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  1. Greetings from Walker County.  I was looking at the MM members map recently...most of the MM participants appear to be located around the Houston/Gulf Coast area.  Nothing wrong with that...just seems a little odd.  I'm from Huntsville, and when I enlarged the members map, there did not seem many people this far north.  You're in the Palestine,  and I believe there are members around Livingston, Cold Spring, Nacodogches areas.  Strange, that there is nothing in the rural sections like Oakhurst, Carlos, Richards, or Point Blank.  Seems like the militia participation is concentrated around urban/industrialized places...nothing wrong with that either.  Would like to see militia organizations spread into the rural areas, as well as the large urban areas.  You might want to touch bases with TSM to see if they have any info..  Just a thought.    Max


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