looked ridiculous to me, but now that you mentioned the 90s and the training exercises, it makes sense now. because this was before 9/11, so it had to of been training for rural altercations. Your survey you mentioned, 300 participated, though you didnt mention their response, but lets just say that all 300 voted that they would infringe on civil rights or engage in violence, shoot someone to remove their firearm.... as distressing as that is, that was only a survey of 300 Marines, And that survey did not mention the intent of the survey, and unless these 300 marines did not sign their names on a log in sheet before taking the survey, and didnt sign their names on the survey, then it would be a real blind survey or it would be easily known who took part and confidentiality just goes out the door, in which case, that survey could have been a way to find out who the nut jobs were and muster them out, ( and i am just spit balling that idea. ). you cracked me up with Alex Jones, I barely liked Alex Jones, what i cant stand is he tells half truths, he talks over guests, and he never backs up any of his reports with some thing that listeners can go and verify with ease. And for some reason he thinks the government is out to kill him. So he might be a lil surprised to hear that the government has turned him !! I do think though that incidents like Waco and Ruby Ridge , are going to be rare, the exception i would say being the Boston Marathon Bombing, I thought it a bit ridiculous to do a door to door search for the terrorists, and what ends up happening ??? A home owner discovers the kid hiding in his boat, and alerts police. I mean the highest profile event of the year, and the police or government really thought they were going to have wait very long to find the guy ?? but I say i think these incidents are going to be rare now because of the cries of police violence and the rush to the court to sue the officers involved , city and police department and cash in on a big pay day. Not to mention, the internet wasn't as live streamed then as it is now. A push of a button and one can live stream a recording straight to youtube or facebook making it harder for law enforcement to be dirty, if they are dirty. not perfect , but better than nothing. I cant let myself run wild with thoughts that all of the military and law enforcement are trigger happy and dirty to a large degree, i dont need that paranoia in my life. but i am not oblivious that there are bad people out there in positions of authoraty and there should be easier ways to flush them out. How I don't know..... I think one instance where technology and the media helped to fight against the government was in regards to the B. Land Management / BLM incident involving Cliven Bundy, now I do think the Bundy family, should have gone about fighting harder in court to prevent things from going as far as they did, BUT with Fox news on the scene and with the way supporters stood up to government agents things ended in favor of the civilians. Where Bundy stands now who knows. But the point is, those government agents could have opened fire at any moment, but with plenty of media coverage, the government agencies involved knew they were being watched.... remember the saying, the Pen is mightier than the sword.... I think today that the camera / video recorder / internet is becoming mightier than the sword.
  8. Resister, I finally got to read your article from that link you posted, and do hope others give it a read too. I was expecting a cocky, convoluted , spiritual pandering or rambles, but it was none of that. It was a very easy coherent read. I did though at the end start to wonder about how religion by the left is only noticed with in two religions, Islam, and Judaism. Islam to the left is for some reason very respected not to be trifled with, either out of fear or who knows what. And Judaism seems to be the religion that the left seems to tolerate only because in my opinion they seem to enjoy manipulating their voters. An then you have other religions which are looked at as interesting and not a threat, and then Christianity. Which for the left, Christianity is pretty much the most offensive word and religion out there. A few years back I enjoyed supporting and participating to the best of my abilities on line as an " eco activist " in terms of marine conservation; I did though get out of that world because in the end I did see how far left the movement and group I wanted to socialize with was becoming and how they would rather use dishonest methods to achieve a goal be it flat out using supporters and members as scapegoats or expendable resources or lieing to the media to garner attention to marine conservation. Though it was a good feeling to see decent ideas I had being used at times. Didn't always work, but it was interesting to see that people on line were actually listening but couldnt flat out give recognition for an idea, as then that would obviously tip off the ones you are trying to shut down where to go. So,,,, I think it is a safe bet to say that obama care and abortion are two manuvers by the left that are not constitutional and are more falling into an unwritten rule that the left upholds along with weak or sympathetic corporations. My next question then is, what else is out there that is not either being enforced, or is an unconstitutional rule that is being enforced.? Thanks again for writing, How do we effect change. Cheers.
  9. Ruby Ridge is one that I actually do not remember for some reason, Waco I actually do remember as it was pretty much all over the television. Now to be fair, both incidents do really show a lack of self control on parts of the government and law enforcement. Where I do not see the connection though is how that relates to martial law or f.e.m.a camps.... less i just miss understood your reply. Unless you are suggesting that martial law is what was used in both situations ??? If the idea is that martial law was initiated i do not see it specifically mentioned, an this was just from skimming the internet, the references i see is just federal agents, not the term martial law was enacted. BUT the government proved in both situations their piss poor performance on two incidents that could have been handled very differently had cooler heads prevailed. i do think there is a degree to the second part of what you stated about ideology over a paycheck, and society moving towards secularism. and people only seeing what they can get out of the government and adding ( not what they can do to help their country ).... I think to this second part it is to a degree in that the we should be labeled the democrat party and all the filth that is attached to it, and the Rino Republicans / maybe even republicans that are just too cowardly to do the right thing. Those people to me are the ones where that paycheck means way more than any kind morality or ideology less you want to expand ideology to political beliefs then for that party it might be a toss up. And then lumping that group into secularism. The force to me that is always pushing back even if in a weakend state is; religious institutions ( even though they have their own problems fundamentally they know they are not serving a paycheck and the ones that are really serving and not in the higherarchy are the ones doing the good work ) and then we have actual republicans , conservatives ,and constitutional conservatives ... i don't think that secularism is going to win , at least not with out a hard fight on many levels. An same for the democrat party. Which really, I think in this era, they really shouldnt even be called democrats anymore, not when a 28 yr old woman can run under the democrat flag and label herself a democrat socialist. Thank you for the conversation.
  10. An exactly what would be the purpose to enact martial law and FEMA camps for the homeless ? The problem with homelessness is a problem that will never go away in anyones life time. An homelessness is a topic that has many problematic issues that are just not easily solved. It is almost like a disease that is hard to cure once you have it, but a better way to treat the issue is to prevent it from happening the best one can. Doesn't seem to make anysense for Trump to enact any kind of martial law for any reason at this point in time, especially against the homeless. Martial law was a topic that came up in another forum i was on a while back but it was in regards to obama and his administration during is years in office.. An thankfully that never came to pass. Though the topic of martial law is interesting, on one hand it feels ominious as if the nature of its design is to make a free people submissive, when I would wager a guess that the intent is to secure a populous that is being threatened by a group that is dangerous to the country in some form or another. Though the arguement I suppose is once in power a president can use " martial law" at ones discretion for any reason be it honest or diabolical and no one can do anything about it. Though the problem with thinking the worst case scenerio is, people in the armed forces, law enforcement, and even our national security agencies, are still people, still citizens, and have a free moral compass like anyone else. They have the ability to disobey any order that is either morally wrong , legally wrong if they so choose to. So a topic of discussion that I would be more interested in is, what is the actual likely hood of our own military turning against the people they have sworn to protect. And does our military have enough leaders to do what is right in the face of a government that chooses to do wrong.
  11. I appreciate the reply Resister, and the link, which I will be giving a read soon, i noticed you addressed just in skimming it, laws that are unconstitutional, so far the only law that i can think of that is unconstitutional, is obama care, in that it didn't fully go through the proper legal process of becoming an actual law, which for democrats and the like, is no big deal, BUT thing is, in court cases, criminals are always hiring lawyers ( the rich criminals ) lawyers that know to look for the slightest discrepancy and then beat it to death, so if an arresting officer didnt read someone their rights, that could get the criminal off, if the court didnt file a piece of legal paper work in time, boom case dismissed, things like that happen all the time, YET we are to believe just because obama care got passed through by the democrat party , and to hell with the actual legal process that it is a real law. I mean unless i missed something and it did go through the entire legal process, then i'll retract that. same thing with abortion, it is technically only upheld by the judicial system, it is not a constitutional right nor has it ever been voted on, yet the tax payer is still being forced to contribute to it. Those right there , could very well be to some , lines in the sand, i suppose. any how i meant to ask does that book, you sited, go into any facts about what citizens have the legal right to do in addressing such a topic or is it more on the moral stance of things ? Lastly and this is for you or anyone, IF a " Law " has not gone through the legal process to become a law, or if the judicial system is wrong in their opinion in calling something legal, Then why does the issue even need to be " repealed " ? how can you repeal a law that is techincally not even a law, and more over how are we supposed to rectify a judicial Opinion that is just that, an opinion, and more over a wrong opinion that has nothing to do with the actual intent of the constitution or bill of rights.??? But perhaps the problem is, even if a law is unjustly a law, and or technically not even legally a law; if corporations choose to abide by what should be called a rule, and if courts decide to uphold a rule, there is the problem, and if law enforcement decides to abide by what a court says in their decision, then the citizen has lost. and lost even more, when there are just not enough people to stand up and fight back on the level that democrats/ socialists/liberals do on any occasion, non stop. I am dissapointed with Trump in that Obama care should have been fully repealed by now, i could careless how it is replaced just repeal it and do things the right way , as it was designed to be done. I could careless about a wall being built because the truth is, criminals are going to come into the country with or with out a wall. locks and doors, are not meant to keep bad people out, but to keep good people honest, is one saying. An a wall is only going to become this giant beast of a target for democrats to attack non stop. I am not against a wall being built, i just dont see it solving it anything is my point. ) an this last part was more of a rant ) an now i can get some sleep cause im done ! Cheers people.
  12. Hi people, I am new to the forum; and decided to look into militia venues and found this site. The original poster was asking about the legality of bringing up or discussing this topic of revolution, and for the most part I can not think of how just talking about what a revolution in todays world would look like and what it would take, is illegal in any context. I think the probable scenerio is that actually saying, something like, hi I am so an so of this militia and i am recruiting for the purpose of taking up arms against a political figure and having him or her physically removed from office by violence, and taken to a court of law or executed,,,, i think a discussion like that is when things become a legal problem and could have legal reprocussions. That being said, if one is openly talking about such things on the internet, ya kind of have to expect that the government has already picked up wind of it. There are no secrets on the internet. With the way government spy agencies have the means to have trigger words or sentences raise some kind of flag. forget it. Now are there ways around such dialogue online sure. but the best bet is to always talk in person with someone you have personally known for at least seven years. and to figure out some kind of way of vetting other people. One thing I have noticed on a few responses is that an actual armed conflict/civil war/ revolution is the last option. And that makes and is agreeable, but where the line is in the sand seems really murky. Because we have a system in place where voting is where the difference is made, but as recently seen , a 28 yr old woman just beat a democrat and she ran as a " Democrat Socialist " ... So the thing is, what happens if the nation votes for a " Democrat Socialist President " and does so legally and that person wins.... Because if the line in the sand is confiscating weapons , that is never going to happen because there are laws out the nose where you basically have to sign over an organ and multiple forms of ID so that the government knows who has a firearm. More over there are tons of laws across states that convolte the legality of taking a fire arm across state lines with out registering into that state if you are moving to that state and it just gets more convoluted from there on out that the idea of the second amendment being the line is just not needed. It is far more of a pain in the rear to purchase a fire arm today that confiscation isn't needed. What I do not think the Constitution or the Bill of Rights really states is what is the final straw ? where is the line in the sand, and exactly what is that line in the sand, where American Citizens have the legal right and moral authoraity to take up arms against the government or a political party , to restore the constitution and bill of rights ? I am sure someone will say it is written right here an quote something, but i mean something written so specifically in black and white, that not even the supreme court can debate the legality of it. That it is just bare bones common sense and anyone who says other wise as to what it means is just flat out lying. I personally think, there is no real line in the sand any more, if there was, it was with Obama; I was truly fearful that he was going to try and find a way to end term limits to the presidency and keep his nightmare going. He gave a good try at ending the second ammendment but that was really a waste of time as he was already succeeding at destroying the country on other fronts that he didnt even need to attempt it. Some here have said that If Trump wins in 2020 the left could lose it altogether an go for violence, and maybe, but i cant say that i am that scared of the left to that degree, not when they dont want to use fire arms. I mean a gun versus a screaming loon hurling a bag of crap ? or mace or whatever... meh. I honestly think there is no line which is a breaking point, that conservatives and militias will go okay, enough is enough. Marijuana is being legalized like it or not, freedom of speech gets twisted to mean that you can say what ever you want when you want, and others have to listen or else, you have the right to bare arms, but you have to fill out a novel of paper work and pay fees, no term limits are leading to more and more activist judges having a field day. I really think we could have an open boarder country, and democrats could have control over the nation for the next 20 years, and nothing would happen. No militia across the country I am willing to bet, actually has any kind of document, plan, or vow, what ever you want to call it, that says, if x,y,and z happens, then that is it, it is time to act with violence to make things right.I also think, that if any kind of civil war or revolution to make things right were to take place, it wouldnt be successful with out a real plan of action, and the backing of other friendly nations to at the very least understand where we as a free nation stand, what is actually going on, and to not fight against us but to either help us restore what we lost, prosocute those who have destroyed our nation and or just stay out of our way while we do it ourselves. With no real leadership to a cause, any plan of action would be pointless... and again if anyone has answers, i would love to hear it, specifically where is the line, why is it the line, and any other observations.

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