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  1. Fixer, you put uturn on my website that I like, but I wanted my last name gone to. The( m ) is fine. Thank you very much.
  2. I am going to read everything. On survival. I am interested in getting with a group or even just a few guys for a little training tactics,and shooting.l really I can.be helpful in some way,, might be able to get my rank raised a little bit higher, if not that's okay thank you.
  3. When I sign in to my militia,with my email and password, can anybody read it.
  4. ByUturn_ you sound great Patriots Everyone should be free to keep and ? ..arms and is not to be infringed we need to bond together and be one. The things that you say is the way I think also.
  5. Can only members see this.would like to change m . andresen to uturn. How.
  6. ItByToMegatron I, I have loved shooting since I was,10 years old, hunting untill about 10 or 12 year's ago. I love fishing+ love to be out in the forest. In the last 5to 10 years I started to listen to all the anti gun crap. Then I got madder an madder. Confiscation, socialism, no way in hell. Have equipment, packs, an all the rest to go with it. 1draw back I am 65 yrs old retired but I get around good, an work around the house and exercise periodically. I would just like to do something to help out, before something sneaks up on us. thanks in
  7. Wi. Militia had contacted me, but I can't find it. I believe that they told me that they have 27 members. Then they said that the NRA endorsed them that was great. That's why I am trying to find out if they are a separate entity. thanks
  8. Is wi.militia a separate group of people, or all of wi.
  9. Megatron I am still waiting for some kind of response to a militia to see if I can fit in somewhere.please contact me .
  10. Hi my name is Michael andresen I am on with.net.live in Southeastern wi. I'm semi retired.i feel like I could run in some kind of field ops our some kind of position to help out.i have equipment, camo,& the rest of the stuff.i need to get hooked up with a group.
  11. Do the three percenters have field units in wi.if so are they central or all over.how would you become a bonafide member.
  12. I don't want to be a stranger. thanks
  13. Hi my name is Michael andresen. you talk every thing I believe in.i am in the militia but haven't found a unit yet. I'm in Southeastern wi I would like to get involved Facebook, [email protected], phone 2624567131 thank you
  14. I'm in the. Militia but I don't have a unit yet.i live in Southeastern wi. I'm looking for someone to hook me up.facebook or [email protected],uturn. thanks

    1. Megatron


      We used to know a Anderson the guy was a loose cannon.   He ran himself into all sorts of legal trouble with the law. Then a few years later you see him on YouTube at the refuge screaming he wants to kill feds.

    2. M andresen

      M andresen

      Ok megatron,i Am a andresen not Anderson and don't get me confused with someone else.as far as I know I couldn't have a police record

      Thanks very much.

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