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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/news/vanessa-guillen-bludgeoned-death-hammer-231217648.html
  2. Totally understand jethro , I will make sure to stay away from what ever inbred, racist, goat fucking militia you are apart of. an fuck the nasty guard up the ass while you are at it , please ; the boy scouts are more put together than the racist proud boys and the nasty guard put together. I posted all this while listening a banjo playing Dixie. Because my Pansy ass loves me some banjo.
  3. Kali has access to a private BLM FB Page ? or is it just speculation ?
  4. it is really interesting that there are so many consequences and articles to deal with these issues, kind of like how the founding fathers wrote up rules and the like so that in the event a president or other member of government, can be removed from office, so if we keep following the " it is supposed to happen like this " idea , by all accounts Clinton should of been convicted for lying to congress and removed from office. But evidently the process of his trial , evidently didn't get the supposed to memo on convicting a president for lying under oath. It was Supposed to happen, there were blatant and obvious laws and articles already in place for anyone to know, and it is mind boggling how even the simplest of American Voters did not know what was supposed to happen. an that then gets chalked up to the , whoopsie pile, of being stuck with shit leadership and not the norm. Mine as well chalk Tillman and that other solider an the Officers involved with the Greeneville into the, not the norm category as well and an give more praise to a court system that protects those above a certain rank. People forget that joining the military one signs over all their freedom and rights, there is no voting out or recalling bad NCOS / leadership, there is an entire system that is outside the rest of the world, with its' own set of written and unwritten rules, to which people should not be ignorant of and be prepared to find out that unwritten rules and cliques and ones career and image are protected way faster and more often than giving that same treatment to the very bottom rung. The word ( NO ) and the Concept of having respect for each other, are reserved for those in the NCO - Officer ranks, The military even makes it a point to break each group up, so that there is no fraternizing among the brackets. Which I have no problem with, it just goes to show that there are classes with in the military. NCOs an Officers may THINK they have everyones respect under them, but that is really just a sense of entitlement due to ones rank. Though I guess I could say while what I am saying it is true but not the norm, it sure does start to look like a fairly normal reality once we start stacking up news articles of what is taking place in the military. Base commanders and the military never really get that worked up, until their faces are on public TV being asked to explain why a crime took place under their watch on a disgusting magnitude . well before i split an give everyone else the last word how about two more examples of ( Supposed to ) and Military Bullshit, with unwritten rules, https://www.nbcnews.com/news/military/navy-expected-relieve-captain-who-raised-alarm-about-covid-19-n1175351 Everyone is fairly familiar with this story, If we give this captain the benefit of the doubt, of not being a little cry baby bitch, and a drama queen over the covid virus, an believe what he says, then we have to believe that he did in deed , follow protocol, and went up the chain of command addressing the issue, and waited for a very long time for a response, and either never got a response or got one he didn't like in regards to a very serious problem on the ship he was in command of, and he was worried about not only the safety of those on board but where ever his ship might end up docking at. In return he felt he had no other option but to alert the public, and for all his troubles, for doing everything in the supposed to fashion, he was ignored, and then politically and militarily executed. I suppose we should chalk his experience to not the norm as well... or we can talk about Chelsea Manning, as messed up as that person is and even though he in the end did commit espionage , the personal story behind it all is what is ignored, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chelsea_Manning parts worth nothing are , Email to supervisor, recommended discharge and Contact with gender counselor and Move to Fort Drum, deployment to Iraq Those parts right there, show how a lot of supposed to, things, did not take place, a lot of warning signs were plainly evident and in the end, it was leadership that messed up, time after time after time. Because of the unwritten rules on handling a situation with in the military . Had Mannings superiors not had their heads up their asses, Manning might have at the very least had his security clearance revoked, or at best had been discharged on a mental instability status and thusly either way not have had the chance to leak said information. Point is, Mannings leadership is just as guilty as Manning, yet not one person in Mannings leadership got the scrutiny or legal attention that Manning did. Very easy to chop the head off lower ranks and grunts, but climb higher and one is practically untouchable.
  5. wait, which proud boys are awesome ? the blatant overt racist part of proud boys or the covert racist version of proud boys . They are literally just one white polo shirt and brown khakis uniform away from being officially racist. Is the article itself, really news worthy, no, it would be more appropriate had an actual journalist went and asked, what does that on the front of the vehicle mean, and have sent an inquiry to find out. Before screaming that the sky is falling, Because I can walk around with GFY 2020 on my forehead, and unless someone asks me what it means, no one is going to know for sure. Plus it is the nasty guard so fuck them anyhow.
  6. Very true, they are playing the emotions game very hard now, because if they are whining and crying, then how dare you or anyone else mock or disagree with them. which the irony of the hypocrisy is the aspect of " Shaming ",,, " Body Shaming " " whore shaming " wtf ever else they throw in with " Shaming " But now to literally be a White male, Roman Catholic, Conservative, Legally gun owning, ccwp , carrying, patriotic loving American, that right there is acceptable to shame. Now change that from white to, Black, or Female, and holy shit, watch the shaming.
  7. While it is true that the wuhan flu ,is dangerous, and i guess technically qualify as a pandemic being all across the globe, I do think it is overblown, could it be used to implement socialism, sure it can, so can dog food if you really try hard enough. Things I noticed while wearing a mask lately, if I can smell a womans perfume or someones cig smoke, through my mask, exactly how is said mask preventing a virus getting to me ? Hospitals and doctors are spazing the fuck out now over covid, temp check etc, but if i walk in with a friggin fever, bleeding from the nose, and vomiting, is it covid or is it the plague ? More over, where was the fear before Covid, i could have walked in to any hospital with the same damn symptoms of covid, and there was not this level of fear. While I am beyond over worrying about Covid, I still am careful when going out, I try not to be paranoid and I try not to over due it on washing as I still need my anti bodies to do their job.
  8. Call me an asshole, a cry baby, what ever you want, no skin off my back, one thing I do love and believe in, is the Truth, warts and all, if it is a fat , smelly, ugly fucking mess. That is exactly what I am going to call it. An that with in an of itself, does not automatically mean it is completely bad or worthless. Just means what ever it is, is one fat, smelly, ugly fucking mess.
  9. Also to the honesty of the military, crimes and cover ups... lets not forget https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pat_Tillman An just look at how long it took for the Truth to come forward. An then ask, where the hell was IG and the Supposed to brigade.
  10. Kind of blows that idea out of the water, the even the greenest private knows, if I say I haven't heard of it. an falls back into that, well you were supposed to know category or, someone was supposed to tell you before you got in on what to do. there really needs to be a Supposed to section in the military, where anyone can go, to hear someone tell them, you were supposed to ( fill in the blank ) Sounds good in theory, but when you have a buddy system in a chain of command where they look out for each other, and lower ranking individuals who are not informed and are only told, well you are supposed to ,,,, then what. When just for a hypothetical, you know your NCO is stealing anything, so you go okay, well holy fucking shit, i dont want to fall into the being part of the problem not the solution scenario , you go and bring your happy ass to a 1sgt. lt, or capt, well hurray for doing the right thing, EXCEPT , now, guess what, you still have to show up for duty the next day, and by that time, that same NCO now knows you were the one who went and filed a formal complaint. So guess what, now you have brought an entirely brand new world of hurt upon yourself because you didn't want to be apart of the problem. Mean while your chain of command, did ask if there was any truth to what was being said, but they are just too fucking stupid to know how to look into the situation other than to go, hey, um, are you stealing because so an so says you are stealing , an make your answer quick because i have to fuck off for the rest of the day and piss around with worrying about my own ass and career. Or suppose you do know where to go, an you go to IG,, IG in turn goes to your unit commander, and now shit rolls down hill again. you are still stuck in your section, and having to deal with the consequences of doing the right thing. versus the civilian world, where, if one faces job discrimination , harassment in other forums , whistle blowing or snitching * which is what it is really considered in the military , civilian world * not doing the right thing, but being a snitch. one hires a lawyer, and thusly is no longer employed at said company, versus the military, there is no confidentiality . There is no moving one person out of a possible harmful situation or having reported someone for doing something illegal or immoral, to a different unit, and there are reasons why, mainly it is because, where the fuck do you put the person who might be in danger or has filed a report . I am sure there are answers when one wants to pull one out in a hurry, but for the female in question, one has to wonder ,if she should of been brow beaten for not knowing about IG and going straight to them . Maybe her story should just be chalked up to tough shit, she was too stupid . This is excellent news that you specifically had this option available to you, because for me when i was serving at Ft. Benning , back around 2000 when I was at my permanent station, it wasn't heard of, at least not to anyone that I knew of from NCO and down. It sure as hell never was offered in any way shape or form to anyone under the rank of NCO when I was in. I mean it makes sense for senior officers to have it pulled on them to their lower suboridnates but it really isn't practical at lower levels, because the military has a giant tough shit , suck it up, make what you can of it attitude. Again it falls into the supposed to know category , educating the ranks is not what the military does, it never has, now maybe those looking to put a feather in their career cap, maybe earn a bonus for signing someone up or having someone stay in, maybe those individuals take the time to groom and mold others , because after all, in all parts of society we have our cliques. We have friends or people we take an interest in for what ever reason, and we either want to see them succeed and get up to a beneficial mutual level, or there is something to benefit from . Or better yet, since I am hitting a cord, and I find it intriguing, lets climb up the ladder, https://www.businessinsider.com/navy-seal-promoted-green-beret-death-logan-melgar-2020-1 ; what I really find interesting is if this article is correct in any degree, the accused in question , was either in the process of being promoted or in line for a promotion, and instead of someone saying, woah, lets hit pause on this till it is over, it gets pushed through. Why ? the real answer is who the fuck knows, it is the military. This link though, is what gets me though, when I am talking about Sean Hannity licking the collective butthole of the military, and how great it is from top to bottom. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/seal-team-member-accept-plea-deal-green-berets/story?id=63063286 But here is the kicker to this story, https://news.usni.org/2019/05/17/seal-sentenced-to-a-year-of-confinement-for-hazing-death-of-logan-melgar One year of confinement, an all this p.o.s can say now that he has been caught with his pants down, is that he is truly sorry. * golf claps *,,, and granted his career is over, maybe he doesn't get benefits or what ever, but that is really peanuts because an innocent man/ solider is still dead, and for no good reason. This case is a very good indication of the kind of justice that the female victim from my original post, can expect. Because now, the only real suspect has committed suicide, and at this point, all those at FT Hood are really going to be interested in, is covering their own ass, and not do a full investigation into who knew what, and hold them accountable, but maybe do a soft ball interview, file this as done and move on. or in case some here may think I am still blowing things way out. we have this gem of a fuck up. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ehime_Maru_and_USS_Greeneville_collision Now, for this incident, really a crime, to not have taken place, all that had to happen, under the context of wanting to be apart of the solution not the problem and brought up on charges, is for the lowest members of that crew on the Greeneville, who had their hands on the buttons , controls what ever, to just have the nerve to say, Sir with all due respect, we have to follow protocol, regulations, what ever, I am going to have to say no. An more over sir, now i am going to have to report you, BUT WAIT ! holy fucking shit we are on a submarine,, holy fucking shit nuts batman, how the fuck do we do the right thing, not get my ass handed to me, and tell a superior officer to basically go fuck himself because he wants me to do the wrong thing, so he can impress a few people. Now mind you, translate this over to the civilian world, a multiple death incident, from lets say, a joy ride, hypothetically , the person on the joy ride who didn't intend to murder anyone, is still going up on murder charges an may still face the death penalty. Not so with the US Military, they can be kicked out, lose all their money, disgraced and etc, but do not bet any money that one is going to receive a just trial. Because the out come was in the end this,,, Did he show remorse and grief after the fact, yes, but big fucking deal. More over, it would of been interesting to see a Naval Board of Inquiry explain to the lowest ranking members on that ship, as to exactly what they should of done in that scenario . Because everyone knows damn good n well in the military, that your rank is your brain and identity, you do not have the rank, you have nothing, your opinion means less than nothing and your well being barely means anything. An that is something that is not beaten into the brains of those even considering joining. The military is full of double standards. An hypocrisy , which is why I do not join Sean Hannity and others who are nose deep in the ass kissing department of the US Military. are there good people in the military , sure there are . but they are over shadowed and only come to light when they have reached war hero status. An more over i still stand by giving out a medal for anyone who does their time and gets discharged with an Honorable Discharge, despite being in conflict or not, if they are not an NCO, an they get that Honorable Discharge , they deserve recognition and an bonus on the way out. Everyone else who hits an NCO rank and above, gets a cigar, a bottle of booze, and a kick n the ass out the door. Lastly, this isn't all aimed at skillet, or anyone here, it is just my worthless view point, and observations . I don't take anything said towards me personally, but as anyone can see, I do tend to fly off the rails at times. I consider this one of these times. Now do not get me wrong, I would of loved to have the John Wayne, Clint Eastwood movie experience that it appears most here have experienced, and I can admit I am jealous of those who have. But I have succumb to reality and more over I have come to agree with the mind set of the Late, Great, George Carlin. An his take on the world. I do support the military, just not at the level as others, or rather I distrust the military a little bit less than I distrust the government. I want both to succeed but I am never going believe that either have my best interest at heart or really give two shits about me on any given day.
  11. So how long until we see a big spike in bank robberies ? I imagine once masked robberies of any kind , but hopefully a spike in bank robberies, because i mean , fuck the bank. Hopefully that will give leaders something to piss their Politically Correct pants over. Gotta wear a mask because Fauci who doesn't know shit but how to line his pocket says so, buuut we gotta be able to help police ID robbers. Or even masked antifa and rioters.. A wise man once said It's All Bullshit.
  12. https://www.yahoo.com/news/dead-suspect-disappearance-fort-hood-203954031.html well, another update to this... I miss read the previous article an thought they meant the woman had committed suicide , it was referencing a person of interest in the case was an active duty member who committed suicide , Turns out, the person was in some form or another one of her commanding officers . An he took the cowards way out. I can almost promise , that the victim had no clue about who to turn to for help. Because think about this, lets say a victim female, or male ( since now we have homosexuals in the military and transgenders ) are harassed in any manner, by a superior, an at the very least they work enough courage up to go to the MP station and file a complaint. or maybe they have a commanding officer who is a good person, the report is made and said investigation begins. Now what happens to the victim and the person under investigation , the answer is, well nothing, they both go about their normal routines. An now let's hear what is " supposed to happen " . The victims sister made a comment about Now her family is demanding a congressional investigation into the military’s handling of Guillen’s case, alleging the probe has been riddled with “lies.” “They lied to our faces every single day that passed for more than two months. My sister was sexually harassed and no one cared,” Lupe Guillen, the soldier’s younger sister, said at a Wednesday press conference. “My sister is a human too. If this can happen to my sister it can happen to anyone else. She deserves justice!” “I want Fort Hood Army base to shut down... They’re protecting one another,” she added. An I can agree, it was one reason why I never reported my NCO for a lot of stuff he got away with, because he made sure he was at least friendly or on good terms with the 1sgt an so on. Point is, rank becomes a big problem when crimes and needing to report service members for anything. Now I do believe that the MP/CID with in the military probably do take their jobs seriously and professionally, I can only imagine what a nightmare it would have to be to be an MP and go through being a victim of something and then hoping your fellow law enforcement are on your side. If you are on the low totem pole in rank, your word / testimony means jack shit. Can you imagine if military NCOS and officers had random reports done on them, by an anonymous survey from those who serve under them, granted they can lie, an put a ton of negative shit down, but there are ways to sniff out the bullshit in such surveys... any kind of common sense approach to ensuring people have the right information in their hands before getting into a very bad situation with those who out rank them, go by the way side and fall into the , you were supposed to know category or the, it was supposed to be done before hand category . Mean while, the jackoffs that be, are hard at work changing the US Army uniform around to be more modern and pussified. If the military had an equivalent and dedicated HR section, it would be slammed with complaints faster than you could blink, and the calls for this military base to be shut down, would be no different than a civilian company, with its executives coming under fire, heads on a chopping block, and all of them in court, being sued by said family. ( granted it is not going to be, and would not be practical to be shut down ) Hopefully this family finds a very good lawyer suited to engage with bringing this victims chain of command to a military court at the very least to be questioned under oath, so they can sweat and have some fire under their ass even if briefly. I suspect this will be the last article we hear on the subject. But for every article we do hear, there are plenty of service members who are being mistreated and abused because some worthless piece of shit, managed to get just enough rank. An isn't held accountable . Which is why my stomach turns when Sean Hannity gets on the air and just starts licking the militarys' collective butthole as this noble, honest, hard working , people you can trust that are portrayed in every military movie. I think the closest example of a movie about the worst the military has to offer is that movie The Dirty Dozen, ( a pre amble if you will to the comic book version of DC Comics Suicide Squad ) The men in the movie were the worst possible, in the end they gave it to the Nazis , which really one can debate as to that being any kind of earned redemption to the crimes they committed ? I think one character in the movie was a flat out rapist but not certain. Don't get me wrong, it is a great movie and pretty funny in parts and at times gets close to being accurate.
  13. BAhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahaha okaay okay okay okay wait.... lol waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit If you are in attendance when " The Black National Anthem plays " what are you supposed to do ? Take a knee ? Stand ? Salute while standing ? Salute while kneeling or the cliche clinched fist in the air ? If you remain seated and or only stand, are you then going to be labeled racist ? An would it be expected that security escorts you out while the remaining in attendance boos and hisses and pelts you with food and beer ..... With your face an name posted on the jumbo tron so everyone knows who you are. Also who wants to bet this is set to some kind old world marxist / pre nazi tune of sorts; and that it will take BLM and ANTIFA awhile before they figure out they have been punked.
  14. Trump still has a lot he needs to finish, building the border wall, dismantling /repealing and or replacing Obama care...... but what else ? If Trump can accomplish those two things right there, with in a year and a half of his second term, he can play grab ass with the media and the left all day long.
  15. Is that because they were kicked off the forum or that they just decided to leave ?
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