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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/colorado-man-allegedly-pulls-gun-172929970.html hopefully this doesn't hurt anyones feelings here. but just another example of a jackass who should not be allowed to keep a firearm.
  2. Sorry for hurting your feelings.... kisses you softly on the forehead. my bad.
  3. well if you need someones blessing to contact a group to ask a question, then you have it, go contact the STL militia.
  4. gun laws are needed to keep jackasses like the two in the article from acting in the manner that they did, and laws are only unconstitutional if deemed so by public opinion, case in point Obama Care, Technically, the bill didn't go through the proper methods to being a law, but public opinion didn't give a shit, so now it is a law ( sort of ) . Plenty of laws are on the books that are either total bullshit or questionable, but if they went through the legal process of becoming a law it is thusly a law. Good, I don't give a flying shit. If it is such a problem let the 18-21
  5. https://www.propublica.org/article/the-23-states-that-have-sweeping-self-defense-laws-just-like-floridas An interesting article that has more links to gun laws in a few states.
  6. these two whack jobs are better off with out weapons, they clearly do not know how to behave, and the woman pointing the pistol at a crowd of unarmed people was lucky that there wasn't someone armed in that crowd just as batshit nuts and actually killed her for pointing a weapon. I do hope they go to court so it all gets laid out in the open, their history and exactly why their weapons were taken away. They didn't get their weapons taken away because they were law abiding citizens protecting land that they were probably squatting on, according to some reports, they didn't have t
  7. Well that makes at least two people that went. it should of happened and gone by now, hopefully we will see some photos posted here in this thread of the turn out, be it a large turn out or none , size of the crowd really isn't important at this juncture . or any news links from local news stations.
  8. Just goes to show you, that before you decide to be a nut job, you might want to investigate local laws before pissing your pants and bringing out your firearm, also looks like from this Yahoo Article, https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/mark-mccloskey-st-louis-guns-black-lives-matter-064909928.html The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Friday that the McCloskeys have a reputation as obnoxious neighbors who have “nearly constantly sued other people and ordered people off their property.” They have sued neighbors for making changes to their gravel road, sued a former emp
  9. well i will say this, if people can invent a pretend currency such as crypto currency, then a physical wooden chip currency isn't that far fetched. an we might be able to take over the tooth fairys job an start using old teeth as currency.
  10. I read it, an again, IF it does happen, it should be interesting. Plenty of counter protests are reported on here about every half hour with a time and date, and zero internet links as to who organized it, contact information for the person who organized it, or an ACTIVE facebook/twitter/instagram page. Plenty of closed or private or inactive pages though. oh wait wait, i am getting a report. this just in,, ( don't worry about from who ) my sources say Aliens are real and have made contact, more news as it gets to me it wil
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bundy_standoff 2014 was very interesting, the narrative was that the evil BLM just randomly decided to take Bundys cattle and were doing so by force. It slowly came out that Bundy owed uncle sam a lot money, why ? in short, because he decided to " Protest " by not paying grazing fees on government land. So read the entire article if you are not familiar with it, it is interesting. Bundy was a bit off his rocker because he kept making demands that are similar to ANTIFA and BLM, he wanted a few government agencies to disarm and
  12. Time to set our hair on fire and run, THE SKY IS FALLING ! WOLF ! WOLF ! SOMEONE SAVE US !!!!!!! PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ! Just remember if you fall for the cry to go grab your gun and start shooting, first thing that will happen is the cops are going to take you down if not kill you, second no one will give a flying fuck why you did what you did, an you are going to be labeled a racist right wing extremist. If you are that concerned , you got maybe 3 options, Vote for Trump in Nov, Join the Nasty Gua
  13. In New York.. that should be interesting if it does happen.
  14. https://www.yahoo.com/news/austin-police-officer-appeared-grope-184405335.html So remember how it was forced upon society to allow the TSA to pat down anyone, doesnt matter if the agent is male or female, they use their hands in the same manner this cop did. Blatant attempt to smear a police officer who lawfully arrested a woman, maybe she had a right to request a female officer to pat her down, but i imagine that, if a female officer isn't available, to come to the scene, that said male officer can perform the pat down. the hippies and leftists don't scream
  15. it wouldnt be a bad idea to actually apply and get the job, subvert/sabotage , what ever you want to call it. I mean if ya didn't do your job, an let people come and go, I suppose you could get sued. or i dunno play dumb an be like, me didnt know. but more information on this job, what corporation / hospital it is for, exactly when do they switch from 2bucks an hour to 20, i didn't quite get that part. would be interesting to see if at any time they make someone sign a N.D.A. Same for the T.S.A, get a job work your way up to a significant level, and then go to Fox Ne
  16. we are all showing up tomorrow at around noon, bring beer. no beer, no entry.
  17. Well, I guess tech sigma me and you are neighbors, i am in the 850 panhandle of FL bout an hour or so from Mobile Ala. What you have, if you really want , is an opportunity; you have just established that everything is pretty weak in your area as to what you expected. You have a Sheriff who has asked for help. You have the opportunity to sit down face to face with your sheriff and offer a proposition , that if you do the leg work to form a militia , an figure, just ten able bodied people who have the time to spare, that in turn that sheriff if he or she has the authori
  18. Scouts are fun an all, but with no one to give the information to that can react in a timely manner, it becomes rather pointless. Also in this day n age, people are going to have to trade in a bulky radio system and fatigues and camo paint, for regular clothes and a very good cell phone, know how to use that cell phone to record and broadcast in real time and be able to post it on twitter and other social media platforms so that hopefully, any militia in the area that is connected in a similar manner, can act accordingly. If those of us concerned can't adapt in the sa
  19. " The Blacks " are not the ones calling " US " out. It is the leftist democrats taunting and trying to bait the rest of America, into being brain dead puppets and engaging in a race war.
  20. true, but they don't drunk drivers who end up killing someone and get off on a lesser charge, just go out an start driving again. Minor crimes and minor convictions are one thing, but if we are talking about large scale crimes and convictions associated with it, i think there has to be a permanent line that says too bad so sad you are screwed. It isn't a myth or a secret nazi police code, this site doesn't have to do shit and neither does the rest of America who support our local police and honor those who have died in the line of duty, I rock my thin blue line bumpe
  21. Gun tracing a fire arm through serial numbers legally, i mean it is a joke, because if one really wanted to hide or destroy a gun, after a crime, they can, and very easily, so then being registered is really meaningless and then all one has is an assumption that the gun was used, until more proof can say other wise. I was thinking about this restoring their right to own a gun, first i was like eh sure. but thought about it a lil more and in the end, no. Too many reasons for me, why a convicted felon should not get their right to own a gun back. The simple answer is,
  22. What else is there to do , is my answer. Can you imagine if people just got bored with the news, and lived their lives as they wanted and not what was dictated to them as to being something important that their lives have to change. All the media outlets would just crumble. They would be forced to fuck off an do something else. Granted it wouldn't be anything productive for America or anyone, but still. You think, Bill Gates, or Jeff Bezos are losing sleep over anything happening in the country ? They tell an underling to make a statement in regards to current affai
  23. Holy shit an actual article, an in fact, I think this needs to be considered the first real militia to actually be involved . other pictures of supposed militia outside buildings n what not are nice, but with out a link or an article to back up a photo, for me it is just bullshit an a couple of people taking pics to look cool. An then to see the response of, oh well they must be scared, or they are trying to intimidate us because they are scared ... come on. people can't be that daft and ignorant. I wish someone would of pointed out the response is due to other events across the n
  24. Short answer to, how long, until they are deem a terrorist organization , It is NEVER going to happen. I didn't look into what ever this is about a convicted Marxist, all of that is literally irrelevant , B.L.M has been accepted world wide by the left, I think they did start off with the intention of being a peaceful protest group, an I think the intent is still there, but they have quickly been used as cover by other leftists. Had they not been used, I think B.L.M would of fallen by the side as another fad bitch and complain movement like #metoo , or that pinkpussyha

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