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  1. You have a very valid point. It's very hard to make a decision on what is the right thing to do. Speaking for myself I as a combat veteran ,,,, I walk a very fine line ,,,, look at what is going on here.. the vary freedom I supposedly fought for  in a land that didn't much care one way or the other and lost good men,,, then came home to a country that didn't much care one way or another either ,,,,was pretty freaking hard to wrap my head around,,,, hell still is.. But now it's pretty clear the only hope we had was for each other,,,and the freedoms we have mean a hell of a lot especially to brothers that didn't make it home. Do I want peaceful solution why hell yes.. Because I believe when you ruck up with weapons better be damn ready to use them. One mistake and things are going to turn to shit real fast. It's just a matter of time brother,,,Got to hand it to the militia they have been pretty disciplined so far,,,Cops are the ones that is going to screw up,,, they always do eventually,,,,  That's when you will see the Bark turn to a bite. Believe me brother there's a lot of militia out there waiting very impatiently ,,,,, when it does all hell is going to brake lose and when it does ,,,no turning back at that point,,,, sadly man it's falling that way,,, sadly that's what it's going to take,,,,Or enjoy living in a police state under totally government control.

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