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  1. ah I didnt notice that they got a ban, that is very telling.
  2. So, just a bit curious, if anyone has served in the Army, I have, from 97-2000. Served in the states, with the 3rd ID/ when they were stationed in Ft. Benning, Ga on Kelly Hill. An more curious, if anyone went in, and came out worse than they were, because in a lot of ways I did. Military service members do deserve a lot of support. But I do not think the nation in general has a real understanding of the problems; that service members face from each other and their superiors , how it is really a different world, with different rules and laws. some written and some unwritten. I honestly think that the age of joining the service should be held off until at the very least one hits 21 years of age. I understand that the military takes people at 18 because why. Technically at 18 we are still children, teenagers, and most, not all, but most are very immature. And at that age people/ children/teens are easily molded. An not prepared for the kind of struggles that the military has on a constant basis. Recruiters dangle a shiny promise of the ability to get a college degree during or after, sign on bonuses, an etc, yet, they are never trained to tell recruits about the true hardships they can face. At least not in commercials, not on radio shows where it is constant praise of the military. I joined for the wrong reasons, which are too much to get into, but I was surprised at how others my age who got stationed where I was, came in, looking great, and months to a year later, were either on drugs, or going AWOL, or getting arrested for something or other. Comparatively I got out unscathed. An more over on the way out, no one mentioned once the resources available to me that were there. I didnt find out until maybe 5-10 years after the fact. Which is sad, an maybe it has changed, but I doubt it. But maybe at some base some where on the way out, is a counselor of sorts that says , just so you know the V.A is out there, and can offer you a lot of support on your transition back to civilian life if you need it. all i got was my DD214 and a threat from the civilian giving them out, to not sign where it stated you wanted a copy, or else. ( she just didnt want to make copies ). Anyhow digressing. I am sure there are some great military bases with great NCOs and Officers and leaders with open door policies and etc, I didn't have that. I had the worst unit one could imagine and then some. I had no help to address problems I was having. An if I had spoken up, it would of just made things worse because there was no privacy. An then, when it came time for me to leave, i was being dangled with the offer of a promotion to NCO, but i would of ended up in South Korea, so it was like, going from worse to even more worse. A place where i couldn't speak the language and rumors of if you catch the wrong disease over there, you ain't going back to the states any time soon. Instead of much needed mentoring by a superior , to make sure i was squared away at my MOS, i got the opposite, An the horror stories of mistreatment to not only me but others, would make stomachs turn, I honestly cant imagine women going through the crap I had to endure. An I know some do. Which is probably worse for them. Put it in another way, if the military had a HR department, they would be overwhelmed. If civilian lawsuits that are brought to court for the smallest issue to big, were done in the military, the court system in the military would be overwhelmed as well. So to those who didnt experience the cruelty the military has to offer, consider yourself blessed. Because what you didnt experience others did, an probably did so in silence. with no help from anyone. No one to turn too. That is pretty much it, just curious if anyone else here only got the stick while serving in the military.... The military could be a better life for everyone if they only took college graduates and/or people over the age of 21 ; and during basic training, had classes to educate new recruits on how to address issues that they might face down the road, from bad leadership, abuse, drugs, etc, who to turn too, who to talk to about things and who not to. How to protect ones finances and etc. An how to prepare for their future in the military once and if they graduate basic training. It is something the military wouldn't do even if they could, an that much there is probably even sadder.
  3. Title threads like this i find dangerous, i took the time to watch the clip since it was only a a min and a half long, the woman did indeed say to " get rid of whites " but here is the problem, context, an the way in which she said it. was it a stupid thing to say, yes. did she mean it ? I doubt it. the full video is needed to really understand wtf is going on, an then questions need to be asked as to why the others on that panel didnt ask her what she meant by what she said. anyhow, to start waving a flag of beware of white genocide is just dangerous and irresponsible , all it does is fan the flames of a race war and hate. an that game is played by the left and extremists . Politicians need terms like " minorities " so they can play the race war games, and then do class warfare for their own agendas, the right does it but not to the extreme as the left. Can't let ignorant and people filled with hate lead ones self by the nose. An these kinds of bs games are easily thwarted by people with a tiny bit of common sense at the least, and /or those who practice and engage in living a good life based on some kind of religious faith or just on being a good human being in general. An then one has to wonder, why subjects like this thread get started of all places, a militia wesbite. one that is already having outside attacks. could be someone playing games.
  4. I can agree that it is long over due. an maybe even feels like it is on the brink at times. China is a giant problem, they are hard to beat on cheap slave labor , and that is what it is, no one wants to confront China because they keep making everything cheap. So China has to be appeased. But I think the real think keeping America from falling into another real Civil War is our ability to vote. The left can abolish the 2nd amendment tomorrow, an Americans will still find a way to get and or make a gun. But once the left finds a way to abolish the electoral college, and gets a firm grip on how Americans vote and or how to rig every election on all three branches of Gov to their favor. Then I think things would escalate rather fast. I mean everything you stated I can agree with. But for me I have had enough of taxes, why isn't there a fair flat rate tax across the board. Why is it the IRS can demand itemized financial records on an individual, but we cant do the same on where our tax dollars go. An then you get taxed upon your death, taxed on how your inheritance gets distributed an etc. Hell ya get taxed via a fine for Jay Walking. But really all the taxes isn't fully on the government, but the nation itself for allowing it and not demanding via the legal means to stop it all. When the nation as a whole is too lazy to go through the legal process to change tax laws, what real chance do we got on anything else. The national debt is a joke, there is zero chance of it ever getting paid off let alone lowered, if creditors came knocking to get paid with in full with in a 5-10 year time frame , the nation would be broke. So that factors into things too. The political state of the nation gets very depressing for me very fast, and if i was just one more screw loose than I already am, I could see myself going down the wrong path. An it becomes rather easy to understand why some nutjobs do what they do when disgruntled with the government. Not saying I agree, just saying it can be understandable. Anyhow, as needed as guns are in our nation. The vote is really the most effective and strongest weapon out there. I'll keep voting for the best conservative candidate out there, but only so I can say I got a reason to complain, not because I believe they will actually fix anything on a permanent basis. Trump still has not completely dismantled Obama care, and that alone isn't entirely his fault. The T.S.A is useless, obama care useless, redundant national security agencies , Property Taxes, you can flat out own a house an a lot of land, an if ya dont pay your property taxes, forget it.( an again, we the people do not vote to change that.) < no one is going to ever stop or fix those messes....So i mean to me voting is to a degree pointless, i see it just as a way to pump the brakes on the left, for at least 4-8 years. and that gives the nation some breathing room to relax and keep the leftists of our government off our collective backs long enough to get some rest . But exactly what would another real civil war accomplish, and where does it break out first at ? because the first attempt at a civil war, is going to stopped dead in its' tracks with swat teams, and private security forces, and then the military. an once that initial spark gets put out, fear spreads, across the board. and any more attempts will be second guessed at being tried in the future. If anything, lone wolf assassinations have a better chance than any kind of full scale civil war. an then it is just one person risking their freedom and life. But even that in the end wouldn't be of any good, because our government would just rally behind one another, an then we get back to the vote being the only real viable way to change anything. No one wants a civil war, no one wants to wait years on end for quick positive change either. so... there ya go.
  5. and now i am back to asking w.t.f do i even give a Rats A. i got my own pot of problems to deal with, n i realized i am just bored a.f.
  6. that is my point, if people are showing up at places of business, to show support, exactly what is the purpose of bringing a firearm, my point was, all that bringing a firearm to a business that was ( for right or wrong ; told it has to stay closed for a period of time due to the virus ) all that image paints to the gullible are people that are looking for some kind of conflict. In a situation where there is already a crisis and tensions are running high in society, exactly how does escalating that with an armed protest or support really de-escalate anything or make a point. ( on top of everything else i already stated )
  7. cops don't use guns as a show of force, they don't just randomly show up to places brandishing weapons as a show of force. For me, armed protesting is pretty pointless, , i am a lil lost on the rest of the responses, all these big chants of come and take it, an all the blow hard noise, and then police just waltz up an people willingly hand over their fire arm ,when in theory, they are peaceably protesting, so, if you are peaceably protesting, an you have this motto of, sounding a loud horn of come n get it an etc, for the police to just walk up an go, hey you are going to jail for protesting ( which is your right ) an now we are taking your fire arm you will get it back later. just seems really pointless. I mean if who ever is doing these kind of armed protests feels it is worth something, good on them. I mean if there was a follow up article that said some official saw the armed protests and it influenced him or her to change their mind, on this issue, then okay at that point i can say, well there ya go looks like protesting . armed protesting isn't a waste of time. An I am still lost on who was attacking the creator of this website . not like i am losing sleep over it, just curious.
  8. https://www.yahoo.com/news/businesses-chafing-under-covid-19-121824076.html Okay so in this link, is an article about how some businesses are resorting to armed protesters to help them keep their businesses open in the remaining states that are enforcing stay at home orders... here is my question though.. What is the purpose of being armed ? I can understand an armed protest to protest gun control laws and doing that at state capitals , to show, hey we have these rifles, we are not shooting up the town, etc. But for these armed protesters to show up at businesses , the impression they give when they do this, is that they are ready to have an armed conflict with police. An then, when police show up with their guns drawn, everyone there throws their hands up, and hands over their weapons. an off to jail they go. An then if you read the link, I think some where in there someone is quoted as saying " we are ready to die for our freedom ". okay * round of applause * great to hear, but if I am right with that being said, and that person is or has participated at one of these armed protests , then exactly why didn't he put into practice what he said when police show up ? Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating violence. What I hope I am pointing out, is that when people say these things and do these kind of protests, that it is sending the wrong message to police. If one wants a peaceful protest to me, this isn't the way to go. Especially if they do not expect to be confronted with violence by counter protesters, nor intend on engaging police in an exchange of gun fire. Now if the message to be sent is to send some fear into politicians , I do not know how that really pans out, I think that is for a case by case, comparison on the politician they want to scare. To me all it does for democrat politicians ( or any party really ) is either scare them into changing their minds, or gives them more reason to lobby for gun control and or aggravates them more to just hold firm in their decision to keep areas closed as a form of retaliation. To me, if anyone wants to do an armed protest, do it in a high crime area where people are not safe to walk outside and crime is rampant and demand the police take more proactive measures to enforce the law. But to do these kinds of protests where the impression given is that they are ready to engage the police, I find that troublesome, now granted they may not see what they are doing as being that an probably do not have that intent at all, but that is the impression some can take when they see these things happen. Other than that my other question was in regards to the changing of the guard here, the original owner was speaking about coming under personal attack, is that correct ? If that is true, then by whom and why ? and if anyone can link me to where that has been brought up an answered I would appreciate it, so i can catch up, as i am tardy to the party.
  9. wow this got lit fast, i only said generate income, because I assumed that the licensing was some kind of fee that went to the FCC, basically another form of a Tax. I don't have any issue with licensing , and learning how to properly use something in general. but for me, in todays world, i would be surprised if a regular class on how to use a ham radio properly, is no different than what one can find searching online via youtube or other places online, making a normal avenue for being licensed obsolete . To me, it would seem like clicking a button that said, did you watch this video on youtube that shows the history of the ham radio and how to properly use it, and dont be a jerk, to be just as effective as the process to get a license. That is just me though ! I like to figure things out on my own, goes with my video games, and what ever, the instructions are always looking right at me, and i say no thanks , and i either figure it out , or i break something or get frustrated before reading instructions.
  10. Quick question, would it be fair to assume that the only reason to license ham radio enthusiasts is to generate more income, and not so much as wanting to educate people in the history behind the device ?
  11. Good video, pointing out the hypocrisy and cherry picking, to me seems rather obvious, But what I think happens more often than not with articles that were presented here, people that do not think, and investigate on their own, feel that they were educated enough from their trusted local news paper or news source. An once we put on our blinders to one news source only , and don't investigate on our own then there is a problem. This ah ha argument of a well trained militia. Might of held water, had times changed after the civil war, and society didn't feel the need to have fire arms, and indeed only " well trained militias " were the ones in need of firearms. But that isn't really how our laws and society in America work, not verbatim and literally, and the left knows that, it is why they try to constantly stack the courts because then the left gets to " interpret " the law to how they see fit. Which is what they do in this circumstance, and then to try and win more to their side, they play the race game by claiming the confederacy lives. an on an on an on. Ty for the video.
  12. I am not an expert, But I can tell you this, if you want a decent start at learning anything in todays world.... YOUTUBE ! I promise you the information you are looking for is already on youtube, just do a general search of, how to __________ ham radio, and something is going to pop up which will lead you down the rabbit hole
  13. So I know there are just a handful of us here on this forum in the 850 area, I am way west in the Panhandle, in Pensacola, which basically borders Alabama. ( an if anyone is like * gasp * he gave out his city, I am not worried about it nor that paranoid ) hope everyone is fairing well with the pandemic. So I guess I am curious as to those who joined this group where are you in relation to Pcola, if you are not comfortable with giving your city that is fine, Just curious if this group began to gain momentum, where would be an ideal to meet, to break the ice and such. Not like I am looking to do anything any time soon, but building a dialogue I think for now is a good place to start. Also if this isn't located in the 850 militia section, could someone direct me as to how, because I clicked the sub link , which I thought did post it in the 850 section... So new to trying that .
  14. Also another thing for anyone to really consider if worried about food, is learning how to hunt, if you cant afford to stock up commercial grade MRES, or can your own food, knowing how to hunt comes in handy, especially with a wild hog population in America that is pretty much open to hunt year round. For the same amount one pays for a pallet of Commercial grade MRES, one could have started to purchase a rifle and watch some youtube videos on hunting. Sigh, now i am bored so i gtg.
  15. Oh just a side rant, I have nothing against " preppers " it is the hoarders who at the last second decided to become preppers and buy every f ing thing at the exact same time, and the other half of the hoarders who thought the could shake a profit selling it online. more over, i really wish there was some kind of survey to find out if said hoarders where democrats or republicans. i think that would be very telling.
  16. Nothing but hearsay but I had a friend tell me as well about how she knew someone who does tariff trading or something an she was told by said person that a food shortage was on the way... ANYHOW I suspect there is a lot of truth in the video, and in what you have said L.F.R ,, and I would take a guess that is in part why Trump wants to get the economy moving again, not just because the nation can't physically stay shut down and in a government handout state, but that things are starting to fail all over. An like it or not, virus or not America has to keep going. [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ I have to say the hoarding has been horrible. From beginning of this mess to present, the only prices going down is gasoline, which doesn't mean much considering not much is open. I do hope everyone here is doing well. An is virus free. From the hoarding and the threat of infection, I have had to wear a mask now when I go out because I am a caregiver for my mom. My town is really low on the infection state of things compared to major places. An because of hoarding, i have had to cave in and start stock piling friggin t.p because there is no telling how much worse things are going to get. I shop in spurts trying to stay ahead of my freezer, when things in the fridge get to about half way, i go make a run, and if TP is on the shelf I grab it. Right now I got more TP than food. ( shrugs ) That stimulus check though, and the democrats, have motivated me to budget that money to purchase a Smith and Wesson SD 40 pistol, nothing fancy, and a lot of reasons in wanting to get one. That is of course when things allow. One article i saw online i thought was rather smart, a sailor ( not military ) was just in his boat, for dunno how long but basically decided to stay out at sea till the virus gets better, he is evidently experienced enough to survive on the ocean, an that struck me as rather genius , for those of us who cant afford a bunker, or land to make get away too, would be interesting to set aside money for a decent boat, with the proper equipment and, sail around, and, get some fishing in. Doesnt even really got to be on the ocean, plenty of rivers in America to sail. But anyhow, there should be a website to thank the W.H.O the democrat media outlets, and china and democrats in general on making this pandemic, something which could of been very manageable into a complete and utter nightmare for those of us with half a brain. so that is it, just stopping by to say hello, my world hasnt been turned up side down because of this, just mildly annoyed , hopefully those doing what they can, will prevent any more shortages where possible, hoping for a cure sooner than later, and i wont shed a tear if Pelosi or the Chinese government comes down with the virus.
  17. I pretty much disagree with that because these " average citizens " were Iranians lead by this Ret, Marine General in a hypothetical situation. Take that same situation and take out that particular retired General, and remove any leadership whatsoever with any real education, and see how far they get. The Middle East does a good job at thwarting the US Military, Heck Afghanistan had the upper hand on Russia for a long time but that was really only because of the backing of the USA, Well they were doing good on their own for a while an then the USA gave support. But I think the truth is with out proper leadership, funding, and resources it would be extremely hard to fight a well trained,led, and funded military. Anyhow the middle east is going to be a gold mine for generations to come because the war machine needs to keep being fed. too many people need the conflict ( pick ones problem in the middle east ) to keep going for so many reasons. But no way in hell do i believe on a good day that Iran can beat the US Military, one quick Nuclear strike and Iran is done, with out one foot solider ever touching their soil. It would start WW3, but Iran would be off the table. Infact someone get them to run that simulation, one Nuclear strike on Iran, see who is left standing to fight.
  18. Interesting, so I guess the lesson to learn here, is that if Iran ever wants a snow balls chance in hell to defeat the USA, they need to hire a retired Marine General, or at least this one. That and I am almost certain that the US Military is running these simulation war games on that board game Risk. sitting around a table, smoking cigars, making explosion noises and drinking scotch.
  19. Fracking Electoral College, I actually went and got a dumbed down version of the US Constitution > For Dummies > gives really good detailed reasoning and answers for the 5 W's , In it, It dives into the Electoral college. An it may be mentioned here in this video I didn't watch ( Yet ) but fun fact, ANY STATE include DEMOCRAT held states, can split the electoral votes. Only 2 states so far split votes. So, maybe the question should be if the democrats want every vote to really count, why the hell do they not split the votes in the their states, so each party gets a fair shake. With only 2 states doing this, I can't see any others joining suit any time soon. Any how we all know it isn't the Electoral College that is the problem. It is the Democrat Party as (a hole, pun intended ) that are sore losers, like a child with no social skills or manners, or anything, you lose, you scream foul, you kick and scream and cry, and then run home and tell your parents. Except now, they run to lawyers and the media and demand to find a way to erase a part of the system they cant control.
  20. I don't doubt it, children , literal grade school children, in certain schools across the country can not play using a pretend gun via their hand in the typical finger fashion, or else teachers are required to flip their lid, and call in for the special forces to come remove the child. ( but there are reports that one can search the net on children being removed, and or expelled from school for just playing around doing the ole finger gun, bang bang, playing in the play ground or running around in class )
  21. My reply would be, Maybe so but, it is a great starting point. The entire leftist line up for the Nov run this year is a joke. Everyone knows it is a joke. Well except maybe the candidates themselves, I would really love to ask Bloomberg right now, how it feels to piss away so much money knowing he doesn't have a snow balls chance in hell of getting elected. What I do not get though with the glorious days of Obama, if those 8 glorious years of hope and change were so fantastic, exactly why didn't the leftists win with Hillary , Trump shouldn't of stood a chance. Everyone on the left should of been tingling off of obama and just danced on in with Hillary. History with the clintons be damned . An then if Hillarys plans were too poor to get behind then exactly why did the same voters vote Obama in for a second term ( which is rather rhetorical as to why least for me ). I know there is the possibility Trump could lose. An that would be a real nightmare if he did. So deff going to show up to vote for Trump in Nov, but I am more concerned on where Congress is heading after that, and what is to come after Trump, are we going to get another Carter, Clinton, Obama, or something worse. Or another great conservative . Or a terrible ass kissing republican. An then 8 years of fixing the mess of obama , just falls apart and we start all over. An sadly, Biden is sort of right about needing more than the 2nd amendment against a tyrannical gov, but probably not in the way he thought. A real fight against a Tyrannical gov, like the Nazi Regime or North Korea or these factions in the Middle East that are run by Mullahs, takes financial backing by allies , and lots of resources and commitment from them as well. And top knotch military leaders that have a spine. An really political leaders with a bigger spine to help fight back such tyrants and help restore freedom. What ever biden thinks is needed who knows, but then again I would be surprised if Biden knows what time of day it is at any given point. Let alone knowing wtf he is actually talking about.
  22. ah see, now that , I did not know, I did have to look it up, and it looks like from what i could find, she was given a " pre excommunication warning " and is no longer allowed to receive communion. Not that it matters, I seriously doubt she has even contemplated going to a Sunday mass, the lime light she is in, would just cause a giant problem for her, it would put the priest on the spot to decide if he was going to give her communion or not, and then it just becomes a giant P.R Stunt by pelosi in the end to actually attend. The Church has every right to excommunicate her and deny her communion, but it takes a priest with a big pair to be able to withstand the political onslaught of actually abiding by Church teachings and law, and then for her to get an actual official document from the Vatican saying she is excommunicated, would be a giant P.R Nightmare that the church doesn't want. On the other hand, The Separation of Church and State is exactly what is supposed to prevent from happening, it is to protect our nation from religious laws be it sharia or catholic cannon law / doctrine, and to prevent our elected officials from being influenced by religious leaders. As much as I hate Pelosi , The church has zero right to try and bully her political opinions and thusly get a foot hold into American Politics. The left worries all the time about some Catholic or Christian politician being able to be manipulated by the Church or their religious leaders, and here ya go with how Pelosi was attacked by the Church. And it is an attack by the Church, there is no need for the Church to piss around with pandering to her via media outlets or anything, more over, anyone who goes to a Catholic Church knows good and well that the Priest isn't going around and making sure everyone has gone to Confession before Receiving Communion, or issuing reminders to be in good standing with the Church before Communion or risk excommunication. The double standards between politics and religion are just non stop. Anyhow the only thing I could find in regards to her religious standing are from 2019 on the issue. Really, she has gone out of her way to excommunicate herself from the Church, She doesn't need an official document from anyone stating that she is. More over any politician claiming to be Catholic has a harder time to prove it because as a person of faith, one should know that their actions do speak louder than their words, and if they are not living the faith, helping the poor, etc,,, then why try and pretend, and pander to that base. I would have more respect for an Agnostic Politician who admits what he or she believes than someone faking what they believe., I could at least tolerate the Democrat party from back in the 90s because they were not these giant liars, they were liars but not as big... Their base of voters are so ignorant and dumbed down and some what immoral, that there really is no more need for these psycho democrats to lie anymore. They can just flat out say what they believe and they will still get the votes from that base.
  23. Catholic in name only, that bitch drives past a Catholic Church and she starts smoking. She is just coming off more and more like a mental patient and should of been put out to pasture probably 10 years ago.
  24. Well I got more than one reason of wanting to leave Florida, but I hear ya, and I do have a heavy hand with pessimism , and I am not a fan of Arizona either so. They get the tiny violin playing from me. Should just be a warning for everyone that when people from California start migrating to your state , get ready. Ya don't really hear about other democrat states moving. But not surprising that Californians are moving a bit more to the east and making life worse for those states. Probably just time to say F it, tell Nancy Pelosi she can be the president of the Democrat states and just start walling off the nut jobs into their own personal hell hole utopias . Though makes me wonder ,if the Democrats really believe their own crap, how come they are not leaving the USA to run for political positions in N.Korea, or Syria. Russia, and the Middle East, probably at least the Middle East first. an then the others.
  25. yeah, " ethics charges " what a joke. We wouldn't have a government at all, if " ethics charges " were actually ever used to remove someone from the Senate or Congress. She is way over due on getting sacked, and having someone shut her up, but nothing is ever going to shut her up, she could be removed tomorrow on any grounds, she can get voted out next go around, it wont matter, she is just going to keep blathering, and then peddling books, and then doing interviews until the sick left gets tired of propping her up and moves on to the next shiny thing dangling in front of them.
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